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  1. Ambient temp sensor

    Is it a genuine sensor? I had an aftermarket one which was also out by about 10 degrees, swapped it for a genuine BMW one and it was perfect.
  2. Will these work?

    They might well plug in and work, but the light output may well fall short of genuine units. With that budget im sure someone on here would have a half decent set of facelift lights they might be willing to part with...?
  3. 330D down on power :(

    Your symptoms are very similar to signs of in line fuel pump failure on an E39 530d, I'd assume an E46 would have a setup much the same. Mine would barely rev above 3k and was sluggish below, but I swap out the pump and all was well. Is it possible your Maf readings are due to the boost being cut due to lack of fuel pressure?
  4. 530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Quarry motors are usually pretty good in my experience, and will help you out if an item slips through the net.
  5. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    I change mine every 2!
  6. 530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Yeah mine was, no problem at all. I think the top looked slightly different, an extra fixing for the cover that wasn't needed on an E39 but apart from that all good.
  7. 530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Do yourself a favour and drop the replacement off at a machine shop with a chemical bath, you'd be amazed at how much crud collects inside, and it's horrible to clean out yourself, and don't forget new manifold gaskets, as they can leak as well. I managed to source one from an E60 without flaps, so that might help the search.
  8. 530d rough idle

    Yes you can change the loom quite easily, when mine failed pushing on the faulty connector made the misfire clear/re-appear.
  9. Tyre sizes

    I thought it was 225 40 18 on the front of those?
  10. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    He's got a point though, new Focus RS anyone? Or god forbid an N47....
  11. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    I'd be happy buying either with moon miles on to be honest. My current M57 is just about to hit 200k, and ive owned various M54's up to 270k and all have been pretty reliable generally.
  12. FS: E39 Black interior door/ dash trims

    Quite tempted with this, but I can't stop procrastinating. I have tech graphite ( with a bit of damage) in my car at the minute. I had piano black in my M3 for a while but I removed it as I thought it didn't suit, but it might in an E39?!
  13. No sign of it in that picture to my eyes. I never found my lost one either, the first turn of the key was scary, but all was well in my case, and I've still not found it 3 years later.
  14. BMW E38 740D BI-TURBO

    I'd love to put that in an E39...
  15. I lost one of those once, and never found it, still haven't to this day. I was as sure as I could be that it didn't fall into the engine so just got a replacement and crossed my fingers on the first start up!