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  1. LukeH

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave the old thing a good seeing to around South Wales and Brecon area, I’d forgotten his good it was before the shimmy set in!
  2. LukeH

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    As above, low obc on my 02 and the BC button gives av speed/mpg, temp & range etc. The buttons do fail sometimes but can possibly be revived with some enthusiastic pressing if you’re lucky, but if not then stalk is pretty easy to change.
  3. LukeH

    Old bird looking for 3 series info

    It definitely has a value, but how much depends on how kind the last 7 years of inactivity have been. Can you post up any pictures? E36’s (which is the model code for a 3 series of that era) seem popular with the drifters which may account for your unwanted doorstep visitors.
  4. Ah cool, that’ll make a nice upgrade. Are you going to be using royal wheels for the retrim? Yeah that makes sense, it’s dead easy to find out as Clavurion suggests.
  5. I’ve got a lovely pre facelift E39 M5 wheel that’d go nicely on there, however it’s duel stage. I suspect that ships wheel you have there is single stage. It should be possible to fit a pre facelift sport wheel with no issues, I’ve got one in my 750il.
  6. They can skip teeth as well, but that wouldn’t necessarily explain the engine being hard to turn. I fitted a kit to my friends 120d as the upper guide had broken completely in half and was making a terrible racket, I was convinced it was bottom end with the noise it was making, nothing like a broken guide. It appeared the timing was out enough to make it run poorly but not enough to bend anything. I guess what I’m saying it’s worth stripping it down and having a look at least.
  7. LukeH

    6 or 8 that is the question

    Me too, or a supercharged M54. I have toyed with the idea of an S54 conversion in the past, but I don’t think it’s high revving nature would suit the E39.
  8. LukeH

    6 or 8 that is the question

    Definitely a 6, the steering box in the 8 ruins the handling when you compare it to a rack. I owned an M5 & 530d at the same time, and sold the M5 after a few years as I couldn’t get on with the steering when compared to the 6 pot. I’ve also had a manual 530i, which was great fun, turn in is excellent with little weight up front when compared to my current diesel or the V8.
  9. LukeH

    DPF removal and MOT

    Any visible smoke is a straight fail on a car that should have a dpf, simple as that. Ive been looking at 535d’s also, and a couple I’ve seen have been missing the dpf, but few traders are realising the significance of this currently and aren’t willing to adjust prices accordingly.
  10. You are in luck!
  11. I might...I’ll have a check in work tomorrow.
  12. LukeH

    e39 Auto no reverse gear

    I had the same symptoms on a 528i on 110k, turns out the box was low on fluid due to a very small leak over time. Fresh fluid & filter and fix the leak and it went on to the grand old mileage of 268k, and has now been exported to Poland! Worth getting it checked out properly so you can make an informed decision.
  13. LukeH

    Typical (?) E39 diesel post purchase repairs.

    I wish mine was rust free!
  14. LukeH

    OEM Xenon Ballast - D2S Connector

    I've spliced the H.T side before now, should be fine with a bit of heat shrink and then some insulation tape. My repair has been fine for years.
  15. LukeH

    E39 upper boot lining .

    Or two large subs for the M audio option i think it's called? You can see the two round cut outs stamped in the sheet metal.