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  1. TeddyRuxpin

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Possibly ripped the air intake boots during removal/replacement?
  2. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After changing VCG, valve cover, all CCV etc and giving it a service I'm admitted to myself that I'm using/losing oil... trying to figure out if it's burning oil or if it's leaking via the oil pan gasket.... Loads of steam in this kind of weather, but trying to figure out if there's any white smoke when I accelerate hard... might have seen some today, but not sure! So tedious.... Hope to buy a new car next year, around march!
  3. TeddyRuxpin

    No gauges....

    Sounds ridiculous, but I thought this could be a wheel speed sensor on the left side? Give it a quick google! Do you have a code reader you can plug in?
  4. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That just looks so good... would love some Style 66s! ...instead, I got a nail through a brand new tyre and it even managed to rip through the side.... awesome, £100 in the toilet! Had to call the AA because the cherry that put the tyres on last time over tightened it... only up side is I managed to pull over in a countryside pub...
  5. TeddyRuxpin

    Front end clonk

    I have some front end, slow speed clonking so watching with interest. I also have brake shimmy...
  6. TeddyRuxpin

    What’s going on with my dipstick seal/o-ring?

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I sorted my CCV, changing the dipstick lower o-ring (OEM from dealer) in the process. As above, I noticed that the tube was gunned up and cleared it all out so I could blow though - I also noticed all the sealant around the top. Finally, I noticed that there was a hose clamp around the hose that comes down from the CCV - which is not an 'OEM" thing, so it's been 'worked on' in the past by previous owner/garages. Anyway, long story short, although the CCV has the car running smoothly, I believe that I still have a leak here. It could either be the CCV hose (it as quite hard to get on so difficult to believe), or it could be the dipstick/o-ring/sump area. When I put the dipstick back in, it just 'fell in' and didn't require any force and didn't 'lock in' or anything, almost as if the o-ring wasn't really forming much of a seal.. Has anyone else had to buy a thicker o-ring than the OEM to get a good seal? Or has anyone else had to put sealant and hose clamps on here? Will try to get some clearer pictures later. Cheers! Ed
  7. TeddyRuxpin

    What to look out for

    So... same as any car then! I do need to do a fair bit of reading for what to look out for, so will watch this thread and do some googling... Cheers, Ed
  8. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Glad it's up and running - do show us some before/after pics of the lights, won't you?! Love a good perv over some restored headlights...
  9. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I don't mind the fading so much, but the streaking/running in the rain was a bit of a shock! Thanks for the C4 recommendation!
  10. TeddyRuxpin

    What to look out for

    Just looking into E60/61s, from an M54 E39 and really wanted the diesels - now this thread has me terrified!
  11. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How long do those black plastic/bumper products last? I've had bad luck in the past, with them looking great for a bit, and then either fading quickly, and/or 'running' in the rain!
  12. TeddyRuxpin

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove it back to Cardiff, finally! It was a joy to drive, to be fair. Got 35MPG with a full load of heavy cargo, according to the trip computer... Finally fixed the CCV/dipstick did a replacement, changed a few of the air hoses etc, and it's fixed the bad idle, smoke etc and hopefully it's okay for a while. I thought the battery was going to be completely dead as it wasn't charging, but it eventually came back to life, thank god. Imminent next steps: 1) Wheel speed sensor 2) Change radiator nipple to v slow stop coolant leak 3) Sand down/refresh the headlights 4) Buy new angel eyes bulbs because I was a cheapskate and one of the cheap chinese ones has a bad connection Longer term: 1) Get rust treated before winter 2) Cure break judder (???) 3) Buy/change rear suspension airbags 4) See if I can plug the solenoid back into the VANOS... I can't stomach opening up the VCG and doing the VANOS for a good while. 5) Probably some front suspension refresh, drop links and anti roll bar bushes, that kind of thing 6) The last MOT mentions rusty rear brake pipes despite them being completely redone with BMW pipes about 18 months ago 7) Sell it?! I still don't trust it, after all it's put me through... not yet... but it's working, for now. Quietly browsing for E61 diesels from time to time to gauge the market...
  13. TeddyRuxpin

    Houston we have a (CCV) problem

    Thanks all. Got it all sorted today. Of course, the battery was dead! Leaving it to trickle charge. Jump started it and seemed to run smoothly, no smoke. The dipstick tube and o-ring all went on a bit TOO easily, hope all is okay there. Thanks for all your help - I hope this is the end of this saga. On to the others...
  14. TeddyRuxpin

    Houston we have a (CCV) problem

    Also, as you can see from this picture, the angle of the part which connects to the valve cover is exactly the same as it looked in the car in the original video/pictures. It requires serious bending to get it connect to the valve cover. It just looks ‘wrong’ to me! Its a Meyle part...
  15. TeddyRuxpin

    Houston we have a (CCV) problem

    Hi all, Finally back in London and managed to get the hose off to try to start again! I had actually resigned to break it off and buy another, and it popped off without ceremony! So I get my old CCV and place the hose on and it fits exactly the same - i.e. there's a bit of a gap when it's pushed about a bit (which it will be/is when in place). I've made a short video showing the NEW hose being attached to the old CCV valve - you can see that it also has a 'gap' when pushed. I never hear TWO clicks like some video seems to mention was very important - it was the second click that I didn't hear that made me doubt that it was on properly. So the question is, do I have a 'bad' hose (despite being new) that doesn't fit well, or is this fine? Should I order a BMW one? I've damaged the side a slight bit with a screwdriver, but I don't think that affects the fit. Cheers, Ed