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  1. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Yes I checked that thanks Andrew. Now, before taking it in quite a bit water had gathered in my boot from heavy rainfall. I was not sure how this happened but am guilty of not keeping the rear seal clear of leaves and debris which had built up. The indy says however it has happened because the boot is not properly aligned so not sitting straight, which he feels dealer was responsible for sorting following a bump some eight months ago. The water collected he discovered had effected electrics in the boot so - water damage on wiring loom causing brief introduction of lower pressure fuel and the module is full of water. He thinks this is the further issue and drying it all out at the back should resolve it. I'm wishful but not so sure. He says the egr still showed as having fault and was faulty so needed replacing and thinks the water on the electrics is what is the source of the fuel faults, so hoping these will now be gone. Any opinions on this. I was thinking why not sort the water damage first and then the egr would not have needed replacing - has he done it backwards? Any opinions advice really appreciated.
  2. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Yes but if it wasn’t replaced and something else was and issue remained - finger would point back at the egr. The mechanic said it was listed as a fault and as it is common - seems the right thing to rectify from the outset.
  3. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Has your car been fine since What was cleaned out exactly? DPF? Do you think it’s possible the egr didnt need replacing?
  4. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Update: Tried to take to garage but conked out twice so had it recovered there. Indy saw faults relating to fuel and also egr. Replaced egr and said all faults cleared so went to collect. As driving out of garage conked out again same as before! He’s to look at again but is saying fuel faults likely. Anyone had similar experience? I thought it be sorted. It’s had fuel pump (high pressure I think) couple of years back by dealer as was a recalled part. Not under warranty. Appreciate any advice on this. many thanks
  5. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Thanks Admiral and were your symptoms the same? Were you able to drive the car on a longer journey without it happening, before it was fixed?
  6. gambit

    drivetrain error

    Thanks and no thanks Roundy! I don't think I really wanted to hear that! Yes I have to get it to the mech and am trying a route devoid of motorways and roundabouts but the latter are impossible to skip. I tested again in the driveway only. Start engine - after a minute or so feel a soft judder then few seconds later it cuts out completely drivetrain error comes up and shows in control check not specifying anything. I switch off ignition completely restart engine now running again but this time does not cut off even several minutes after, but only driving forwards and backwards in the drive. However the error in check control disappears! So the mech said without checking (yes I agree it may not mean anything just yet) but that he thinks could be the EGR valve. Now, given your symptoms Roundy I have to say mine are very similar so did you have this repaired or replaced? Did you have it looked at on computer? Thanks
  7. gambit

    drivetrain error

    started journey car cut off after half a mile and went into neutral rolling to stop. possible to restart. got car home. checked vehicle status 'control check' does not say anything about drivetrain. anyone any idea what this could be ? 66k. At moment i have a suspension issue (think its a broken spring) which due to get looked at v soon. rear pads due replacement also be done same time. front brake pad sensor needs fixing in as and wrong length one so this warning is coming up all the time still. Any relation to these issues perhaps? Error says drivetrain fault unable to complete journey continue at moderate speed or words to that effect, however the vehicle status now does not mention it. Very worried about it happening again. Many thanks
  8. It’s an F10. still dreaming of your ex lol?
  9. Yeah told me to get the additional bolt. As you say, I have a feeling it is the missing bolt - could such a simple thing be the cause? However mech says don't bother with the locking wheel nut because it will just cause the same problems again so I will just get normal ones. Do you buy a 'branded' set or are the standard ones off Europarts or eBay good enough? Also I've posted another thread re suspension issue on driver side rear - could it be this causing or contributing to the juddering? Am ditching the mech.
  10. Hi, Thanks for posting this as I've just started having the same issue after recently replacing the front brake pads. Car is 66k circa and 11 plate. Pads replaced about four weeks ago. The ***hole mechanic recommended by relative had a lot of trouble getting the front driver tyre off to do the job. He tried everything and I was told had to hammer/chisel of the wheel locking nut in the end. He advised in the end not to bother putting it back on so the tyre does only have four bolts on. To be honest I don't know if he has done this job well or properly - my relative ensures they will have. The juddering tends to happen anywhere above 25 mph and is felt through the steering and pedal. Now, here's the thing. Took car for MOT and mech said that rear pads are now wearing thin - service indicator has not come up, but when looked it does due in 600 miles - is that the cause? Something tells me it's not and something to do with the front brake pad replacement. Many thanks for your help guys.
  11. Hi guys, 520d 11 plate 66k miles. OSR suspension making constant creaking noise during drive. Used to be intermittent now constant. Best way to describe sound is if the sound a metal bed frame makes when your'e going at it. Sorry it's all I could think of realistically! Anyone have any ideas what this could be??? Is a suspension issue expected for a car this age and mileage? If it's the shock absorber how much should I expect to pay from an indy to have it fixed. Many thanks people. Kind regards
  12. gambit

    front brake pad service indicator

    Hi Thanks for replies. I’ll be Going back anyway to fit the sensor because the one I had was too small so if I mention it he should be able to resolve it right? The squeaking that is. Guess ill have to live with the wheel.
  13. gambit

    front brake pad service indicator

    Hi, update - got Brembo pads and had replaced. 2 things 1. New pads are on work fine but squeak when coming to standstill. This meant to happen? Why if so? Will it stop? 2. To get pads on mech could not get tyres off - he broke the locking wheel key trying on first attempt. i had to get a new fromw dealer. He still could not get it off and broke his own nut as well. He tried to weld on as well. Caused some damage to alloy - chipping where he eventually had to hammer the screw out and enlarged the nut whole on the alloys! It is now clearly bigger. He says nothing else could be done and had spent hours getting it off - not charged for and said locking wheel keys always cause thhe problem and best to get rid. Had same experience? thanks guys