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  1. gaza01

    Build 2

    Nice! Did you cut a hole in the metal panel behind the seat to get more bass into the cabin?
  2. gaza01

    What tool?

    Sponge to the underside of the boot lid. I had the opportunity to get the boot lid trim as well but didnt bother with it
  3. gaza01

    Build 2

    Cheers Taffy. I really only want the tweeter pods to mount after market speakers. I'm using morel components...3 way active upfront and 3 way passive at the rear. I'll have to compromise on the oem look though and build pods where the original speakers were in the foot well.
  4. gaza01

    Build 2

    Oh and a rearview mirror with map light and black carpet
  5. gaza01

    Build 2

    I've also ordered Hel braide brake lines E32 ate master cylinder All front suspension linkages with E31 lower control arms Rear stabilisers Steering linkages Gear lever bushes I'm sure there are more bits that i have missed from the list. Just waiting on the weather to improve to get started fitting everything.
  6. gaza01

    Build 2

    Then tonight i purchased these beauties. I've been looking for a decent set for ages. Usually they are a bit tatty and have broken clips
  7. gaza01

    Build 2

    I'll be fully refurbing all the calipers by the way...new seal, pistons, paint etc etc. Then i purchased a set of BC coilovers. The lowering springs do give a decent drop but its not level and i found the back of the car sagged a bit Got 2 sets as ordered a set for a mate
  8. gaza01

    Build 2

    The plan was to paint the m5 calipers and disc centres silver keeping them simple but then I found some e38 brembo calipers and silver may not show them off enough. Not sure what i'll do colour wise now but will see. The front m5 calipers are now redundant and will be for sale but I'm holding off for a bit as I want to see if i can get a rear brembo set up of some sort to work on the e28 then I'll sell the m5 calipers and carriers as a complete set. Here's the front brembos
  9. gaza01

    Build 2

    Haven't updated here for a while but have been collecting a few bits here and there. I had e34 m5 calipers and carriers that i sourced 3 year ago when i started building the bronzit e28. Cleaned them up and got them into primer. Also primed the brake disc centres. Nothing worse than when they go all rusty
  10. gaza01

    E28 bits

    I’ll have a good clean beige carpet soon
  11. gaza01

    Build 2

    After market recaros. Not sure they were ever in a production car as standard
  12. gaza01

    Build 2

    Little update. Forgot i had this thread running. So the desire is to have full electric seats in the old girl. Here's a few pictures of the brackets etc that i made up. The priority was to ensure they were strong once completed. 5mm plate and 6mm t-bar...reckon that will do Lol Will be getting them welded up on the weekend. Seats are recaro orthopeds with heating and venting. As the bases and seats need 30A & 16A each respectively I'll be running separate circuits into the car from a standalone fuse box with relays etc.
  13. gaza01

    E28 Comfort seat bases

    Looking for e28 comfort seat bases. Anybody got any? Cheers
  14. gaza01

    Build 2

    Thanks. Plan to make it even better than it currently is.
  15. gaza01

    Black carpet / seats

    Has anyone got black interior carpet for sale or want to swap theirs for my cream carpet? Also looking for a set of front seats. Dont need to be in great condition. Only need them temporarily.