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  1. It is a cable one yeah, although got electronic lying around. I remember it was pita to remove when I did interior swap. I'll try to remove it tomorrow, will update you on this. If it comes off easy you can have free, just postage.
  2. Grille moved to my other e39, sorry it is wrapped matte black, you can DIY very easy (30 minute work, and £5 quid for vinyl.)
  3. Climate control unit sold to fellow forum member, sorry. Silver alu trim sold on ebay.
  4. Sorry, that died few month back.
  5. Also true. I was looking for a e39 under £1000 few months ago. Could't find anything could just go 6000km no issues (going holidays), decided to get this 520 for £250 (good interior and rust free) and got pile of parts for another £750. will redo cooling, brakes, suspension, and many other things. So total spent £1000, but all the parts are new, and it's safe to go anywhere now. My point is, to get a reliable e39 nowadays you need to get a healthy shell, and build the rest yourself.)))
  6. I doubt it's a real mileage. Look at the seats, I bought a 520 recently for £250, 120K and it has spotless interior, I mean like new. My previous e39 also had 120K (definately clocked) when I bought it and gray leather, but it wasn't somewhere near that wear.
  7. I'll be there almost all evenings for the rest of the week preparing another e39 for 6Kmiles euro trip. PM'd my number
  8. I believe cupholders are not broken. Can double-check tomorrow. Car is on my friends farm yard near Cupar. I would recommend (since you're not far) to come and see it, as it's been kept in good nick, and car is complete (almost), so there's other things you may be interested. Looking for £50 for the steering wheel and £10 for cupholders.
  9. OK Guys, I'm going to break my E39 as I need to free up some space. There's nothing really wrong with it, was driven it myself for 10K miles in almost 2 years. It needs to be gone in 2 month, so many parts will be either cheap or free. Located in Fife, Scotland, pretty rural but can post items OK. There's few thing will move to my other E39, so those are not for sale: Black headliner, HID's, Shocks and Springs, Wheels Everything else is for sale, just ask here or PM. Electronics, all buttons, modules and sensors are perfect. Engine, Auto gearbox and Diff is good, but taken camshaft sensor out to fit to another bmw. Interior is Black leather non-sport, non-electric, all good except tired driver's seat. Rest of the suspension is pretty tired. Pre-facelift sport steering wheel.
  10. +VAT )))
  11. still for sale?
  12. that's OK mate, still don't know if I'll actually built it, more curious about the price really. Just in case I get bored on coming holidays.
  13. Was thinking about Raspberry Pi project for e39, looking for cheap unit to tear apart. Just need controls and the case. Could be broken unit and/or screen. How much for a broken unit? Would also go for android option if Pi project overall cost will be more than the android unit (£180).
  14. Looks great, thanks for sharing images. Will order next week.
  15. Any news?