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  1. welsh540i

    Mr FIX9H Ceramic coating

    As a professional detailer I wouldn't recommend this stuff. It has been used by other pro detailers some of whom suffered from severe headaches to nausea!! I can recommend CarPro CQuartz UK nano ceramic coating. up to 2 years protection. I also sell my own brand of products if you're interested? Based in Newport, S.Wales myself.
  2. welsh540i

    Which Detailing Spray?

    I use this and I know a few other E39'ers use this as well as the 6 series guys! The finish, gloss and smell are amazing! https://www.diamondfinishcarcare.co.uk/finitura-quick-detailer-17-p.asp
  3. welsh540i

    Cleaning pale leather

    I've used this on my own E39 along with their hide brush! - https://www.diamondfinishcarcare.co.uk/leather-cleanser-49-p.asp Gives off a lovely leather aroma that lasts a couple of weeks!
  4. 540i auto individual - £900 104k miles Spent roughly £2000 - ABS module, Brakes, Suspension, rust treatment and respray. Needs cooling system replacement now.
  5. welsh540i

    "Check Coolant level"

    hi all... so after changing the sensors and the reservoir the error message 'check coolant' stopped... But the past week it has started again, Checked the level and is ok however, the dipstick inside shoots up... I'm guessing there's a displacement of air in the system....??? also something else.... when slowing down to a stop the car jolts... believe it to be the gearbox... is it now worn out?
  6. welsh540i

    Central locking not working

    I've got this issue, started out as the keyfob not locking, unlocking pressing buttons but using the key in the door worked until last night and it won't lock at all..... I'm guessing a simple fob battery replacement?
  7. welsh540i

    Grrrr ! Parking Sensors

    I will have to try this just to see how special you really are! lol
  8. welsh540i

    Do pre-2000 e39's rust less ?

    Hmmmm not sure... My 99 540i has rust on the sill just under the boot lid, on the rear passenger door, inside the fuel filler and on the roof. :/ all of which will be getting sorted soon
  9. welsh540i

    DSC and ABS Lights on/off

    If your issues are intermittent then you may be able to get away with a repair... I used http://www.ecutesting.com/bmw_5_series__e39__abs_pump_mo.html who will ask for £240 and if they can't repair it they will refund you minus the testing which I think was £30... The price of these units with DSC is now £420 I doubt you'll get them any cheaper!!
  10. welsh540i

    Got busted last night!

    I was directing my comments to you just failed to see what syncrofred was on about :/ You may want to ring your police forces fixed penalty office, give them your reg number and see if you're on their system as the PC would have passed your details through them and they process it through their motoring unit... It's a rather complicated and long process...
  11. welsh540i

    Got busted last night!

    Again, no one is regarding anyone as a menace, even the 'powers to be' The OP has been caught red handed. The police have done their job. Not sure how the police doing their job is 'almost hypocritical'... It's not up to them whether he gets banned or not, they cannot ban him there and then. Again I said that 'Who is to say a Summons hasn't already been sent for the OP to admit guilt by post or actually be summonsed to appear and this summons has not reached the intended address... ?' IE 'lost in transit to the addressee'. It happens. Forgive me but I have failed to see the logic in your post... :/
  12. welsh540i

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nothing today but will be polishing the 540 tomorrow hopefully!
  13. welsh540i

    Got busted last night!

    No body has said he's a menace. No body has said they think he is either... Not sure where you're going with that. The police have done their job, Motoring unit for that force will process the offence and then Courts will deal with it from there. Who is to say a Summons hasn't already been sent for the OP to admit guilt by post or actually be summonsed to appear and this summons has not reached the intended address... ? OP cannot be on remand for a simple traffic offence... :/
  14. welsh540i

    ABS Module Replacement??

    as above!! make sure you take your old one off to match the product codes! Head over to Cable shack for hardware and software for BMW diagnostics. £40 all in I believe I paid! I've just sorted my ABS problems out and now it's running like a dream...ish lol
  15. welsh540i

    MOT passed...but...

    Hi guys! My 540i has finally passed the MOT but has got an advisory! OSF brake binding slightly... How can I rectify this as I also have steering wheel wobble at around 50mph and also when braking... Thanks!!