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  1. JasonH

    need help asap knocking in suspension

    Brake caliper pins? Caliper holder? Wheel bearing?
  2. JasonH

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    Mixing a pre LCi car and post LCi gearbox or vice versa is a challenge because Pre LCi has a mechanical park selector and Post LCi has electronic park selection.
  3. JasonH

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    The pre-LCi 6HP26 gearbox for the 535d was rated to 600Nm. The 535d LCi has an updated 6HP26 that is rated to 700Nm. One main difference was the oil pump for the torque converter lock up clutch. That addressed the main weakness that caused to TC lockup clutch to wear out.
  4. JasonH

    530d belt snapped.

    I'd look at realoem and try to determine the length you need then match that to what's on offer. I wouldn't trust ECP to get it right. I didn't think E60's even had ride height adjustment!
  5. JasonH

    530d belt snapped.

    You lift out the fan and shroud, which isn't too hard, and then there's plenty of room. The belts don't normally snap though so I'd be really sure something else isn't amiss before fitting the new one.
  6. JasonH

    Intermitting Starter Problens

    Hopefully just a one-off. Perhaps the solenoid is getting sticky. The starter motors do fail but normally the failure is that they are slow to crank the engine. Perhaps remove the starter motor, lube the solenoid and put it back. Probably easier said than done!
  7. Getting the TC refurbished will make a big difference. However if you're up for it all the other clutches are are likely to be worn too. An upgrade kit, I assume, will replace all your worn clutches. It's quite a big job changing all the clutches, I think there are 7 with something like 6 friction plates each. Lots and lots of parts to carefully remove and replace. The TC does go on the 535d but not many have had other gearbox issues, even on mapped cars due to the extra power. Most gearbox issues seem to be down to low oil, need for an oil change or a worn TC. There are exceptions, but very few. As for the oil ZF LG6 has an RRP of around £20 a litre. A few years ago some places would sell it at trade price, around £5 a litre, but then I think ZF stamped down and won't supply anyone who sells it cheaply.
  8. JasonH

    Revs fluctuating

    The car will drive a lot better with the EGR disconnected, even if it is working properly when connected. The emissions warning will come on with the EGR disconnected. It will go out when reconnected. Vacuum hose is cheap and a proper fix. Buy silicone hose with an ID of 4mm. Mapping it out will work too. Just make sure the pipe is blocked off.
  9. JasonH

    520d M47 help

    I seem to remember the car takes a while to average out a long period of -40C. Check again later or tomorrow.
  10. JasonH

    Revs fluctuating

    An air leak on the intake side might cause the problem too.
  11. JasonH

    Revs fluctuating

    Are there any fault codes? You really need to read with a decent BMW specific tool or software to see all fault codes. My guess would be a vacuum problem to the EGR or a sticky EGR. That does normally generate a few fault codes but it also can cause the idle to cycle. To test it you really need a vacuum gauge or pump. Pump to check the EGR moves and releases smoothly. Gauge to check it is getting the vacuum it needs. The vacuum system might have a leak or might might have a blockage.
  12. JasonH

    '05 525d No Power

    The main causes of your charge air pressure control deviations (4530) are: Air leak on the intake side, like intercooler hoses. Leak on the exhaust manifold or around the turbo. Faulty throttle valve. Check EGR. Check charge pressure actuator. BMW also say code 4530 will block DPF regens.
  13. JasonH

    '05 525d No Power

    BMW documentation says this "Regeneration is started during the next drive as soon as the coolant temperature reaches a value of at least 75°C and the exhaust-gas temperature before catalytic converter a temperature of at least 240 °C. Additionally, the fuel tank must contain at least 10 litres. The optimum effect of the regeneration is achieved when the vehicle is operated for approximately 20 minutes at a constant as possible speed of at least 60 kph after regeneration has started." And this: "Depending on the load condition of the engine, regeneration can take the form of targeted throttling of intake air in conjunction with 1 to 2 post-injections. This raises the exhaust-gas temperature to approx.. 600 degree Celsius. The residual oxygen in the exhaust gas (O2) enables soot to be burned off. The regeneration of the diesel particle filter can take several minutes. The interval stages for regeneration depend on the operating conditions of the vehicle over its last 500 kilometres. At high exhaust-gas temperatures, there is less soot buildup as a result of continuous incineration of the soot particles. In addition, every 700 to 2500 kilometres (depending on driving profile), regeneration of the diesel particle filter can be initiated. In the event of failure of the exhaust backpressure sensor or of one of the exhaust-gas temperature sensors, the diesel particle filter is regenerated every 500 kilometres." However I don't think your DPF is the problem. I think you have another problem indicated by the fault codes you read.
  14. JasonH

    '05 525d No Power

    You don't actually force a regen, you "request one", all the conditions still need to be met. Coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, amount of fuel in the tank and free from certain error codes. However you can perform a "passive regen" simply by driving for over 45 mins on the motorway once the car is up to temperature. That cleans out the DPF nicely without the car needing to do anything special.
  15. JasonH

    520d M47 help

    1. Really need the fault codes read, could be anything really. 2. Swirl flap failure is pretty rare these days but in high mileage engines they get really gummed up and therefore could fail. Personally I'd remove them. 3. I think it will stop the aircon working. It probably won't stop a DPF regen, I don't think that sensor is part of the regen criteria. 4. Not sure on this one.