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  1. To be honest i was just luck as it popped on ebay with a buy it now for £50 and i just took a punt on it for that price so it was right time right place really , I've got a re trimmed wheel on mine already so only going to take the guts out of this one and fit them in my good wheel, it'll go back on ebay a I'm sure a m5 owner would have the bare wheel to send off for a re re trim
  2. You can have it for £50 without the flaps
  3. Changed my handbrake mechanism as the ratchet had worn out and it wouldn't hold the car, was surprised how many of the teeth had worn out totally on it, easy fix tho Also had a flappy paddle steering wheel arrive , eBay bargain of £50
  4. Yes mate it was on the car when I got it, it's a nice feature , has yours got it too?
  5. Fitted a new gear knob to mine tonight, never liked the standard pre lci shifter as it reminded me too much of the e39 one, altho I like the lci shifter the aftermarket ones look a bit tacky and cheap so opted for a illuminated m5 jobbie
  6. Yes mate had that on a while, again it was something my brother got for his but it didn't fit so I had it in a straight swap for my standard msport wheel
  7. Acquired a few bits from my brothers e61 that he's going to sell, carbon dipped interior trims, miles better than the ones I wrapped altho I'm not a fan of the m perormance lettering on the passenger side, was a faff to fit the grab handles especially the rears a you have to remove the complete door card and the rear blinds in my case
  8. I spent 10 years making hardwood conservatories and orangeries , I always found that too hot to in summer / too cold in winter is mainly down to poor insulation, people putting in the minimum that building control advice , you can't put too much in in my opinion it's there as a heat barrier to keep the warm in in the winter and the heat out in the summer, 15k sounds about right for a run of the mill plastic conservatory , most of the ones I made were around 30-60k biggest was 125k a split level kitchen / orangery in Malvern, all these were comfortable to work in even in the summer as they were insulated to death Hth
  9. Looks a tidy car rob look forward to the updates
  10. Have you got a photo of the bonnet hump, haven't noticed them before, I'm tempted with the m5 front for mine too
  11. My brother has his own body shop which comes in handy , be nice to see it when it's fitted
  12. Nice one , where did you find it? There were a few on ebay when I was looking but they were all cracked or melted around the exhausts
  13. E60 bumper won't fit the e61 mate ,took me a while to find the e61 m5 bumper
  14. Exhaust was fitted on Friday but came off the rubber mounts on the way home , another trip back this morning and after a few choice words to the manager in front of waiting customers it was swiftly sorted with some extra hangers, it's from the dpf back with back box delete, has a nice tone and can't tell it's been done around town, m5 mirrors were fitted during the week too, please excuse the horrific quality of the pictures, my phone was made in the 90's by the look of them lol Air suspension pump was relocated to the spare wheel well to fit the exhaust
  15. What have you gone for bigfoot? Front or rear?