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  1. JasonH

    E61 530d EGR pressure converter

    You need to be very careful where you buy the Pierburg one from. I've got through a few Pierburg ones on both the BMW and another car. I'm fairly certain a couple must have been fakes, there are some Chinese unbranded ones that look identical to the genuine items.
  2. JasonH

    Confused e60 530d Tc

    That is utter rubbish. Either they put the wrong oil in or not enough.
  3. JasonH

    BMW 535d m sport 2008.

    Your problem is this: When the DPF was removed it would have to have been mapped out. If not every so often the car will attempt to regenerate the DPF to burn off the soot that builds up. With no DPF there you would get clouds of white smoke out of the exhaust if it did regenerate - so it has to be mapped out. With the DPF refitted there will be no regeneration and unless you do a lot of motorway driving it will clog up fairly quickly, like in a few thousand miles. A good tuner should be able to save you the map with the DPF removed (should you wish to go back) and also enable the DPF regen without affecting the tuning too much. There is software out there that takes a map and turns the DPF regen ON/OFF as required.
  4. JasonH

    Confused e60 530d Tc

    Have you got any legal insurance with your home insurance? In this case your car went to the garage with one problem and came back with something far worse. I think you need some decent legal support to get the garage to put it right. The gearbox could, however, not have enough oil in it, or the wrong oil.
  5. JasonH

    535D turbo issues

    First garage seems great to me. Your real issue is almost definitely the vacuum pipes. Get them fixed and the car will be transformed. The glow plugs are pretty secondary. If you want the car perfect then get them done. If you don't change the glow plugs in practice it only makes a small difference when it is really, cold, like -5C or below. Even then without glow plugs the car will start, it'll just be a bit lumpy for a minute or so. As said above if you are getting the glow plugs done then get them done at the same time because the intake manifold has to come off for vacuum pipes and glow plugs and taking the intake manifold off is a lot of the labour cost. If doing the glow plugs then there's a high chance the controller has gone so perhaps £120 for the controller and £15 x 6 plugs added to the parts cost.
  6. JasonH

    Anyone have source for 3.5mm silicone hose

    Agree it's about 3/5 because you need to remove and replace the intake manifold to do all the hoses. The hoses are easy, just swap out one at a time and follow the original route. Personally I don't like cutting hoses off in case you leave a notch which becomes a vacuum leak. The trick with hoses is not to pull them off (they grip harder) it's to push them off with a flat bladed screwdriver. But some of the plastic nipples are quite fragile.
  7. JasonH

    Anyone have source for 3.5mm silicone hose

    4mm ID silicone hose works perfectly. You can use 3mm ID too but for me it was too flimsy and the internal cross sectional area is quite a bit less than 4mm ID.
  8. JasonH

    EGR and Emissions Warning.

    They do run a lot better with the EGR disabled....
  9. That noise is your early warning it's on its way out.
  10. On the 530d's of your age the exhaust manifolds do crack so replacement was probably necessary. As mentioned above it's quite possible that the clamp to the cat or turbo isn't sealing, they can be fiddly to get seated properly. What's also likely is a split exhaust flexi further down. If there's evidence of soot around the flexi that'll be the problem.
  11. JasonH

    Sudden lost all power

    You'll probably need to get the DPF mapped out. If you don't when it comes time for a regen, within perhaps 500 miles, you'll get clouds of white smoke out of the exhaust. However if your coolant temp is too low (which is not good) it might never try and regen so you'll sort of get away with it.
  12. JasonH

    Judder when braking!!

    Looks like you've covered most things. When I had a problem like this I went though and checked everything. I even replaced the steering rack because there was a tiny bit of play in it. It turned out to be the passenger side wheel bearing. It spun OK normally but not with any side pressure on it.
  13. JasonH

    Steam from the grill

    Does to me too.
  14. JasonH

    No DPF?

    The EGR can be cleaned. It's a messy job but it'll probably be as good as new once cleaned. You don't have to touch the EGR stat. It's just a few fiddly bolts, no plumbing, to get the EGR off.
  15. JasonH

    Pano roof blind malfunction

    With the blind open all the time you will notice quite a bit more wind noise on the motorway. There shouldn't be much condensation in there though. I think the allen key only does the actual roof but I'm not 100% sure. And if you use the allen key it needs a lot of torque because you're also pushing against the motor. The blind mechanism is separate to the main roof panels.