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  1. Have you got a photo of the bonnet hump, haven't noticed them before, I'm tempted with the m5 front for mine too
  2. My brother has his own body shop which comes in handy , be nice to see it when it's fitted
  3. Nice one , where did you find it? There were a few on ebay when I was looking but they were all cracked or melted around the exhausts
  4. E60 bumper won't fit the e61 mate ,took me a while to find the e61 m5 bumper
  5. Exhaust was fitted on Friday but came off the rubber mounts on the way home , another trip back this morning and after a few choice words to the manager in front of waiting customers it was swiftly sorted with some extra hangers, it's from the dpf back with back box delete, has a nice tone and can't tell it's been done around town, m5 mirrors were fitted during the week too, please excuse the horrific quality of the pictures, my phone was made in the 90's by the look of them lol Air suspension pump was relocated to the spare wheel well to fit the exhaust
  6. What have you gone for bigfoot? Front or rear?
  7. Fitted genuine m5 rear bumper and wing mirrors to the wagon over the weekend, in for a quad exhaust on Friday so will post some photos up over the weekend
  8. Have been quiet on this treaday for a bit, mainly maintenance on the old girl, glow plug module changed as it has 4 errors, wasn't as bad of a job as I thought it would be, some helpful YouTube videos for it Rear heated screen never worked so stripped down the tailgate loom to find the main earth completely severed, rest of the wires were fine so soldered a new bit in Next up on the list was an annoying engine 'flutter' at around 1500rmp, thought it was the egr so unpluggedit and all seemed well u till I felt it again a few weeks later, seeing as I'd already done the vac hoses I had another route around and found one of the nipple on the vac tank has broken off, new one fitted and I still felt an issue and lack of power, was out with the other half one day with the radio off and heard a whooshing noise whilst going up a hill, knew what it was straight away, split top hose from the cooler to egr, new one of those fitted and it was like it had been remapped , result Had battery issues again with the car, it had a new varta battery fitted in Feb but it turns out it was duff from the factory, a bad cell so fitted an all singing all dancing bosch agm one from eurocarparts, wasn't cheap but starts on the button now and even have the ibs plugged back in with no issues lol Managed to finish the m5 rear brakes also, originals were well shot, m5 rear arb fitted too Thicker m5 arb on the right, not much Thicker but enough to tighten it up a bit I've been toying with the idea of a wrap for a while now too, quite like the audi nardo grey so have been practicing on the mirrors , they've came out well I think Rest of the car is a job for the new year
  9. Have been quiet on this treaday for a bit, mainly maintenance on the old girl, glow plug module changed as it has 4 errors, wasn't as bad of a job as I thought it would be, some helpful YouTube videos for it
  10. Nope, got mine from my local motor factors, £60 ish
  11. Replaced glow plug controller as had errors on glow plugs 1-4 , fitting wasn't too difficult about half an hour , errors all cleared too
  12. Replaced my arb bushes on the front today, my word what a difference it's made, also changed the rear arb to m5
  13. It's coding, I turned mine off with carly as I don't like them, I'm sure someone on here has the software to do it for you, just don't pay £200 that's criminal!
  14. Car stayed pretty much like that for a few months as I had more money to spend on the house, then started looking into new brakes for the car, some m5 fronts came up and a deal was done and they got painted up and fitted a few weeks ago Not much room left on the i side of the wheel tho,the calipers are huge! , so to match the fronts I needed m5 rears, found a complete m5 rear axle on ebay from a guy who was going to do the same on his e61 but never got round to it, so there being stripped and painted as we speak, also fitting the m5 rear arb today so that should tigthen things up on the rear too, more pics of those to come soon
  15. Next up were the bulbs in the car, ripped everyone out and replaced with led ones, sooooo old much better than the standard ones the puddle lights are amazing in the dark now, front fogs also changed to match the white of the halo rings, whilst inside I noticed the centre arm rest always looked a bit naff so found a stitched leather one on ebay for a bargain of £20 , looks and feels much nicer now Also decided to wrap the dash trims, so metallic wrap was ordered and fitted over the next few evenings , it's started to lift in a few places, as it's the first wrapping I've done I don't mind redoing it over the winter Updated the gear gaiter and handbrake gather with some more stitched peices, think they go well with the rest trimmed steering wheel