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  1. Creaking from the front of an F11

    Thanks for your advice Steve warranty has run out , the creaking isn't that bad it just annoyy,s me I was hoping it would be a quick fix.
  2. Creaking from the front of an F11

    I have a creaking noise coming from center of dashboard behind sat nav any ideas guys
  3. Early Oil Change or not?

    The good looking guy I see when I look in rear view mirror
  4. Early Oil Change or not?

    There is a dipstick on mine just been out to check November 2010 build 520d .
  5. front windscreen replacement

    Just read other reviews on E60,s looks like they all use Pilkington glass obviously not genuine bmw , when the fitter replaces my windscreen I will be checking auto lights and wipers before he goes .
  6. front windscreen replacement

    Hopefully these guys know what they're doing the guy from nationwide did mention auto lights and wipers , and the windscreen having a tint of green , so hopefully all should go well .I've taken photos of all the trims around the screen , last time I had a screen done a few years ago you could not tell so fingers crossed this time it will be the same.
  7. On the way home tonight herd an allmighty thud a stone hit the front top drivers side windscreen , I noticed a 20 millimeter crack , told my insurance got a call back from nationwide windscreen services I have arranged with them to replace windscreen on Tuesday , has anybody had any dealing with them ? Or anything I should out for when having a new windscreen replaced . Thanks in advance.
  8. hellp

    I have used a interior car trim specialist over the last few years he has done little imperfections on all my family,s car's , these specialist are used to doing the like of scratches cigarette burns etc , is it worth calling in your local dealer and asking who they use.
  9. hellp

    Deep sea diver,s boots
  10. adaptive headlights or not

    Thanks for help.Yes you can they're totally different from mine, the dealer I bought it from was obviously misled as I was , but never mind it's still a great car .
  11. adaptive headlights or not

    That's really well explained ,really helpful to those who like me who don't know .
  12. adaptive headlights or not

    Yes you're right Johnny they are halogen & there iare 2.switch s like top picture just been out to car & my headlights do move up & down when you switch on is this normal ?
  13. adaptive headlights or not

    Definitely not xenon,s the headlight beam is rubbish i will be looking at putting brighter bulbs in at a later point .This is the 1st bmw I've owned & must admit it's very confusing as all car's are specified different no 2 car's are the same. I'm confused & still learning Thanks again This is a good thread it's getting loads of people thinking & loads of good feedback .
  14. adaptive headlights or not

    Thanks for all your help I didn't think I had adaptive headlights , at least I know for sure I don't ,just confused why the headlights move when 1st put on never had that on a car with halogen lights what the dealer put in his advertisement was a good selling point, but I'm more than happy with the car . That's what I like about forum s people have a vast amount of knowledge & are happy to help .
  15. adaptive headlights or not

    Here's a better picture of headlight