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  1. Will these fit ?

    Finally tracked down some Breyton Inspiration alloys in a 19” size I have been chasing for quite some time ! Unfortunately I have a nagging doubt that the rears will fit under the arches Rears are currently running 275 tyres which look slightly stretched. ET is a low 19 10j wide. Fronts should fit ok though as they are 9j but with the same ET running 245 tyres. Im assuming I would need at least a 10mm spacer on the rear as well which in my mind will push them out to far ! Any thoughts you wheel gurus out there ?
  2. Will these fit ?

    Having problems trying to upload a pic within the specified size Got this but it’s a bit small and lacks clarity. Ohh ! And I’ve not cleaned them in this shot Will definitely be attempting to fit 285x30’s on the rear as I’m not quite happy with the present 275’s which leave the outer lip somewhat exposed !
  3. Random Cutting out on Tickover

    Thanks Dan. I really need to get the codes read or it’s just going to be a random guess eh ! I replaced all the intake boots to the MAF last year with new ones so I can rule that out. I have a cheap Creator C310+ but it is very basic so I’ll start a scan with that first. Just came back from a short drive and it’s now running perfectly again
  4. My e39 randomly cuts out on tickover. Always re-starts but just struggled at my local petrol station after about 4 attempts to get it to tickover. As I came to a halt revs dropped (it’s an auto, petrol) and a little blip but then carried on fine. Drives perfectly, no loss of power in the Rev range. No loss of power, no dash lights and it’s also very random when it does it. Any ideas ? Not had it on a diagnostic to read codes yet.
  5. E39 Various OEM Parts- Clear Out.

    Baffles received Cheers mate.
  6. Will these fit ?

    Well I have just come back from a drive down south to have a look at these Breytons and to trial fit a rear. Success Currently running 18" M-parras with a 10mm spacer. The spacer did not want to budge at first so we tried a wheel with and guess what ? Both wheel and tyre sat outside the arch line. Not good and an MOT fail. Removed the spacer and the rim is now level with the arch and the tyres being slightly stretched sit slightly inboard. I'm having them anyway and when they get sent off for a refurb on the lips I will trial fit some 285's as I'm not a massive fan of stretched tyres. No pics of the trial fit I'm afraid as I was too excited to hold a camera Looks like my M-parras will be up for sale in the not too distant future ! @Dennis shoot me a pm with price and pics of those centre caps when you get a chance please mate Been looking at Coilovers specifically HSD MonoPro's (but that's another story !)
  7. Will these fit ?

    Thanks for the input Dennis. Unbelievably yes they are a 74.1 centre bore. So they should fit with a 10mm spacer or is this not needed ? @ welshpug, I have indeed tried that site (had it saved as a favourite) but it doesn’t list a 10j wheel. I do not really want to stretch the rear tyres anymore as I’m not 100% with the 275’s let olone going for more stretch with 265’s .
  8. E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Yaaaa ! Tracked down some Breyton’s and going to view soon I’ll open my own thread as I have some questions as the rears are 10j with 275 tyres which are slightly stretched
  9. E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Yes slam they are replica’s. Weird really as sometimes a set of these go for a lot more money than the oem 18” parras they are based on @Dennis, yes mate I know the Breytons are getting rare now (even more so in the spec I’m after)............one day !
  10. E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Been lusting after a set of these since I first bought my ‘39 (over 4 years now) It had to be a set of these or some Breyton Inspiration’s
  11. E39 Various OEM Parts- Clear Out.

    I'll have the speaker baffles please. Message me your PayPal addy when you get a chance. Cheers, Chris
  12. Anyone have any idea of the cost to repair these specifically the pixels ? Recently picked up another good unit but just wondering if my old one is viable for a repair. How much are they worth anyway with loss of pixel damage (minor) ?
  13. Sat Nav Disc

    Update: Managed to remove the disc (must have caught it on a good day ) and the replacement I purchased turned out to be a mk3 I might as well send my mk4 drive off to Carphonics when I send my BM54 and have both of them overhauled.
  14. Sat Nav Disc

    My sat nav disc will not eject no matter how long I keep the eject button pressed ! Any ideas how to get the disc out ? Ita a MK 4 DVD version.
  15. Sat Nav Disc

    Thanks Dennis I will be sending my BM54 to him anyway so will inquire about the Nav. Bought another one now so may sell this one on once it’s had a clean bill of health.
  16. Lear Amps

    Ok thanks for that. Yes I think my BM54 is going and I am going to send this off to Carphonics for an upgrade. Seems like nearly every component on my audio side is giving up. Thankfully I recently purchased a new Nav screen due to pixel issues and also picked up a mk 4 nav drive (because my old one will not eject) but the seller also has a Lear amp hence the question.
  17. Lear Amps

    What are they ? Is this the DSP equivalent of my BM54 ? Can I use this in place of my failing BM54 ? (learning all the time )
  18. Sat Nav Disc

    Anyone ?
  19. Head lamp washer delete?

    Truth be known I think they have always been a no no Dan. It was the governments plan to curb ‘boy racers’ fitting Xenons to headlamps that do not have the ellipsoid (fishbowl) lenses built into them which results in wild beam scatter and blinds other road users. I will buy some H7’s towards MOT time next year though to be on the safe side
  20. Head lamp washer delete?

    I always thought the same ie: If you have Xenons you must have the washer system. However it really is down to the MOT inspector on the day. I have Xenons albeit retro fitted with NO washer jets and my car passed the MOT tues.
  21. Happy Days !

    RIO passed with almost flying colours today. The windscreen chip showed up on a old MOT from about 8 years ago and hasn’t got any worse (I’ve owned it about 4) Also confirmed I do an average infinitesimal mileage of around 5k per annum
  22. Staggered Wheel Fitments - What Size Spare?

    Nice to know Contemplating getting another style 37 for the spare but did not know which one ! Will putting a front one on the rear if needed have any problems ? ie: diff or anything like that ?
  23. Heard a bit of a commotion outside and seen this. I live half way up a fairly steep hill so this guy decides to take a run at it and then start slithering sideways towards my car Always nice to get photo evidence before possible (expensive) damage to my M5 mirrors. ......... which funnily enough helped him with his manoeuvre to get out of the way !
  24. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah not doing mine red but my backing plate is powder coated blue so have gone for RS blue so hoping it’s a match I have fitted red brake lines though