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  1. Motor84

    E39 Touring wanted

    Looking for something sub £2k to run for a year. Preferably petrol with leather but will look at anything. I'm in London. Let me know if you have something you want to sell with a big boot! Cheers Ben
  2. Motor84

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    According to the spec it has all the airbags. I've not picked the car up yet so can't physically check! L812ANational version Great Britain S216AHydro steering-servotronic S220ASelf-levelling suspension S235ATowing hitch, detachable S248ASteering wheel heater S260ASide airbag for driver/passenger S261ASide airbags for rear passengers S265ATyre pressure control (TPC) S291ABMW LA wheel, cross spoke, 2-section S302AAlarm system S354AGreen windscreen, green shade band S386ARoof railing S403AGlass roof, electrical S411AWindow lifts,electric,front/rear S412ALuggage-compartment floor, extendable S413ATrunk room net S417ARoller sun vizor, rear door S423AFloor mats, velours S428AWarning triangle and first aid kit S430AInterior/outside mirror with auto dip S431AInterior mirror with automatic-dip S438AFine wood trim S456AComfort seat with memory S459ASeat adjuster, electric, with memory S464ASki bag S469AIntegrated child seats S473AArmrest front S488ALumbar support, driver and passenger S494ASeat heating driver/passenger S510AHeadlight aim control S534AAutomatic air conditioning S540ACruise control S555AOn-board computer V with remote control S602AOn-board monitor with TV S609ANavigation system Professional S625APhone, D-Net cell phone S670ARadio BMW Professional RDS S672ACD changer for 6 CDs S677AHiFi System Professional DSP S690ACassette holder S694AProvisions for BMW 6 CD changer S785AWhite direction indicator lights S853ALanguage version English S863ARetailer Directory Europe S877ADelete cross-pattern operation S880AOn-board vehicle literature English S916ADummy-SALAPA S991APre-production management
  3. Motor84

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    Thanks guys. This is my situation. I have found an E39 Touring with heated, comfort saddle brown leather. I am into my coloured interiors! So, actually the interior is leading the way on this. The only issue is its a 525tds. I'm a petrol man! So I will run the car for a bit but my goal is to find a black, oxford green (colour of the 525tds) or grey pre facelift touring, 528i preferably, and fit the interior to that. Or a facelift 530i. So, my guess is saddle brown door cards are quite rare so I will have to find a direct fit. Out of interest, any idea what a full saddle brown interior, heated comfort front seats, is worth? It was my justification to the wife for buying a car I didn't need, that its worth a bit of money!
  4. Motor84

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    Thanks guys. I thinking about a straight swap from a pre-facelift SE to a facelift Sport. Hopefully will be straight forward!
  5. Hi guys, quick question. Will an interior from a pre face lift touring fit into a facelift touring? This is seats and door cards only. Also, anyone know if all 4 door cards fit both touring and saloon? Any advice greatly appreciated Cheers
  6. Motor84

    Style 5 e39 wheels wanted

    Hi guys, anyone got a set of 16in style 5 wheels for sale? cheers Ben
  7. Motor84

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Agreed, Something about imitating a faster car with a slower car seems wrong. Plus I am into OEM.
  8. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Confirmed tonight my current Parallels are not staggered! Gutted! They do look pretty good still though.
  9. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Yes, just looked them up. Bit tatty but can be refurbed I guess. Were the 18in staggered 42s always split rim? I think I prefer them to not be split. Like these but 18in staggered? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-3-Series-E46-99-06-16-Style-42-Alloy-Wheel-Set-7J-ET45-1095058-0000347671/362287590298?epid=1023081217&hash=item545a05eb9a:g:ZkUAAOSwW3VaxkL- I actually love the style 5s. These are the quintessential 80s-90s BMW wheels IMO. Now could I get 18in staggered versions of these? Don't think I've ever seen them. I had the regular ones on my 523. IMG_0774 by Motion Limited, on Flickr
  10. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Performance yes of course, but also the die hard idea that if you're into cars you have to have a manual. Thats how its always been with my mates.
  11. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Hi drpep999, I have had quite a few BMWs, no real reason for either gearbox but I would always prefer manual I think accept with the X5s. I think its just the bigger the car, the more reason to have auto. The 3 Series cars I've had were all manual bar one. I've had 2 X5s, would only ever have auto for those as its a big lump that you're happy to just cruise in. My 540, now thats the anomaly, as I would prefer that to be a manual as its got the power to be very quick with manual and its not that big really. But I could only afford and find an auto. I may well convert it to manual one day. BUT, I quite like wafting along with the auto box. Everyday driving, Auto all the way. Its smooth and comfortable, and the older I get (43 now) the more I'm happy to just cruise. Driving quickly down country lanes, manual all the way. But some cars HAVE to be manual IMO like an E46 330i. But I guess thats personal. I think the 540 falls in both camps, could be either. Having said all that, we are talking about old Beemers, I think with the newer cars the gap is closing right?
  12. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Thanks mate. I will check that out. I thought they were staggered but can't be sure. Will check tonight. Tyre sizes should give it away. They do have the m badge slots, but no badges! Could be an SE purist or just reps!
  13. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Thanks for the info guys. Any way of telling if my Style 37s are replicas or not? Would love to know that they are genuine!
  14. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Thanks for the info Dennis! I agree they look a bit dated, but do look right on a pre facelift car IMO. Bugger to clean I should imagine as you say. I just like all the BBS looking wheels. Old school beemer look!
  15. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Oh I would be interested in 18in style 42s. Would they be staggered? I think the M parallels on mine are right?