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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The MOT man flagged up a broken adjuster in my old Halogens and it being a late 2003 I didn’t fancy keyhole surgery so just replaced the whole units for factory Xenons.
  2. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted a new battery today. Went and finally had my headlamp beams checked and aligned after retro fitting the Xenons and the garage said only one beam was a bit low so a bit chuffed with that I set them up correctly
  3. Battery

    New battery ordered, supplied and fitted ! Thanks for the heads up Dan with the voucher code I don’t think I had the right battery to start with ? New one is a lot bigger (should be able to keep up with my amp now) with an increase from 75 to 95Ah. Got to get a right angled connector to reach the vent hose but it’s all good.
  4. Battery

    Dan your a star
  5. Battery

    Any recommendations for battery’s while we’re here ? Been quoted anything from a £96 jobbie from Able Fit up to a nice spangly Bosch one currently retailing at Eurocarparts for £199. I get quite a bit of current suck from the amp in my audio so something big and beefy would be nice
  6. Battery

    This was one “another thing worth mentioning is to wait a couple of minutes after opening the trunk before you disconnect the battery. I believe the nav computer fires up when you open the trunk, and will power back down in 90 seconds. I've read that you can damage the nav computer if you disconnect the battery while it's running.” ALWAYS disconnect BATTERY before working on the electrical system in a BMW. Most importantly, you should ensure that the navigation computer Power light is OFF before disconnecting your battery. BMW states that if the battery is disconnected when the navigation computer is on you may damage the nav computer. The important thing to keep in mind is do not disconnect the battery if the power light is on your navigation computer. Its not for 15-20 mins but something like this I was thinking ? IIRC I lost the windscreen wipers and central locking as well.
  7. Battery

    Hmmm ! Strange I did read it on one of the forums (can’t remember if it was this one) Open the boot and leave ajar until all modules,boot light etc have gone to sleep THEN disconect battery. I’ll see if I can find the thread
  8. Battery

    Don’t know why it happened Dan ? It happened a few years ago when my stereo system triggered a limp mode to my gearbox. Someone said disconnect the batt for about an hour then reconnect and it might get rid of it (it didn’t) . I had a auto leccy come out as a couple of the modules went into hibernation mode (transport mode). He reinitialised them and it’s been good ever since. If the modules are not allowed to power down naturally it’s puts them into a ‘transport’ mode which bmw use when shipping the cars. Or so I’m told.
  9. Battery

    Thanks Alan Dan, in my case you have to open the boot then leave it for at least 15-20 mins so all modules go to sleep BEFORE disconnecting. Just wondered if there was anything else I’ve missed.
  10. Battery

    Is there anything I need to do coding or anything like that before I replace my battery ? Started the car up the other day, got a mile down the road, switched off and went to start it again and ‘click,click,click Not had a drop test yet but after speaking to my mech he reckons It’s a good chance it’s the batt. Any special precautions when switching it over to a good batt. Last time I disconnected the battery I did not follow the proper procedure and when I reconnected lost my wipers, central locking and a host of other things !
  11. E39 525 M Sport - Was There Such a Thing?

    It's easy to see the confusion though isn't it ? The log book says it's a sport yet it's adorned with various M badges in and out Most uninitiated people say to me "Oh ! You have a M Sport 5 series" so I just leave them to believe that Its not like I'm claiming it to be an M5 (although I do have the mirrors )
  12. BM54

    Thanks. I lost the TM button from the front many moons ago when I changed the trim. Might disconnect and remove the module while I'm in there.
  13. BM54

    Mine has started making the tell-tale signs of eminent failure Speakers popping sometimes and general loss of volume but no dead channels yet. I'm going to send it to carphonics for a rebuild. What's involved in getting it out ? I'm assuming it's the unit far left in the pic ? Straight forward enough after unbolting my multi play ? Also what is the all black unit directly behind the multi player ? Cheers in advance for the newbie questions
  14. Wheel Spacers - Pros and Cons?

    As others have said up to about 25mm you shouldn't have a problem. I ran 20mm spacers all round on my old Audi Quattro for years without any probs whatsoever. Sometimes driven hard and never lost a wheel or had anything go amis Personally though I would ONLY use Hubcentric ones though !
  15. Headlight Condensation

    Thanks for the input. A little condensation I can put up with but in this case it covered the whole of the headlamp lens Cant be too safe if I wanted to go somewhere late at night during the rain as this will detract from the overall light output not to mention the beam. I'm going to split them and run a good bit of silicone round them anyway but was hoping I could get some pukka stuff from BMW. @NWJW don't suppose you have a pic fella so I know exactly where I'm looking at ? I am trying to fix what I think is a leak between the clear lens and the black headlight body. @Loadmaster I'm sure these retail now at over £500 each and I would rather spend that kind of money elsewhere on the car Ohh ! And I have some Silica Gel sachets ready to 'hide' in there too !