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  1. I've had this before, genuine box but wrongly branded/cheap arms supplied. My my guess is folk buy a cheap arm from eBAy ect, and also a decent arm over the counter from euro or gsf, and return it in a couple of days with the eBAy part inside saying it wasn't needed.
  2. I can try and take some pictures this evening if you're interested? They have polished lips and black centres, in usable condition but you may want to refurb them ect. I got them mainly to try a square set up but decided I prefer the drive of the standard setup. Front tyres are budget with good tread depth but rears will need to be replaced.
  3. Where are you in the country? I may have a spare set of Genuine E39 fitment M parallels for sale, if I can bring myself to part with them.
  4. Yes but they are pro kit springs, just sold in a package with dampers. Sounds like a Pro kit should be spot on for you then, your dampers should still be in pretty good shape after only 20k.
  5. Got a B12 kit on mine, which essentially is Eibach springs paired with B8 dampers, and it's excellent. Perfect height and can't fault the ride/handling, it's equally at home plodding along the motorway or hammering down a bumpy B road.
  6. Yes I'm sure you can select specific options, but I can't remember how....not much use I'm afraid, sorry.
  7. Had any alignment or suspension work recently? I'd be looking somewhere like the steering angle sensor if you've only the traction light.
  8. I definitely have respect for a 520i, I briefly owned one that had covered 241k, and ran beautifully, and the guy I got it from owned it from new! Its now living a new life in Lithuania of all places. It'd be good to see some pics once she's all detailed up.
  9. It depends how good the body is. I very nearly re-shelled my 530d into a rust free champagne edition that my friend was breaking not so long ago, but it would of taken too much time sadly. I'm still thinking maybe I should have just gone for it. Point is if the car is good then an engine swap shouldn't be much of a big deal, if you end up with exactly what you want.
  10. What year is your car? If the car is that good/rust free ect then why not drop a 3.0 in?
  11. Yes, that's pretty normal, some light surface rust is to be expected so nothing to worry about. I'm expecting to do mine as it's been chirping for quite some time, but for the moment it's still working.
  12. Got Mann in mine too, a little fiddly as mention but would use again.
  13. It's possible for the arm/bush to move about in the subframe if the bolt has been left loose some time in the past, causing damage to the teeth on the bush and possibly causing an ovalized hole on the subframe, so this may be what he is referring to. A fresh bush/arm may be enough to stop the movement. I've seen this on an E39 before, even though the bolt was torqued up the arm would shift under cornering forces, therefore changing camber & toe slightly.
  14. Had a screen fitted to an E39 a couple of months back by National Windscreens, they only fit genuine as they've had so many issues with wind noise ect. Only £180 too, Bargain.
  15. It's all to do with the Intelligent battery charging and energy recovery system which started in the E60. Thankfully not something an E39 owner like myself has to worry about. An hour sounds a little excessive, registering a battery change only takes 10 mins or so, including connecting the laptop!