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  1. apples12

    Parking car for 3 weeks. Any precautions?

    That's reassuring Many thanks for the replies everyone everything will be disconnected bar the tracker which will be running off its own battery anyway
  2. apples12

    Parking car for 3 weeks. Any precautions?

    Will a jump pack survive being sat in the boot for 3 weeks?.. I'm still on the original battery from 2013, not sure if I'm tempting fate especially if we have a cold Jan/Feb
  3. Hi Was wondering if anyone could advise on any actions I should take prior to parking my car for 3 weeks at Heathrow T5 in January? Haven't left it for this long stationary before, usually leave it with my brother to drive around in when we take our annual trip abroad. Last thing I want is to land at 6am and my car decides it doesn't want to start! Breakdown cover is of course in place but would prefer not having the hassle
  4. apples12

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Wow that looks stunning! Congrats! I was considering a g31 next but looks like i need to test drive a g32! What's it like sat on the motorway compared to the f11?
  5. 1. Check balancing - ideally have it road force balanced 2. Get up to speed on a quiet road and do some firm controlled stops to see if you can wear the high spots out of the discs...
  6. apples12

    Winter Tyres ?

    2nd set of winters on mine ready for this season - winter sports this time around, previously had pirellis Curious about pressures as seeing widely differing opinions I keep mine as per the door sticker of 2.3bar up front and 2.5bar at the back (cold fill) usually rise by at least 0.2bar on my normal commute each corner
  7. apples12

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    I've attempted to code oil level and although it brings up the menu, a 'reset' just throws an error I still have a dipstick under the bonnet but would be handy to be able to measure without getting out of the car!
  8. apples12

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    No oil level sensor on my 63 520d nor is there an option in the menu for it... Would be interested to know if it could be retrofitted
  9. mine was first changed at 90k IIRC - i also rang ZF (who directed me toward NCB) and was advised to get it done the filter that was removed had a good amount of very fine metal swarf on the magnets but Noel advised this was pretty normal. The second filter which was a warranty replacement had a few tiny flecks after 20k miles - advised again that this was normal
  10. Have you tried popping a bag of silica gel into the cavity? That should absorb the moisture
  11. apples12

    Bosch brake discs, quite cheap.

    The brembo discs I fitted last to my car where extremely similar in markings and build/design to the OEMs that came off, both 2 part discs with rivets that seemed very similar. Would be intrigued to see what markings your genuine discs have, I noticed the box said 'value'? Does BMW have two lines? I know vw offer a 'value' line of parts from TPS which are 'built and tested to vw standards' If you could post some close up pictures would be great, I'm due new discs and pads in the next few months
  12. apples12

    What's your best range from a tank?

    6miles inner city to the M42, 9 miles of M42 in rush hour, followed by another 27miles of M40, 5 days a week
  13. apples12

    What's your best range from a tank?

    Lucky if I squeeze 600 out of a tank in my 520d, although I usually topup when it leaves me with 100 range!
  14. Would you care to share your plans when/if you do get around to it? I've a handful of spare pc power supplies sat in the loft
  15. Holy thread revival batman! Does anyone know if this charger is suitable for use whilst coding/flashing ECUs using esys?