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  1. apples12

    F10 pressure sensor question

    Reasonably confident! The sensors intermittently send a signal to the receiver but only when it senses the wheels rotating
  2. apples12

    F10 pressure sensor question

    Wheel rotation powers it/activates it I believe
  3. Do all of the above! I removed side panel, Lower panel and the glovebox itself. While I was in there I fitted the 'add a circuit' and tied it to the metalwork behind the side flap, makes changing the fuse in future much easier
  4. apples12

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    I bought on finance with a nice contribution from the dealer (contingent on taking finance) made 2 payments and settled it. Win win!
  5. apples12

    Window tinting of my 530 GT

    As long as it's a good, reputable, established company then I see no issue. I had my Mk5 golf tinted and the same guy did my F10 from b pillar back - I paid £150 for the F10 Check their Facebook/social media pages or go by personal recommendation.
  6. Hi What year/engine is your car?mine is a 2013/LCI/N47 I'm booked in on 19th at sytner Solihull
  7. apples12

    Timeshare - any advice

    It's not so bad! We've family here in Joburg, Durban, Cape town, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, eastern trans Vaal, all over really This is for a timeshare at a Durban beach resort
  8. apples12

    Timeshare - any advice

    Aye, south Africa Any particular pitfalls?
  9. apples12

    Timeshare - any advice

    Hi all Wondering what the general consensus is re: timeshares We're currently at a resort in Durban and the prices are pretty attractive for a peak time (for UK) week and I'm just wondering if there's anything in particular I need to look out for Many thanks
  10. apples12

    What do you all get on full tank?

    650ish on a motorway week if I'm behaving and being gentle, usually hovers around the 575/600 mark 475-500 around town 2013/N47/Auto
  11. apples12

    Monthly payment based BMW warranty...

    I began my monthly policy when I was over 60k. Was paying the same for about 18months then got a letter saying it was increasing by a whole £4. Call to Mondial confirmed it was just an increase across the board, my car at well over 100k miles was still covered bumper to bumper against failure of components but of course wear and tear cover stops at 100k miles. I'm keeping it going just in case the n47 lump decided to chew itself up. However may reconsider once I get to about 150-175k (another 18-24months)
  12. apples12

    Retrofit paddles on 2015 F10, simple?

    What does coding 2tb actually do?.. I have a sport shifter sat in a box somewhere which I got cheap, do you have to change the shifter too or is coding sufficient?
  13. apples12

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    I find you don't have to push the handbrake button at all, as long as door is closed, seat belt done up, pop it in drive or reverse, tap accelerator and away you go When coming to a stop as long as autohold is on or I turn the car off with the brake pedal depressed it automatically puts the handbrake on
  14. apples12

    Should I risk updating Maps again

    Mine is an August 2013 build/LCI so an early one. It does have firmware from 2017 flashed to it after BMW couldn't update the CBS and did a whole car flash
  15. apples12

    Should I risk updating Maps again

    I'm quite sure rtti is available as a standalone option in the connected drive store Is your car an LCI? I've attached a picture of what my booked services look like, you can see rtti at the end of the icon list