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  1. Gave the car a wash this morning finished off with a bit of detail spray, also added a bit of rain x
  2. wow. at least your both ok.
  3. I'll see what price the dealer can do. but in the past their prices have actually been more expensive than shown on the value line site. I've had the service guys say "don't worry we'll honour the service line price" and on occasion they've told me they've had to play around with the invoice costings to get the price down close to the price shown online, (williams manchester)
  4. The indy i often use is BMTEC in Manchester, I would hope they wouldn't charge me for a brake service without actually doing one.
  5. The E60 lights aren't really a deal breaker, if you really want to you could drop in some hids , my 09 E60 already had the projectors, the hids were about £50 from ebay made a big difference but tbh if it didn't already come with projectors i wouldn't have bothered changing them. Id steer clear of a 520d, imo the car suits a 6 pot auto, if you do go for the an 520d though beware of the timing chain issue of the n47 engines when i bought mine i could of spent a bit more for an f10 and got an se rather than M sport, a 4 pot rather than a 6 and imo an se f10 looks so dull compared to an m sport e60 with 19" spiders.
  6. My brake fluid service is due and wondering if anyone has been into the dealer to get this done? it's £130 (including the £20 standard scope) from the dealer and would be less than half this price from an indy. I normally wouldn't bother but it's an AUC with FBMWSH, I will continue getting regular oil/microfilter services done from dealer as I can live with the bmw value line service price (£199 for 6 pot engine oil + microfilter) so is it worth it?
  7. "EU Block Exemption laws let customers get cars serviced outside dealer networks without invalidating their warranty. But manufacturer service schedules must be followed and original equipment parts used." when I had a n47 timing chain claim in under bmw insured warranty I was worried they wouldn't approve it as it hadn't always been serviced by bmw but did have a fsh. as mentioned above regarding the EU block exemption laws, they approved the claim (engine out job!) as I had proof it had a fsh (has to be vat registered garage)
  8. No windscreen wash would shoot out of my jets despite there being fluid in the reservoir . A local garage flushed the reservoir out which worked for a day. I didn't think the pump was the issue as there was still a noise being made making me think it was a blockage. A new pump was bought from Euro car parts for about £12 and it fixed the issue
  9. an update: left the car at the dealers this morning + they rang me saying they have ordered a new cd drive, requested further help from bmw as to why the gear selector fault appeared again after a new one was fitted (the 2nd one fitted by the dealer) and they will look into the I drive freezing issue. meanwhile I've got a lovely 7 seater from them to drive around in! unfortunately it's not the x5 but the 2 series people carrier
  10. My sat nav failed last month so the dealer recently replaced the 'nav drive' under warranty. Nav seems to be working fine now apart frpm the mp3 cd loaded in the slot above the sat nav disc now doesn't register/work, could this be a related issue? It's the same mp3 cd that was working before they replaced the nav drive but now when I go to the cd menu all the cds in the disc changer are available but the main cd drive is showing unhighlighted as is there is no cd inserted. another issue is from time to time no matter which button I press on the I drive menu nothing happens on the screen, I can change radio stations etc using the steering wheel buttons but the only way to use the nav or audio setting etc is to restart the car, not ideal when on the motorway. this did also occasionally Happen before the nav replacment however the cars going back to the dealer on the 19th (one day before the warranty expires) so any ideas of how to prove this issue to the dealer as it's an intermittent fault? the work it had done on the last visit from dealer was: 1nav drive replacement (under warranty) 2 gear selector fault (replaced for the 2nd time under warranty, however the error appeared on the drive home from dealer hence going back on the 19th) 3 dpf regeneration (paid) tia
  11. nightmare if your claustrophobic, I can imagine smaller boots than a 5 to be stuck in though
  12. how much did this set you back? Please let us know how you get on with it
  13. Took the car into the tyre shop for puncture+wheel alignment and they had a few generations of 5's in
  14. seemed a lovely but very unlucky car