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  1. gaza01

    ‘86 E28 528i Clutch Kit

    E28goodies do a brass pivot pin in case this was on yr list to get https://e28goodies.com/product/bronze-transsmission-clutch-pivot-pin/
  2. I've got this to do on mine. Have the e34 m5 calipers already and will start the refurb in the next few weeks. Like you i went for pagid discs but different pads. My only debate really is the master cylinder...how do find the e32 master cylinder?...as reading up on it people seem to think it makes the brakes sort of on or off and no in between?
  3. gaza01

    Build 2

    Went on to change the digital clock to the obc. Thought it would be plug and play but its not. Anyone done this and have any pointers or know of a guide?
  4. gaza01

    Build 2

    First things first was to swap the parcel shelf for one with a rear blind. Also added rear head rests and changed the seat back to one in better condition
  5. gaza01

    Build 2

    Yesterday I picked up this beauty. 88k on the clock, manual, mint interior, full underbody restoration, all new bushes and suspension, lowered on springs, style 5s, new stainless exhaust system, factory brown tint, and the front lip spoiler i've been looking for for ages. The car drives really well and handles so nicely with all the new suspension bits. Couldn't be happier right now.
  6. gaza01

    gaza01 528i build

    So im selling the e28...because i bought another one in much better condition and a manual. The car may be known to you guys. I'll start another thread to log the build progress. So this thread is now closed.
  7. Yeah is a quitr a bit of money for sound more than anything else
  8. By the time u do that u might as well by the fritz one in terms of cost
  9. gaza01

    E28 Floor Mats

    E28goodies have just started making mats...apparently of decent quality. The RHD ones are soon to be available also
  10. Few posts up seemed to suggest they were willing to work with someone hence my inquirey i asked them if they would be interested in developing it with me. I would have bought one and offered it up to show the pinch points.
  11. Spoke to Schmiedmann and this is the reply I got Yes this one is for LHD and will give issues with the steering box.It will be to much to develope a RHD manifold of this kind, because we need to order large amount for it to be developed. I can try a couple of my other suppliers, they may be able to develope the manifold for RHD?But the price will be different.I am sorry this is the best I can do.
  12. gaza01

    Manual Conversion Help

    Tim is this a package you can put together based on you current stock?
  13. gaza01

    gaza01 528i build

    Rejuvenating this thread as I'm back on. The m52 idea is no longer happening so has been sold. Keeping the m30 now and will do a manual conversion as originally planned. In order of priority it's getting her running smoothly again (I suspect I have some perished vacuum lines somewhere) new petrol tank and then welding...lots of it. Lol. I've managed to source 2 front doors which was a touch. Now looking for a bonnet with no rust. Once the welding is done I'll be on to the manual conversion. I've got a deadline for next year to hit.
  14. gaza01

    E28 / E23 Bonnet Struts

    Added to my 'to do list'