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  1. gaza01

    Build 2

    After market recaros. Not sure they were ever in a production car as standard
  2. gaza01

    Build 2

    Little update. Forgot i had this thread running. So the desire is to have full electric seats in the old girl. Here's a few pictures of the brackets etc that i made up. The priority was to ensure they were strong once completed. 5mm plate and 6mm t-bar...reckon that will do Lol Will be getting them welded up on the weekend. Seats are recaro orthopeds with heating and venting. As the bases and seats need 30A & 16A each respectively I'll be running separate circuits into the car from a standalone fuse box with relays etc.
  3. gaza01

    E28 Comfort seat bases

    Looking for e28 comfort seat bases. Anybody got any? Cheers
  4. gaza01

    Build 2

    Thanks. Plan to make it even better than it currently is.
  5. gaza01

    Black carpet / seats

    Has anyone got black interior carpet for sale or want to swap theirs for my cream carpet? Also looking for a set of front seats. Dont need to be in great condition. Only need them temporarily.
  6. gaza01

    Build 2

    Managed to get hold of a moon roof after over 2 years of looking.
  7. gaza01

    How not to do an engine conversion !! watch this

    This is terrible....actually disgusting that someone could do this!
  8. gaza01

    Build 2

    I've actually used them before coincidentally. Decent service. The thing with this that it's just a stop gap between now and when the full respray happens. Just needed to change the colour from bronzit to diamond schwartz for a few months. Currently on the car there are about 3 different shades and dents in nearly every panel so for the sake of trying my hand at painting a full panel I thought i'd give it a go. Matching the colour wasn't really on the agenda.
  9. gaza01

    Build 2

  10. gaza01

    Build 2

    Colour match is way off but as said its just a temporary fix. Much closer than the original bronzit colour of the boot lid
  11. gaza01

    Build 2

  12. gaza01

    Build 2

    Got the paint gun out today and painted the replacement boot lid as the current one isn't too good. Will give it a flat and polish tomorrow and fit it.
  13. gaza01

    E34 seats in an e28 - right or wrong?

    Cheers Mick but think i may need to run my own circuits. I’m using z3 seat bases to have thr forward and height adjustment powered. They need 30A. Then the recaro seats with heat , cooling and all the lumbar stuff need 20A. So I think i’ll just set up some relays directly off the battery instead.
  14. gaza01

    E34 seats in an e28 - right or wrong?

    Good to know. I'll give the dealers a ring today and see. Cheers
  15. gaza01

    STOLEN 525e D836DHP

    So sorry to hear this. Will keep a look out