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  1. I got these from a breaker who did not quite realise these are like hens teeth ! The passenger side one had a 2 inch long crack in it though. I used some Millyput on it and sanded it back down (not quite there yet for the purists) You gotta just keep looking and strike lucky with an undamaged pair as the BMW price for these new is scandalous
  2. Done a bit of work on my under bumper splash guards today. Bought these about 6 months ago after going down the route of the copy versions but not happy with the fitment. Full steam ahead for my front (and rear) bumper refresh planned in June/July. Ohh ! And cleaned my wheels and applied some wax
  3. Thanks Dan. I think the key here might be the recommendations. I'm sceptical to say the least. I've had body shops do some shoddy work for me on past cars and others to charge me highest possible price for really shit jobs. I want the quality and I don't mind paying for it, its when they charge it anyway and NOT do a perfect job
  4. Further to my pursuit to automotive excellence I'm having a front end refresh + rear bumper + 1 sill painted sometime in the next few months. Most parts collected now which consists of a M5 grill, new parking sensors, new bumper inserts, new fogs, new under bumper splash guards (L&R) plus I will be retro fitting my xenons How much should I be paying to have the front and back bumper + 1 Skirt + a tiny bit where the paint is starting to bubble round the usual e39 boot lock ? I'm thinking between £500 and £600 is that reasonable ? Depending on where you are in the country the price seems to fluctuate quite a bit ! Everyone here in Bristol seems to want £600+ someone even quoted me almost a grand Obviously I want cheaper but not at the cost to quality and finish. Car is a e39 sport
  5. I would give a shout out on the S2forum. From what I remember there are quite a few guys on there running UR's and RR's that have done renovations and complete rebuilds.
  6. This was the route I wanted to go down with my '39. After painstakingly searching for ballasts, bulb holders etc. I acquired all the kit to do this conversion only for my MOT man to flag it up as an advisory one of my adjusters was goosed Still passed it but in the end I thought sod it and purchased some Xenon's ! Would be interested to know if you plan to fit the oe washer system ? Personally I don't really think you need it and I will not be fitting one to mine.
  7. Hi Phil, I already have these parts mate. These are the two gaskets that sit at the top of each headlamp. The gaskets I have already seem to stop just as it reaches the indicator section then you have a flat section that sits on three pins and goes round the indicator section. As you can see in my pic the top piece comes to a little step the goes down to meet another rubber piece that goes round the edge of the indicator. Arrowed bit in second pic
  8. This is the gasket Phill. The rubber portion that goes round the indicator section. Part number seems to show the complete headlamp or not recognised ??
  9. I don't have one at all on one of my headlights
  10. Hi Phill, can you give me a quote please fella for 1 X 153729-00 And the one for the opposite side. Sorry do not have a part number for that as its missing Thanks, Chris 153730-00 ??
  11. Apologies if my thread title is confusing It is actually the gaskets that I require only I called them seals ! Now my gaskets have arrived I seem to be missing the ones in the pics ! Hoping you can buy these separately so I will send Cotswold BMW the part number and see. 3 gaskets in total per headlight.
  12. Cool I've got them all then Thanks for the input
  13. Thanks. I have ordered two top ones and two bottom ones but was sure there was something missing. Have you got a part number or pic of the one that runs round the side ? This is the bottom ones I have purchased.
  14. Take the hit and sell it whole to someone ! Breaking is HARD WORK ! I have never broke a BMW for parts but ended up doing this to my old Audi when I couldn't reach (at the time) a sensible price for it. Long hours in the garage carefully removing parts for resale is really time consuming. Obviously your 'in demand' parts will be first to go but some parts I had for almost 18months I tried to get £1800 for my Audi at the time with no luck whatsoever (but lots of interest in parts) Broke it (inc the shell) for 3.5k ! I wouldn't do another ! Any car ! My Audi by today's prices would probably worth around 5k now