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  1. LukeH

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thanks very much! I’ve watched a couple of sets come and go on eBay, but finally took the plunge last week. It’s something a bit different anyway.
  2. LukeH

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got around to trying my new poplar trim, still not convinced I prefer it to my technical graphite but time will tell.
  3. LukeH

    Wanted - E38 style 32 single alloy 18”

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  4. LukeH

    Abandoned cars

    Environmental health could be an option, should an oil slick “appear” underneath one day, I’m sure someone would be obliged to do something pretty quickly to get it removed on environmental grounds.
  5. I’ve recently been given a set of style 32’s, however I have 3 fronts and only 1 rear, so ideally I need another rear but would consider another front to make a square front set up. Will travel - what have you got?
  6. Sounds like possibly hooked blades from contact with the housing. Saying that I’ve known a 320d do 20k with a turbo that sounded like that and it’s still going strong. It’d be worth having a look at least, see if there’s anything visible.
  7. LukeH

    AP Racing Calipers

    I should think you’d be paying £2.3k + for a front set up.
  8. LukeH

    AP Racing Calipers

    I had some on my M5, they were definitely an improvement over the standard set up, which although well maintained with fresh fluid and decent pads started to suffer when pushed. I used them with the standard AP pads which are DS2500’s I believe which were ok, but I’ve now moved on to Pagid RS29’s which are awesome. I’d say overall a big brake kit allows you to concentrate more on driving and not thinking in the back of your mind about overheating the standard set up, and for me gives far better modulation and control. Obviously stopping power is limited in real terms by the tyres and front to rear bias but I found them a pretty good match when used with OEM rear calipers.
  9. LukeH

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

    That’s way too much, as above either over fill or you have a problem.
  10. It won’t be overly noisy, you’ll be fine, but definitely block the egr feed!
  11. LukeH

    Concentrated washing liquid pump check

    Doesn’t it only work when you activate intensive wash? When you push the button on the end of the stalk I thought, could well be wrong though.
  12. LukeH

    Factory Xenons to LED

    Led high beam can be excellent, I have a couple of cars fitted with them and the improvement is astonishing compared to the normal halogen bulbs. Be prepared to get creative when mounting them into your headlights though, chances are there’ll be modification needed to the bulb or headlight assembly, or both in my case. I even went so far as to source another set of cloudy lights that I could use for parts so I could return to OEM if needed. They’ve been in for a couple of years now had have proved reliable so far. Ive contemplated trying them in low beam but like you I have factory Xenon and have found them satisfactory when fitted with fresh decent quality bulbs, the Osram CBI is my current favourite. I’d wager it would be difficult to align an LED aftermarket bulb to produce a proper spread and cut off for low beam, but I may give it a go one day.
  13. LukeH

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    That lower one looks like an e39 diesel one, which all have what appear to be washers from what I’ve seen, petrol e39’s don’t.
  14. LukeH

    WANTED - Style 37 18" Paras

    I’ve got a spare set of style 37’s, but will need refurbishment. I had a set of 18” style 32’s on my E39 for a bit and I don’t think they quite work on a sport, but perfect for an SE however.
  15. LukeH

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    Nah it’s not as bad as it looks, you’ll be fine!