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  1. Washed bird s*** off the roof edge but because left it a while (being a lazy n o b) it has left a halo of the paintwork in slight lighter shade!!! Cant effin believe it! Any tips on restoring it? Ive got maguirs t cut version stuff somewhere.
  2. gambit

    Offside rear shock absorber

    Ps another indy said u dont need to do both shocks . He does one on vehicles all the time. Im awaiting the quote on doing 1, that said it somehow seems apt to do both.
  3. gambit

    Offside rear shock absorber

    Insurers not having any of it - said wear and tear. Is it ok to do one shock and spring? The nsr appears fine. A backstreet garage quoted £240 plus vat for both shocks (not springs). Thanks
  4. gambit

    Offside rear shock absorber

    Thanks Mike! Ok so the alignment was not excessive. He was explaining it was a bit closer to the spring then would be normal (as compared the the NS shock). The main thing he said was when he lifted the OSR tyre there was too much 'play' in it i.e it was easier to lift up and pull down while the NS one was firm and could hardly be lifted up. He did this in front of me so I did witness that. I say it doesn't matter and I feel the shock now diminishing was because the accident was the straw that broke the camel's back. Before the accident I did not have the issue at all. That the accident caused it to speed up and diminish means the other party are still capable i.e. just as in law you take your victim as you find them.
  5. Hi I had a rear end shunt in Feb - car returned from dealership (where repaired) about end of March. Few weeks later I noticed a slight noise when going over bumps but thought it something in boot or tool box for a time. Became more noticeable recently and noise lasting longer. I pushed down on rear of car other day and could hear a sort of metal creaking grinding noise as bounces up and down. Couldn't be certain which side. Told insurer- said take to back to dealer to inspect. Take it today and of all days to happen not sounding as bad and this was after adding fuel (is the weight of fuel affecting something?). That said still inspected and went over some cobbles nearby with mech and he did hear the noise. Had a look said could not see anything loose or ill fitting underneath. He did tighten the fuel tank metal clasps as slight loose. Then he said the OSR shock absorber was out of line and this was the probable cause of the noise. Said it could be accident related but was likely wear and tear. Then another guy his boss had a look and said it does not appear accident related and was just wear and tear but the accident may have taken it over the threshold ie made it worse. He said insurers will probably say no to being accident related and I will have to pay. My gut is telling me was accident related and dealer missed it and should've replaced first instance. They said I can ask insurer if will allow them to authorise but suspects not. This guy also said the OSR shocks on 520s are common??? Is that correct? PS when first had the accident I did mention to insurers to check the suspension as did not seem right. I remember getting palmed off from the dealer saying the suspension will not have been affected. It was a pretty bad shunt on motorway at least 5k damage already. Would be grateful for insights and advice before I return to my insurer. Many thanks 520 d 2011 plate 64k miles
  6. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    oh sorry and what best way to use the forte stuff. I have three bottles - def cleaner/diesel cleaner and turbo cleaner all same size. Use all at once or individually? how much fuel (I don't want to put a full tank just for sake of doing this) On motorway? how long what speed etc?
  7. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    Thanks mate! Your opinion on the temps?
  8. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    Hi as an update: First: Not been able to do a long run yet but have done some short drives on urban roads and checked temperature and was giving 88 on one occasion and 106 another. Now, given the recent hot weather as these temps possibly skewed? I suspect they may be but I also think that the temp is climbing correctly so not a stat issue can anyone please confirm. Second: I have the Fort bottles and rang them to ask advice. They said it is only to be used by the professional trade (says on back too) and can't be sold to retail so can't give it advice and that they don't sell it online What does this mean that I cannot use it? Has anyone used them on their F10? Also they were like you cannot buy it elsewhere but is being sold all over the internet and people buying and reviewing it with positive results.
  9. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    I am making enquiries with enginecarbonclean.com as they look good and given what Andrew said about Halfords. It seems they charge £99 quid but this does not appear to include the DPF cleaning. Next chance I get I will look and report on temps. thanks
  10. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    Yes as stated however as it was not reset the figures are probably skewed by a low mpg from several previous journeys.
  11. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    my fault I know but if I'd reset the computer I'm thinking the lower figure already in from previous journeys (and quite a bit clocked up) has brought the average down has it not? I'll be sure to reset it next time hopefully v soon. I still think the dpg would be worth a clean so am happy to take it Halfords if people know about it?
  12. gambit

    First world F10-series problems

    Not a biggie but does anyone notice that the two corner panels that meet the front doors and windscreen create blind spots when turning out of a junction - esp for motorcyclists who I luckily missed once because of this! So first world I know.
  13. Oh PS just to confirm the feeling of the bumps being worse was already happening before the accident and repairs. It's just accompanied by the noise now.
  14. Thanks fellas Mileage is 62k. So I think my suspicions are correct that it does not have them. One thing I've lately noticed is a sound coming from the rear when I go over the bumps. Never heard this before. Now I was rear ended in Feb and had repairs done which included replacing the exhaust so could it just be that? Dealer did the repairs. It's a blunt heavy ish sound a bit like when you when you drop a big stone in a lake or pond if anyone knows what I mean? Kind regards
  15. gambit

    poor fuel economy

    Hi guys, Sorry was away for the weekend. Many thanks for the replies once again. So I did a long distance journey with motorway miles at least 50 each way hitting over 70 mph at times but forgot to reset the onboard journey thing, and the mpg came out 38 from being 30 before. Also I wasn't really able to remember to do the temp check thing. This is still bad mpg right? Anyway had a look and Halfords do a DPG clean for £85 so rather than get the Forte stuff has anyone had this done and did it work? I do do long distance now and then throughout the year so when the mpg was good this car was very economical for that purpose so just want to get it back that way. Kind regards