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  1. that's OK mate, still don't know if I'll actually built it, more curious about the price really. Just in case I get bored on coming holidays.
  2. Was thinking about Raspberry Pi project for e39, looking for cheap unit to tear apart. Just need controls and the case. Could be broken unit and/or screen. How much for a broken unit? Would also go for android option if Pi project overall cost will be more than the android unit (£180).
  3. Looks great, thanks for sharing images. Will order next week.
  4. Any news?
  5. Phoned, sold already
  6. I'm not going to order unless I see it installed. Those Chinese aftermarket parts could be complete waste of cash.
  7. Taken from 2001 E39, £40 posted
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm about to scrap the e39 shell, I wonder if someone would like to remove M54 (missing alternator and fan), fully working auto tranny, or diff? Located in Glenrothes, Scotland. You going to have to remove things yourself, and have own tools for a job. PM me for more details. Done 130K miles. Got this car for parts, those things not needed as I got M52 in perfect order on my car.
  9. Haven't seen this before, but maybe someone got picture of this grill installed on e39?
  10. I had it since at least 18th June. Neither PayPal or cards are working
  11. Guys, we need to get admins attention into this. I got a e39 shell with many bits still attached to it, and I need to clear the space. Wanted to sell some bits and give the rest for free before scrapping the shell.
  12. Will do my rocker cover gasket this week, and though maybe do CVV as well, but apparently he haven't got time to do extra job anyway, so I'm going to withdraw the deal, sorry.
  13. Got M52TU. Will check my Indy in 1hr and reply back.
  14. CVV for M52 or M54? I'll take it if it fits my M52 2.5
  15. Payments doesn't go thru for several months now, contacted admins twice, no reply. I'm not the only one... If I got it right, the problem with donut account. Why can't we change that the money goes to his family instead?