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  1. Intermittent loss of brake servo

    The brake booster can leak vacuum. There is a recall on it for some E60's. It happens when oil seeps into it and the rubber deteriorates. There is a valve on the brake servo so a loss of vacuum elsewhere in the system shouldn't affect it but that valve may not be perfect and you could have a vacuum leak elsewhere.
  2. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    If you drop the sump only around 6 litres come out. Around 3 litres stay in the torque converter.
  3. Blower motor replacement?

    It's not quite as bad as it looks.... BMW E61 Aircon Fan Replacement.pdf
  4. Battery and IBS

    Don't fit an AGM without coding it. You'll need the IBS working to do this. 90Ah lead-acid will be fine.
  5. Voltage...

    From what I remember Valeo have only ever used one brush size for every model alternator.
  6. Voltage...

    I think you may have got the alternator wet. The alternator can put out something like 150A, it's a monster, you'd see smoke somewhere if it was being pulled down to 9V. What does happen is the brushes in the alternator get tired and fail to make contact with the slip ring. £50 will get you a new regulator with new brushes that you can fit in 10 mins. Be very careful because the thick positive lead to the alternator is permanently live and I think unfused so make sure the battery is disconnected when you change the regulator or make absolutely certain the wire doesn't tough anything metal. You can actually get just the brushes for around £3. There's a youtube video on how to replace the brushes.
  7. modified 535d glow plug question

    The glow plugs in a 535d are pretty unimportant. Even with all 6 non-functional the car will start down to -20C. With no glow plugs when it's cold like 0C or below the car will be a bit lumpy for 30s or so. Mine with no glow plugs started at -10C when we had a really cold spell a few years ago, it did stall when I touched the accelerator but was OK after 30s or so. The glow plug controller is a common failure along with a glow plug or two. When the controller fails it often shows up as all 6 glow plugs dead.
  8. Bonnet catch

    Actually euclid may be right, I can't remember which cars I've had have that have the rubber stops (that screw up and down) on the wings and which have the rubber stops in the bonnet itself.....
  9. Bonnet catch

    No those hold the radiator in place. The rubber stops you need to adjust are in the bonnet.
  10. White smoke on start up help please?

    Check the crankcase breather - they block if the original "loo roll" style and cause a lot of white smoke at start up when blocked.
  11. You could take a punt on a secondhand gearbox from ebay or the breakers. You'll still need to spend a few hundred on oil, sump and TC recon though.
  12. Faulty power steering / belt slipping?

    If the crank pulley is on the way out you should be able to see the inner rotating faster than the outer and the rubber part looking a bit of a mess. It often wobbles a lot too. If another tensioner is sticking then you might see the pulley pause whilst the belt tries to continue. If the belt is jumping around then the spring loaded tensioner is sticking or has failed. I can't remember who does crankshaft pulleys but someone like Meyle or Febi Bilstein should be a good bet.
  13. Faulty power steering / belt slipping?

    You seem to have a good handle on the problem. It's extremely likely to the crankshaft pulley and there are now a few quality aftermarket replacements available. At this stage it should be fairly obvious with a mirror on a stick. Could be a seized tensioner or pulley too but the crankshaft pulley is a common failure.
  14. Steering vibrates when breaking

    I'd 2nd Dotcom's diagnosis.
  15. Gearbox issues 535D

    Low gearbox oil can cause problems like this. A lot of normal garages don't fill it correctly, it needs to be filled with the engine running and the gearbox oil temperature between 30C and 50C (if I remember correctly).