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  1. JasonH

    Surging issues - 550i

    That's usually worn brushes. You can buy just the regulator, with brushes, for around £50 and it's easier to fit than a whole alternator.
  2. JasonH

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    First thank you for the excellent write-up. There are a couple of points I'd like to make (and I do speak from experience, I've done a couple of gearbox oil changes and replaced the TC on my ZF6HP26). The people who do 6HP26 gearbox tuning are very clear that you should never reset the gearbox learned adaptations unless you actually rebuild the gearbox. You should reset the oil adaptations but not the learned adaptations. I did reset all mine and despite following the full, epic, re-train process my gearbox got it wrong and developed a really nasty change between a couple of gears. I reset it again and drove normally and that did sort it out. The rubber seals between the mechantronics and the main gearbox usually only fail in hot countries but I agree in the merit of changing them when the sump is off. You might find you have fixed your problems but unfortunately it might be short-lived. An oil change fixed my apparent TC problem for about 10k miles. Another oil change for a few thousand miles. Fitting a refurbished TC really fixed the problem and feels very different and a lot lot better. Hopefully yours will be OK though.
  3. JasonH

    Surging issues - 550i

    My experience is mainly limited to diesels....however... A TC lockup fault tends to make the revs dip up and down but you don't really feel it in the car. The car dithers up/down between two gears but the changes are smooth and it doesn't really come through to the car. A vacuum leak can cause oscillations in power because whatever is being commanded doesn't respond quickly enough. Again that is particularly with diesels, on these it can surge on EGR control and vacuum controlled variable turbo control.
  4. JasonH

    Auto tailgate - hydraulic pump leaking

    There's usually a bit of red sticky fluid around the pump. It seems to be a leaky at the best of times. Very little to lose in just topping it up and see how it goes. The fluid is a Shell Aerofluid. I have about 950ml left because I had to buy a litre and only needed a tiny bit. The problem is it comes in a can like a coke can where there is no way to reseal the container once opened. However I think the fluid looks very, very much like red ATF. So if just a punt top it up with some red ATF, Dex II or Dex III perhaps.
  5. It's quite possible: The MOT will only fail if there's evidence the DPF has been tampered with or removed and it may have been gutted carefully. It can still pass a smoke test with no DPF if it's running well. Finally the MOT inspector doesn't always spot everything.
  6. I would say 1) You have no DPF (soot on the exhaust like that wouldn't be there if you had). 2) The mappers have actually mapped it out - or it was mapped out before and when it was remapped the DPF removal was left in. That's easy to do, the remapper usually takes the old map and modifies it, then writes it back to the car. If he wasn't messing with the DPF part then that would stay as it was before he started. Basically you should be fine. If the DPF is not there and the car does do a forced regen you will get a huge amount of white smoke out the back!
  7. There is a small pressure difference when the engine is running. Some of those screen grabs are with the engine off.
  8. It does depend on whether you trust Carly to scale the numbers correctly though. I agree could be a duff sensor though, difficult to tell whether it's Carly or the sensor. You could compare the resistance with the new sensor on the bench cold and perhaps side by side after using a hairdryer on them.
  9. If the distance covered is approximately the distance covered since it was mapped I think you've hit the nail on the head. It's really common with a map to map out the DPF at the same time. I think they've just accidentally put a DPF off map on your car. Can you check it yourself - no. Just call them and ask them to put a map on that does not disable the DPF.
  10. JasonH

    IBS or Not?

    I'm not sure I totally agree with his diagnosis because if the IBS was just plugged in it may well send a wakeup signal to the rest of the car just like the bonnet switch does. But the 9V does look suspicious because it's not as close to 0V or 12V as it should be so there could be a problem with the IBS here. However what that video did show was that the Telematics Unit (therefore I assume MULF) can keep the whole car awake. Keeping the car awake will hammer the battery completely flat overnight.
  11. It's possible that Carly is just reading the temperature sensors incorrectly and the temperature sensors are a red herring. There could be a chaffed wire from the temperature sensors too so the sensors are good but what the car reads is not. A corroded connector would do that as well. From the original posts perhaps your DPF does not need a forced regen. Perhaps it does lots of long journeys and that keeps the DPF nice and clean. Finally as just mentioned it might be worth using diagnostics to tell the car it's had a new DPF fitted. The LCi cars have a hidden 250k km (155k mile) DPF life timer. Or finally, finally perhaps the error codes you need have been mapped out when the car was mapped so you can't see what's really going on.
  12. JasonH

    IBS or Not?

    The MPM Micro-power module or the body gateway module (KGM) switches consumers on and off. The IBS is just a battery sensor, monitoring the battery voltage, current and temperature. It reports this information to the MPM or KGM. OK the IBS could be providing duff data but I suspect it's just reporting a problem that exists elsewhere.
  13. JasonH

    Key Fob Remote Sync

    It looks to me like you have got everything covered. The only think I could add is that using the diagnostics it is possible to disable or enable a specific key. Perhaps your additional key has been disabled at some point because it was considered lost? The thing is, is that if that was the case I don't think it would start the car either.
  14. JasonH

    IBS or Not?

    On the diversity antenna and the remote fob I had the reverse of your issue. The remotes weren't working but ISTA showed no faults at all...yet it turned out the fuse for he diversity antenna had blown.
  15. JasonH

    IBS or Not?

    The IBS is only monitoring the battery condition and current drain. It reports what it finds but it can't stop a faulty module or wire draining the battery. I wouldn't blame the mulf just yet. A wiring fault to the diversity antenna could keep the car awake and kill the battery.