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  1. As others have said up to about 25mm you shouldn't have a problem. I ran 20mm spacers all round on my old Audi Quattro for years without any probs whatsoever. Sometimes driven hard and never lost a wheel or had anything go amis Personally though I would ONLY use Hubcentric ones though !
  2. Thanks for the input. A little condensation I can put up with but in this case it covered the whole of the headlamp lens Cant be too safe if I wanted to go somewhere late at night during the rain as this will detract from the overall light output not to mention the beam. I'm going to split them and run a good bit of silicone round them anyway but was hoping I could get some pukka stuff from BMW. @NWJW don't suppose you have a pic fella so I know exactly where I'm looking at ? I am trying to fix what I think is a leak between the clear lens and the black headlight body. @Loadmaster I'm sure these retail now at over £500 each and I would rather spend that kind of money elsewhere on the car Ohh ! And I have some Silica Gel sachets ready to 'hide' in there too !
  3. I have really bad condensation in one of my headlights. Both were split previously to change the adjusters but it looks like they were not sealed back up sufficiently ! Can I get some kind of sealant from BMW or will any type of mastic do the job ? Seems like one thing after another with these bloody headlamps after spending so much time and money on them
  4. It was indeed the DISA valve. Replaced and she's running sweet as a nut ! Noticeably quieter on tickover as well Stupid money yes. think it was something like £230 + the VAT ! If it was just the flaps I would have used the repair kit. Because its a sensor and my car seems particularly sensitive to NON BMW ones I had no choice. Anyway its running beautifully now so I don't care (probably wont be able to afford any food though till fri )
  5. Had to buy the whole thing in the end (it is the DISA valve) Casing around has split as well so buying just the flap upgrade kit is not viable. Failed the smoke test spectacularly with it pissing the smoke out here there and everywhere ! So I'm £400 down this month already even without labour !
  6. That does look very tempting Dan I'll have a word with him Sunday Dont mind spending that for an uprated part as it will free off more money and pay for the water pump and viscous fan
  7. Like I said I won't know until Sunday but it may well be the DISA valve ? Ohh ! And that's £220 + VAT !
  8. Finally got to the bottom of this. Bear with me because I am not mechanically 'savvy' with these 39's After a mad smoke test my mechanic has diagnosed the problem as some kind of 'actuator' (his words) that sits under the inlet manifold. I'm sure he said there is some kind of motor attached to it and it has flaps. Only my flaps are not really attached to anything anymore I will know more when I see him Sunday and I can grab the part number. I cant really see the logic in buying this part second hand (unless its a breaker that will give me a warranty) And partly my OCD will not allow it soooo !! £220 odd squid + the vat later I'm hoping it will be fixed. On a side note my Radiator shot its pants today as well
  9. What he said above ^^ Oh ! And they never washed it properly! And they never emptied the ash tray when they vac'd it Did not need the health check in the end as apparently he said my cars perfect
  10. Had this done by a guy I used last year to polish my Halogens. He's mobile but obviously only Bristol and South West. Most body shops will do this for around £50. I paid £60 because he came to me at my works and I was impressed with his work last year
  11. Had my headlights polished today There was a burn/acid mark on the drivers side lamp. Bought a 3m kit to polish it out but couldn't quite get it out so got the professionals in ! Finally happy with my retro fitted Xenons after spending quite a bit of money on them.
  12. Not sure linky is working so Item 122529987330
  13. Just a heads up on this as I know they are bloody expensive from BMW ! Un-damaged OE ones are as rare as hens teeth. Dont bother searching for the other side from the same seller as I've nabbed it
  14. Booked mine in today for next Thursday. Complimentary car wash, vacuum and health check included ! Bricking it over the health check though (it's my ocd) probably pick it up from them to tell me it needs a zillian squid spent on it
  15. Had mine today Wonder if I can get them to fit me a paddle shift steering wheel