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  1. TeddyRuxpin

    Radiator Vent Nipple

    Nice one - be great to have it confirmed by someone who has tried it - it’s only a fiver but if I take the old one out and this doesn’t fit it’s br a bit of a mare!
  2. TeddyRuxpin

    Radiator Vent Nipple

    Actually, I did read that these were the same as the ones in a mercedes... so I think @Clavurion has actually posted the right part, but one available in the UK! Could you confirm?
  3. TeddyRuxpin

    Wheel speed sensor - OEM vs eBay?

    Thanks guys - ECP is my usual spot but they don’t seem to have them. Thanks!
  4. TeddyRuxpin

    Radiator Vent Nipple

    Gonna be ordering one of these tonight, but I think I've found places that will post for £15 rather than the £40. So about £20 all in.
  5. TeddyRuxpin

    Wheel speed sensor - OEM vs eBay?

    Hi, I think I need a wheel speed sensor for my touring - I read somewhere that they cost £60, but there are a bunch of new ones on ebay for £10-40, although they never really give the brand. There's a Delphi one for £34, is this a recommended brand? Can anyone recommend one? Cheers! Ed
  6. I taped it up and idle is still rough. Not sure what to do. I even found some coolant leak and the oil has dropped from being near maximum to near minimum. I’ve just added some more. No real idea what’s going on... holiday is ruined! Has the lack of vacuum meant all the oil has gone into the ccv system and ruined it? If so is the car safe to drive, despite rough idle?
  7. That looks like a great solution! I have to ask the obvious question though - how did you get that on over the connector!? The break in mine is on the part which appears to be touching the silver solenoid casing - it looks more like a melted hole/piercing rather than a more common 'split' in the ribbed section. I'm going to pick up some silicone tape for the time being, as I'm in the middle of nowhere!
  8. I think I may have found this issue, the CCV hose, I guess it was brittle and/or a hole burned brought it - maybe I broke it taking it off to refit the VANOS connector. Can this be taped up, in a bind? I'm on holiday, in/near the peak district. If so, which type of tape can withstand the heat? I'm guessing standard electrical tape is a no-no. I'm going to try this: https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/adhesives/fixx-it-silicone-tape Also, can anyone give me a clue on replacing this hose, without doing the whole CCV replace thing? It looks like the hose disappears into the abyss. Cheers, Ed
  9. FWIW, the trip computer also said I got 40+ MPG driving from Cardiff to the Peak District with this fault, and while I do consider myself king of sedate, wafting along at sensible speeds, is the best I’ve ever gotten.... too good to be true, I fear... anyway...
  10. HI guys, My car’s been running great recently (past two weeks...), I gave it a full service and fixed a few problems, including a new rocker cover & gasket, and a few gremlins you might’ve seen me moaning about on here. I’ve been running with the VANOS intake solenoid disconnected ever since there was a problem with (apparently) the solenoid or the VANOS itself, which I believe stems from the fact that the oil pressure and level kept changing all the time due to a leak in the rocker cover. Sometimes i’d reconnect it and it ran fine for a bit, until the pressure ran low, then I’d get rough idle and stalling. It ran great with the VANOS disconnected, MPG and power were fine. Anyway, today I was doing a long three hour trip and before I left off, decided to try plugging it back in again as the oil level has been consistent. It ended up idling again badly after a short run to the petrol station, so I decided to unplug it again. No problem, I thought... Problem: After unplugging it, I started the car and it stalled immediately. I started it again - since then, it still idles terribly and hesitates at low rpms, even though the VANOS is definitely disconnected. My creator C310 is giving code: 15 activation - VANOS solenoid valve, inlet Is this code simply because the intake solenoid is disconnected and my idling problem is unrelated (timing seems far too coincidental) or is something else giving this code? I cannot remember if it threw this code before, when it was disconnected (but ran fine). Basically, it feels like the car is suffering from a bad VANOS, even when it’s not turned on! In ‘drive’, it idles much better than in neutral/park. Also bizarrely: it started throwing abs/traction control errors, and the cruise control stopped working. Creator 310 pointed to an error with the wheel speed sensor... the timing of which all seemed a bit too bizarre! I reset the error codes and they kept coming back. Eventually, they went and hopefully that problem is... resolved? I thought I’d fried the DME or something. To the issue - any ideas how am I getting ‘bad VANOS issues’ with the VANOS disconnected? The car was so wonderfully smooth with it disconnected... wish I hadn’t messed with it. Cheers, Ed
  11. TeddyRuxpin

    Air Suspension - Arnott vs Aerosus

    Happy with the ride? Mine will need doing before winter, I think!
  12. TeddyRuxpin

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    Perhaps it's worth a try to disconnect your solenoid for the VANOS, it's quite easy to do and there's no problem if you're running without the variable timing (I currently drive with it disconnected and it's very smooth indeed). If the issue does away it's something VANOS/solenoid related.... Only takes 5 seconds to try - you might get a check engine light come up, but mine went away after a few moments.
  13. TeddyRuxpin

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    I cannot believe that in my situation, living on a farm, it doesn't help protect the engine from water, mud, stones etc....
  14. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    OK, so not quite today, but I have recently: Replaced rocker cover gasket Replaced rocker cover itself (twice, mine and the first replacement were cracked) New Hella Behr expansion tank (the old one was actually brand new but I damaged it...) 2 x new bleeder screws Some new coolant hoses (from BMW... crikey they were pricey) Brand new fan shroud cover, really tidy's up the engine bay! Coolant flush and bleed New bolts to reattach my undertray A nice service with oil + oil filter + air filter change (Mann) New angel eye LEDs (prefer the yellow look though tbh) A short while ago it had a new thermostat, both belts, new tyres and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. It's been a very long saga and finally I have the car back here in Cardiff instead of stuck in London. It's running so well, I've finally given the engine the TLC it deserves, after a spell of really bad luck. I did all of the work myself and am relatively novice, but it's given me the confidence that I can do most mechanical repairs on the car. My brother has all the tools and equipment needed (and can help if I'm stuck), so I'm lucky there. No oil or coolant leaks so far, so I'm very happy. Next up/still to do: Sand down, polish, and reseal the headlights Take it to someone to see what can be done about the rust (cheaply) on sills (and apparently jack points). It also has juddering on braking (at all speeds), the brakes and discs are brembo and only a year old. I had the brake pipes changed around a year ago (££££) but the MOT already mentions some rust on the new pipes Long term, it needs 2 x rear air bags for the SLS Plug the solenoid for the VANOS back in. It was giving troubles so the mechanic disconnected it - I think due to variable oil levels because of RCG leak. Now it's stable, I think it will work OK. Probably have to buy a new (second hand) business radio as one of the front speakers is dead, I suspect it's the head unit. Even though the car is old now, after doing all the work on it, you really don't wanna sell it.... here it is back in Wales, the view from my kitchen window.. I'm on a farm so the underside of the car does get a bit of a tough time! The rust is what will determine the lifespan of the car, I think... for now, I just want to get on with life a bit!
  15. TeddyRuxpin

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    Hi, Yeah, I'm aware. I've fitted it now, cheers. Just looking to track down the two bolts at the front, and was looking for clarification that it is indeed a different bolt/screw that's used on some of the fittings. Cheers, Ed