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    BMW 5 series E34
  1. To be honest not really. Not sure what to do at the mo. Any ideas? I don't drive it much. Id like to sell it at some point but then id loose a lot i put in.
  2. Thanks Luton E34 Man. Love your Grey 525
  3. Thank you Woozer, also i like your E34 smashing job.
  4. Hi Geoff, Thank you for your comments, its a 520i. Yep had that deflector, which i removed.
  5. ahus48

    New Member From Far East - 98 E39 528i

    Welcome Very Nice, and the Pics are great!!!
  6. They are great, have a long waiting list though. Had to wait 3 months for my booking. But all worth the wait.
  7. I have my old door card from this E34 if anyone is interested.
  8. No worries hope it all goes well
  9. Hey Astra, Thank you for your comments. The car was bought from County Durham not to far from the sea so im guess the salty waters in the air, the rain. Seems like it was parked up for some time, as the inside smelt like a farm . The incorrect jacking was defiantly the cause of some of it and it just spread around. Both the passenger and drivers floor area, where striped to cut out the rot in all areas and weld in new sections. Check your arches quite common there too. The rust guys did a fab job, they treated the whole car. Check out there steps might help you with yours as you don't want to the visible bits only: http://www.rust.co.uk/we-rust-proof-your-car-from-250/c32734/ Abs
  10. ahus48

    Hi, New here and to BMW. This is my E34

    Welcome Darren, just join myself newbie. Green top windscreen kool I did this aswell. Abs
  11. Thanks, I nearly. Spent all that money I think i needs a garage. Unfortunately i have don't have one Worried about someone driving into it or something. Hardly drive it, as im at work most of the time now. May have to put it up for sale, and hope someone would give it some TLC
  12. really, any pics. I had no intention too though but ended up. Only the 55k on the clock made me want to save it.
  13. Thank guys. Correct Maldives blue it is. After spending around 6.5k i wish i bought the M5 now. Never mind very economical, may be one day someone may offer me something for it