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  1. Milo

    Will these fit ?

    I would rather sell them on than get that new one powder-coated Dan ! The polished lip is the look I want because it will enhance the width of the lip. Breaking through the powder-coat will be the problem I think ? I do have a spare wheel to practice on One refurber suggested bead blasting but could not provide anymore details ? What I need is a good old fashioned wheel polisher non of this new fangled diamond cut malarkey ! On a sidenote, I could not even polish my headlamps (even with a 3m kit and buying extra pads) and had to get a professional in to do it at the end because I could not get it 100%
  2. Milo

    Will these fit ?

    I really am starting to wish I had never purchased these Breytons I seem to be getting nothing but heartache and frustration with one problem after another ! Firstly I had the buckled hub on one of them Then problems trying to get some center caps that actually fitted due to their oddball size. Now I cannot get the lips polished as I want (I don't want diamond cut) Just got off the phone after phoning (nearly) every wheel refurber in Bristol !! The problem is my spokes overhang the lip almost at the point where they touch the wheel. A diamond cutting machine will not get into that little crevice anyway and according to one wheel refurber there is not much call for polishing so they sold the machine. The brand new wheel I purchased from Germany came with a polished lip but the others look to be powder-coated inc lips.
  3. Where did you get the brace from Dan ? Any noticeable improvement or is it early days yet ? Smashing work but maybe you need to take that other headlamp out to fully benefit the cold air feed
  4. Milo

    Inlet Camshaft Sensor

    Received today ! Many thanks, Chris
  5. Milo

    Inlet Camshaft Sensor

    Money sent Phill
  6. Milo

    Inlet Camshaft Sensor

    Thank you very much. Will be ordering this on Thursday
  7. Milo

    Inlet Camshaft Sensor

    Hi Phill, can you quote me on the price of a Inlet Cam Sensor to fit BMW E39 2003 525i (M54b25) auto. Reg is R10 CGJ Thanks
  8. Milo

    Tickover and start problems

    Had a chance to plug my cheap scanner in today and this is the only code that’s popped up !
  9. Milo

    Tickover and start problems

    Thanks for the input Dan I really need to get the codes read but I can rule out the battery and intake pipes as these were all replaced within the last 8 months. Im going to get it booked in at my mechanics for next weekend and see if I can get some codes read as all I have is a simple Creator C310+ scanner.
  10. Weird one this ! About once in about fifty times my car will not tickover. Always starts 1st time on the button. Every now and again it will start (but doesn’t sound quite right) and it will tickover but the minute you touch the accelerator pedal it cuts out. Sometimes I can get it to rev through the range (with no misfiring) but as soon as the revs come back to tickover it will cut out. I haven’t yet checked the codes but when it does this there are no lights on the dash. Repeatedly turning on and off for 2 mins and it then drives perfectly again with no misfiring and no loss of power Its an auto so it’s most annoying as it starts ok but the minute you put it in drive and go to pull away it cuts out ! At first I thought maybe fuel pump is playing up, now I’m not so sure and thinking coil pack intermittent problem.
  11. Milo

    Will these fit ?

    I’m not touching the spokes at all Dan. Just going to have the lips refurbed then highly polish them I think I will be ordering these https://www.hsdcoilovers.com/bmw-e39-5-series-hsd-monopro-coilovers-57860.html It won’t be for a while yet though as I’m contemplating replacing most of the bushes underneath whilst I’m at it ! Going to open a project thread at some point as I have a huge file of pics detailing some subltle changes I’ve made (and plan to) since I’ve owned ‘RIO’
  12. Milo

    Will these fit ?

    My replacement wheel arrived from Germany today
  13. Milo

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    I’ve had the dubious pleasure of owning most of them briefly in my teens Worst was the Allegro ! A friend gave us a 1750 equip back in the day because the front tie rods had come away from the chassis ! Spent about three bloody hours welding it with a borrowed arc welder and NO goggles Anyway, two hospital visits later we got it gas welded and guess what ? A bit of ‘spirited’ driving they came away again. Square steering wheel though was....... Umm ! Groundbreaking ! Also had about 7 SD1’s including two ex police. In my defence 5 of them were V8 manuals though
  14. I ran this for 7 years as my daily Audi Quattro 2.8V6 Coupe Great fun and never failed to put a smile on my face when I drove it Ended up breaking it as I could not get the price I wanted at the time £2000 Now I look at the prices of them ! Doh !