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  1. Nah you want something similar to this, dead easy for gearbox and diff fluid changes, I wouldn't be without mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382171979165
  2. Petrol warning light...

    You could self service for considerably less than that, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. For parts there are numerous suppliers online, Car parts for less is an arm of euro car parts and seem to be priced keenly. For an Insp2 service you will need: 6.5 ltrs of fully synthetic 5w30 oil Engine oil filter Air filter Pollen filter 6 spark plugs (I'm guessing your car is petrol as you say the rocker cover gasket is leaking, very common problem, but more on that later) PAS and brake fluid are not part of an Insp 2 service, PAS fluid is generally considered filled for life, much like the gearbox, but brake fluid should be changed every two years, along with coolant every three years, but these are frequently missed by many owners. As for gearbox fluid, there are differing views on changing auto box fluid, if your car is on 50k and you plan to keep it for a good number of years I'd be inclined to change it personally, but I'm sure others will say leave it alone if it's working well. As I mentioned earlier the rocker cover gaskets are very prone to leaking on petrol E39's, due to age & hear the rubber goes hard and no longer seals properly. As you'll be doing plugs it's an ideal time to change it as you'll be half way there with the coil packs out. For this I'd reccommend the genuine BMW part, as I've fitted a few after market ones and had them fail again a number of months later. It's worth bearing in mind the cover itself can crack, which will also give a similar oil leak, but this is quite rear and normally due to careless removal previously. To reset the service light it's probably easier to watch a YouTube video, but as your car may be a facelift it should be possible to do it from the cluster. I'm not sure about the E39, but the reserve light on my M3 comes on when there are 7 Ltrs left in the tank. Hope this helps, Luke.
  3. White smoke on start up help please?

    That turbo is somewhat unhealthy sounding. I'd definitely be checking the turbine blades for signs of contact with the housing. As someone else suggested, the whine is likely to be the "hooks" that have formed on the top of the turbine blades, it should be pretty easy to see. The risk is if more material is lost then this could result in a compressor wheel which is out of balance, and self destruction soon after, bits of turbo into your intercooler ect.
  4. scrap or sell?

    I'd do an ad with a few pictures and see what happens, I'd be confident someone would be glad to buy such a car and continue to run it. Seems a shame to break if there's nothing actually wrong.
  5. scrap or sell?

    Sounds like the basis of a decent workhorse to me...
  6. 530d gearbox characteristics

    My first 530d was an auto, it was....adequate. More suited to wafting than pressing on, I much prefer the manual I have now.
  7. scrap or sell?

    Why scrap? Has or is it likely to fail an mot? Just because its old and tatty doesn't mean someone won't love it.
  8. Number plate lights - these?

    I had those on mine, phenomenally bright!
  9. Whoa there! Steady as she goes...

    I should imagine any shock that isn't leaking would be a vast improvement on what you have now!
  10. Definitely genuine, I fitted an Inlet one from ECP for a friend not long ago, and within a couple of weeks it had failed again.
  11. Whoa there! Steady as she goes...

    That's a ball joint pictured. I'd hold off on the Chinese stuff and identify what is worn rather than change everything with cheap parts. It's very easy to make an E39 utterly horrid to drive with steering shimmy and braking vibrations, I've been down that road myself. If you've nothing like that going on at the minute it might be safer to leave it well alone unless you're lucky and your front clunkiness is just a drop link. On my first E39 I ended up having to replace pretty much everything with Lemforder parts to make it drive acceptably after fitting cheap stuff. E39 suspension is a wonderful finely balanced thing when working well, but has the tendency to oscillate and and wobble about when things go out of tolerance.
  12. Where are you located? Possibly interested in the front seats...
  13. High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    Yes I suppose it would be! A sport then
  14. Electric fan conversion......

    It'll definitely be easier and quicker to replace the blades that's for sure, and you know it'll work perfectly well.
  15. High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    That seems a ridiculous position to be put in, so effective your car is uninsurable? Couldn't you put it on a Q plate? Bit of a left field thought and I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I think you'd have to pass an IVA test. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.