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  1. Yes Dan tried that. Trawled through loads of BMW sites last night and apparently it's a commen problem ! On one site (American based) they did mention you can buy a resistor pack (also hella) that will cure this and fool the auto check into thinking the bulbs are ok. Trouble is I cannot find anywhere in the UK that sells these
  2. Well I swooped over ballasts left to right no difference. Swooped both ballasts out for my spare ones no difference 'Check low beam' every other switch on. Switching lights on or off no difference Sometimes it comes on the minute I ign on, sometimes after I switch the lights on. All 4 ballasts I've tried are igniting every time and I'm so happy it's sooo bright but it's annoying having the bloody error light 50% of the time. I'm going to double check the connectors on the back of the headlights tomorrow but pretty sure every one of them has clicked in and is secure.
  3. Thats good to hear ! Just need to find someone now then in Bristol or surrounding area with the correct software.
  4. Yes oem ballasts Sometimes it comes on with the ign then goes out when I switch the lights on but most times it comes on and stays on
  5. Removed my old Halogens and retro fitted some Xenons but now I get a dash light saying low beam out every other time I switch ign on. My Xenons are working perfectly But how do I get round the dash display warning ? Is this something that can be coded out ? Can I buy some kind of resistor that convinces the autochrck everything's fine ?
  6. Replaced both boots today. The one nearest the engine was an absolute pita to remove due to the limited space to get to the jubilee clip ! Turns out the split that I thought was in the first boot is more like a graze and doesn't fully penetrate the rubber. Reset the codes, got about half way home from the garage and ping eml light back on again grrr ! Looks like a painstaking and time consuming job to trace which one (if any) of my vac lines has a split. Does anyone have a schematic showing me which and where the rest of the vac pipes are ? Could this be a sensor ? Have got a very slight misfire on idle. Taco is rock steady but can definitely 'feel' it through the pedal.
  7. Hi Phil, had a few problems fitting the intake boot to my '39 today ! The air box side of the intake on the boot is a good 5-7mm+ bigger than the one already on my car. We cut the clamping (where the jubilee clip goes) band off and had to use it as a reducer in order to get a decent fit on the one you supplied but I'm not sure this has formed a good enough seal even with the jubilee done up ! Registration R10 CGJ Vin WBADT42020G021014 Part supplied was B13 54 7 505 838 Chris
  8. Nice one
  9. Spot on Dan ! There is indeed a split in the intake boot (the first one) Ordered from Cotswold and managed to pick up the other one (also new) from a lad on one of the buy and sell it groups fairly cheaply your my new favourite person Thanks
  10. Does this just involve a new rad, thermo and water pump Dan ? Anything else need replacing while your in there ?
  11. Thank you very much Payment sent via Paypal for the Intake Boot I'm still waiting for my friend to get back to me regarding the F30 Front Bumper. Will order when I get exact vin details etc
  12. Also Phil a quote please for a F30 front m-sport bumper to fit a saloon (if they're different)
  13. Can I have a quote please Phil for a Air intake boot to fit a e39 525i 2003. I think the part number is 13547505838 Part circled in pic for reference Cheers BMW e39 Intake Exploded2.dib
  14. Great. Just gone from Tewkesbury to Birmingham and after resetting before I left EML light hasn't come on once. Will investigate this further when I get back home to Bristol tomorrow.
  15. So it's nothing to worry about atm ? Im currently about 100 miles away from home so I don't want to be stranded until I can get this fixed. Thanks for the input lads