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  1. Error: 67 Vanos inlet camshaft, end position not reached

    A quick update, the mechanic said he found the fault. It's with the piston/spring which pushes the solenoid which controls the VANOS. He said the spring/piston is not returning into place properly. He said it was not to do with the seals (unless this is what happens when the seals go?). The short term solution is to simply leave the solenoid disconnected/disconnect the VANOS as opening that can of works was a bit much for him, and my bill was already quite high. To be honest, i haven't noticed much difference in the way the car drives. It might have less low end torque as I've read, but I might be imagining it. i don't think MPG is different, at least according to the computer. I think I'm best off looking for a BMW specialist that will be more familiar with the issue. Any input/advice is welcome! Cheers, Ed
  2. Hi, I took my car to the mechanic to get the serpentine & aux belt changed, as a precaution as I'm on 132k miles. Ended up needing the thermostat doing too, fair enough. Upon getting it back, it was idling very rough, it would cut out when you stopped, and it was misfiring all cylinders. Check engine light was on, I was stalling in traffic. Managed to get it back to the mechanic's (after they were closed) and the error was: "67 Vanos inlet camshaft, end position not reached". I also noticed that the garage didn't really put the Expansion Tank reservoir back properly, they'd tried to zip tie it (it was already a bit shoddy - the plastic is little) - and it was leaking coolant *everywhere*. Now the mechanic is trying to find the source of the issue, which, of course, they believe is nothing to do with what they've done (before I took it in the car was running beautifully). I purchased a new Behr Hella expansion tank and they've fitted that, too. I don't think it's *actually* the VANOS seals as I believed that to be a more gradual thing and the car was just fine before. I thought it might be the coolant spilling all over a few sensors in the engine bay, and perhaps getting the Cam Shaft sensor soaked with coolant. However, there's no specific error coming up for the Cam Shaft sensor (would there be?), just misfires. However they are literally right next to the thermostat that they changed, as well as near to where all the coolant was spilling/spraying. Do you guys have any suggestions, that I could relay to the mechanic, obvious things to check etc? Cheers! Ed
  3. Just two pulleys on 2001 525?

    Hi all, My 2001 525i is squealing badly when you turn it on, when cold. It goes away when warm. I bought the both new serpentine belts, but am wondering if I should just pay the mechanic to change the pulleys too, while he's there. On ECP there are two pulley options and with their current discount you can get the pair for about £45: 1) https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.5_2001/p/car-parts/belts-chains-and-tensioners/engine-parts/tensioners-idlers-and-dampers/?326110060&1&75f8b195453fe6574551136a513ddb4d957662e8&000453 2) https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.5_2001/p/car-parts/belts-chains-and-tensioners/engine-parts/tensioners-idlers-and-dampers/?326110070&1&6e6b64affe31c06c8770da2c771bfa86df481057&000453 Is that's all that's required, assuming it doesn't need a new water pump/alternator/tensioners - are there just two pulleys, one bigger (80mm) and one smaller (70mm)? Cheers! Ed
  4. Hi, Febi Bilstein rocker cover gasket on eBay is £10-15. From BMW it's about £50. There are certain things that you just want to get from BMW for proper fitment - is this one of them, or is the Febi Bilstein one OK? Generally I thought of them as a good brand, possibly even OEM spec for some parts. Cheers, Ed
  5. Would you sell your e39 for an e38??

    I had an E38 728 and replaced it with an E39 525i sport touring when it died... A lot of them die from rust on the fuel tank, which is what killed mine... costs more than it's worth to fix it - as it had a bunch of other looming issues, too. I do feel like the 728 had more torque than the 525 touring, and you it's very difficult to beat the ride - even in 2017. It feels so smooth, it's amazing. Truly one of the greats - but a sport E39 feels way more modern. The silver sport interior still looks 'modern' - the wood dash in the E38s looks really dated now.
  6. Hi, I have manual (no motor) sport seats, and ever since getting the car, the previous owner mentioned that the front passenger seat doesn't recline or tilt forward. Luckily it's in a decent position, but I've recently had people asking to change the position/fall asleep. I've seen lots of threads about 'twisted' cabling and motors, but they seem to be for the ones which have the electric motor. The previous owner had a baby seat in the front passenger position - they had a box which turned off the airbags (i've since replaced it with a sensor which makes sure the airbags go off). So, I'm not sure if this was some weird thing that was done on purpose to fit the baby seat, or if it's just broken. Any ideas on where to look first, is it a common issue, etc? Cheers! Ed
  7. 530d Touring Creaky Rear Suspension

