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  1. RU55IAN

    530i sport e39 with 2k miles!!

    It's not a genuine images, don't think the ad is genuine either. Those images been there for ages, on cars with different miles, price, etc...
  2. RU55IAN

    2001 51 BMW 530i Sport Auto Saloon - FOR SALE

  3. RU55IAN

    E39 touring

    Well, i have done just 300 miles on my e39 last year, so such a low mileage per year is possible, when you have another car. But when you have another car, you will not put "mileage will slightly increase" on ad. But it's just me.
  4. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    Thanks for making that clear mate, it was alcantara, I though like I'ts only 75 quid on ebay, can get it anytime if needed. Mistake learned hard way))
  5. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    FCK, had a headliner from M5, and gave it away for free thinking there's no difference...
  6. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    Let me explain myself. I only got problem with having lots of emails in my inbox with no price in it. I doing online trade for 15+ years, and never had any problems selling 50+ items in single forum post. Regarding your ebay remark: have 1.5K active listings on ebay, again, no issues there. Selling in one post is actually better for seller, as Chi got some nice stuff for sale, and his single topic would be really hot, and always at the top. Apologies to everyone who read this shit, just really had to make myself clear here.
  7. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    I DO like what you selling, I don't like HOW you selling it. I don't like when I have to do some actions (unsubscribe in this case) because someone "prefer to do it that way". Respect others and others will respect you. Namaste, brother
  8. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    Some people's greed got no borders, unfortunately.
  9. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    It is not a big problem mate, just matter of respect. There's just NO NEED to create so many topics.
  10. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    No difference between headliners on e39, just colour. I'm subscribed to "Parts and Breakers" section, and have to unsubscribe completely to stop those emails. Why can't you just make one post with all the parts you got for sale, with prices, pictures, etc. It's easier to manage and it does not annoy other fellow members.
  11. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    Yeah, it got more value because it came from the M5.))) Don't get me wrong guys, I am subscribed to this section of the forum, and Chi keep spamming me with his "M5" headliner, and weared out matts for £30. Gosh.
  12. RU55IAN

    E39 M5 roof lining and pillars

    what's the difference between M5 and non-M5? Really don't get this why people put M5 everywhere??? Like it going to make price difference or something... And what's up the price? Free?
  13. how's the bumbers situation?
  14. RU55IAN

    Breaking 523 SE CHEAP OR FREE

    How far are you? Sorry mate by the time I got to your pedal it got dark, and my battery run flat. Going there again Monday morning.
  15. RU55IAN

    Breaking 523 SE CHEAP OR FREE

    It is a cable one yeah, although got electronic lying around. I remember it was pita to remove when I did interior swap. I'll try to remove it tomorrow, will update you on this. If it comes off easy you can have free, just postage.