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  1. Finally put the head on flow bench . These old dogs work well . Will post flow results in next to days. But well happy
  2. It's all a new build pal . They will soon be shit up
  3. Yes Dan they are gaz gold . I run these on my mk2 golf track car and are very satisfied with them
  4. 'Just sorting out the new brakes for my project. Just fit inside a style 5 rim 343mm disc ap 6 pot calliper. They should work
  5. Got you . But I would not like to cut the holes out with out the new pedal box to hand
  6. If you can cut the drivers side bulkhead off the m5 that would be job done
  7. It does indeed look the same as a early m30 engine car . If you look at picture you can see were I have marked out were to cut out
  8. Thanks will look into one of them
  9. Is that a willwood master cylinder if so what size and fitment is it please
  10. Bang on . Did you weld the original holes up car looks well
  11. Yes it needs to be as picture one . The only thing is I do not know what a 4pot bulked head looks like . But all small engines e28 RHD had the servo on passenger side so you may have to make a complete new hole for master cylinder I.E. big hole directly off pedal box
  12. Yes Jim it's a m30 engine car 525i big six . But it's a early car 1985 were the master cylinder sits on the opposite side . I have now put the later pedal box in so I have at to cut two new holes for slave cylinder and feed pipe plus you will have to trim bulk head for pedal box . This setup is as all RHD M5 and late m30 engine cars would have been . If you look at pictures on pasinger side you will see the holes were the early master cylinder sat and linkage was. Hope that helps. And yes good new on engine block Ps if you need any more information just let me know
  13. It the e28 with the supercharged m88 motor Jim . Ps the engine block that was cracked has been sorted
  14. Spent the day stripping engine bay down for paint . What a nightmare them fuse boxes are .had to label 53 wires