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  1. Thanks for the reply amd useful info. Turns out I had a pre gen 1 module hence the issues I described. After doing some reading here I plumped for a gen 5 module and it seems to have done the trick, when the Bluetooth connects it doesn't drop out any more after a quick test I did when fitting. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk Edit to add... it sort of works. I have to unpair and re-pair each time I want to connect, otherwise it drops out straight away if I just let it connect from its last pairing. Not ideal but better than before as it stays connected once paired.
  2. Interested in doing this myself, is the armrest an e39 one or e38 and is it a straight swap? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. My e39 bluetooth module is gen 2 or 3 I think and is useless with my android phone, every 10 seconds or so the Bluetooth connection drops for a few seconds before reconnecting. Reading up on this there isn't anything I can do to solve this without trying a newer ULF module. I've found one manufactured in 2009, presumably from an e60 or similar. The newer module casing is different to the e39 shape, is the swap simple to do and are the connectors the same? Also, when changing modules, is it plug and play or do you need the new module coding to the car? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  4. I didn't get a free health check, and had to leave my car with the dealer 2 days as they ordered the wrong airbag first time... e39 540i Sport, Sept 2002 build date.
  5. I been looking at doing this on mine, think I'm going to get this one (there's a video on there to show what should happen too). I've bought a snow foam lance from them before on ebay and it's a quality item; I expect this to do what it says.
  6. I've got the note 3, had it 3 years now and all is good. Very glad I didn't take the plunge for an upgrade to a note 7! For me, I don't see upgrading to a new phone when contact is up (or early!?) is worth the outlay any more, phones do the same now as they did 3 to 4 years ago, just with a few new gimmicks and ever so slightly quicker.
  7. Cheers. No plans as such at the moment, seems to be in really good nick, no rust to contend with, no mechanical issues to sort. Once I've parted with my Clubman I'll be using it daily so I'll soon see if anything crops up. I'll probably look at getting the gearbox oil changed as I'm not aware of this being done and also get brake fluid changed as seems to be overdue. It'd be nice to have some phone Bluetooth connectivity and maybe an aux in option. Nothing too exciting!
  8. So, fast forward 8 months, I bought myself an e39. Not quite what I was originally looking for though... It's a 540i auto with lpg conversion. Here it is: Drove it 215 miles home, and first impressions are good! Unfortunately it'll be parked up for a month or so until I can use it, but had to snap it up as haven't seen many around that appear in such good condition.
  9. I had this the other day on my computer. Is there an issue with the website certificate not being updated or something? As long as you're happy the website is legit, click advanced and then continue onto the website (at your own risk of course).
  10. Thanks for that, easier than getting it repaired!
  11. Thanks for that info, not too bad really then.
  12. I'm actively looking to purchase an e39 saloon and found one that seems decent. The only thing i'm immediately concerned about is rust around the window frames of the rear doors. I've not seen this mentioned amongst the normal 'rust' areas to look out for. Any idea how easy this might be to resolve and approx. cost?
  13. Excellent thread, full credit for the work you put in to the car to keep it in tip top shape. Are you still planning on selling?
  14. Tried it once late last year, it didn't work. Probably try it again at some point in a few months to see if it's any better.
  15. Just what I'm looking for. Shame I've still a car to sell before I will be in a position to buy 😕