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  1. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    https://www.mailspeedmarine.com/oil-extractor-pump-37774.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08Ds9srp2QIVwqsYCh0j_w0qEAQYASABEgJMafD_BwE I use this now I Should of bought one of these 10 years ago...
  2. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    https://www.tyres-outlet.co.uk/oils/product?productCode=302&carId= Made by bp group...in germany 20lts is a good price.
  3. Replacing the grilles

    They pull out...just take it easy.
  4. bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    Running 403m 19" Prefer them to stock alloys..
  5. Staggered Wheel Set for F11

    F11 is 30 offset You will need a 5 mill spacer or a 10 would be better hubcentric..
  6. bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    I haven't mounted anything.. Have hit a pot hole somewhere.
  7. bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    Found out what the problem was.
  8. bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    I feel vibrations in my seat more than the wheel.. See what we find out today.
  9. bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    I am having similar problems. Whole car vibrates about 70mph and worse over.. No vibration when braking. Tyres are all above 5mm. I am going to investigate tomorrow.. I have two sets of alloys so will try the other set tomoz and see if it's is a buckled wheel.. My car has done 72k

    If someone has read your fault codes and that is where the fault lies then yes.. Phone the dealer up and ask them for a price for the part..?? Add an hours Labour and see if it sound right.
  11. Headlights problem

    Sourced all the parts for about 1400.. including level sensor and headlight washers.. Fitted myself...
  12. Headlights problem

    If the garage is telling you he can fix something in the lighting control circuit ...i will be amazed. These cars are not an old ford escort. Water ingress causing failure on the tms card is common on the forums..
  13. Headlights problem

    I ran led lamps, xenon lamps and aftermarket osram halogen in my head lights with no problems. All proved poor. Then I upgraded to full lci xenon retrofit. Brilliant now. If you have a faulty control unit "frm" is the foot well module. Just replace it.. Problem is more likely in the headlight..tms fault.
  14. Headlights problem

    If your handy with a bit of software it is very easy to get inta for free and get the codes yourself.. Bmw will charge 90 quid to tell you the fault.
  15. Headlights problem

    The lighting control module is in the headlight.. Power is fed from another control unit. The headlight control unit talks to the other control units in the car.. It's not as simple as a lightswitch in your house. I have two control units for sale on eBay tms modules.. 350 new from bmw or used from me for 200..i upgraded to xenon headlights and have just sold my headlights.. The headlight modules are known to fail.. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282767957992 What you need to do is get Ista bmw software and it will tell you if you have a comms fault or any fault with your modules. You can't do much without software. If you were local I could sort it out for you.