    I bought the Ball joints recently (lemforder, form ECP), I was quoted £60 + Vat per side to do from my local friendly garage... I'll be doing it next week I can't see the point in changing the integral links as it doesn't look like a part that has rubber and perishes?
  8. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    Yikes! I have a good relationship with the guy (he has my old E38), so I hope that doesn't happen with me. I guess that's why I started the thread - to see if anyone had a tutorial/instructions... but it appears that no one does.
  9. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    I'm taking this in next week to get the rose/ball joint done on both sides. Is there anything else (mounts, rubber bits etc) down there which should get changed while he's there? The rear subframe mounts have already been done, I asked the mechanic about the anti roll bar drop links as I saw them changed in the above video - he said if there is no problem to just leave it alone as there would be knocking if there was an obvious problem. I can't see any problems with the way the car drives, or noises/any knocking going over bumps. The car has done 123,000 miles Thanks!
  10. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    Thanks guys, The ball joint looks a bit too much to me - especially without a lift. I got a quote for £60 per side (plus vat) to do the ball joints from the mechanic I use in Cardiff, so will probably do that... it's £50 for the actual ball joints too from ECP, of course. Airbags are a separate thing - £200... so probably looking at £450-500 all in - plus £100 for a tracking set up. Call it £600... that assumes I don't do sway bar end links and integral links as in the above video... Brilliant news... Edit: I'm reading that it's an absolute **** to change the sway bar links on a Touring, which means that he garage will charge a fair wack more - not the 'simple' job like on the saloons. Cheers! Ed
  11. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    Thanks! But I thought Rose Bushes were actually just another word for ball joints on an E39...
  12. Bloody Ebay..........

    Would love to see some more pics! I had an E38 with the same wheels (18"inch) and a few Sports options on an SE, and I loved it. Nice to see another S.Wales member! Let me know where you take your car for work (unless you do it all yourself!) - if I can't tackle jobs myself with my brother's help, I usually take jobs to Paul at Torque Motors on Seawall Road. Seems like a nice guy.
  13. Hi, I'm not getting any lights or obvious errors come up on my dash (with the car running), but when scanning the 'engine' using my Creator C310, I get the above error. It comes back immediately if I clear it, and the fuel filler cap is on tight. About a month ago I ran out of petrol, but the car is running fine now, as far as I can tell.... Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? A quick google shows that most people have error codes flashing up on their dashes... I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't randomly tried scanning. The car sags (air suspension fault - airbag has a slow leak or some such) on the same side as the petrol filler tank if left overnight - could this have broken something related to the fuel ventilation system? Cheers, Ed
  14. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    Hi, It's actually the right side which is sagging - however I can't actually hear any hissing. I don't have INPA but I do have Creator C310 - will run for any codes now and report back! The sagging 'began' after I took the car to a mechanic to do the read brake pipes - they then informed me that the rear airbag is 'bad'. I don't think it had that problem before... maybe they did something by mistake and tried to cover up their tracks.... Edit: this error code came up actually - but I have no idea how long ago it came up - possibly when the car had some work done recently? I cleared it and it didn't come back. I'll try again tomorrow once it's sagged a bit? Cheers, Ed
  15. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    Thanks! Not sure what his rate is per hour, but in any case, I can't afford that - I've recently changed the brake pipes to the rear, all disks and pads, the brake booster, bled the system, got it tax'd and MOT'd etc etc. The airbags and ball joints are an extra £300 so are going to sting, but the labour of possibly another ~£300 pushes it over the top. If anyone has that ball joint tutorial on Touring, please let me know! Can't seem to find one through googling. Will try Youtube.. Cheers, Ed