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  1. Gutted dpf Replaced exhaust temperature sensor Replaced worn exhaust rubbers Fitted 2 new front control arms Stage 2 map Video to follow
  2. The wings and bumper were from ebay but there genuine ones not copies
  3. Nice little write up
  4. I'm pretty handy at tackling most things on my car but that drivers side mount almost defeated me lol
  5. Just for you mo https://youtu.be/XiZuIk1WaCU
  6. Got this set up on my 535d bit late on replying sorry, everything is bolt on, I didn't need to change rear hubs on mine, Evan over on 5series.net did change his when he did the conversion but think his was 4x4 before so different rear set up, callipers are huge even compared to 535d ones , just a shame there not 4 pots , change your hoses to Braided ones they'll bite better
  7. The video might help 20170902_190205.mp4
  8. All done this afternoon, was a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest, passenger side came out easy but drivers side was tight, just managed to get the mount out from between the ac compressor and power steering pipes, dunno if bmw expect you to drop the subframe for more clearance , wasn't much fun on your back on a gravel drive lol, anyways I didn't take any pics sorry I was a bit grubby, took a short video of the mount that had failed
  9. Just about to start them now, there borg and beck mounts off ebay and lemforder gearbox mount was just under £100 for all 3 I'll take some pics as I go
  10. Fitting new engine and gearbox mounts today
  11. I've fitted m5 brakes all round so there oem bmw m5 discs
  12. There heko ones, they were on the car when I got it, can't complain about them they fit well and I don't get any wind noise from them , not sure if there's any other ones out there tho?
  13. Stable door I made and fitted last week for a cottage , for anyone with ocd if you tilt your head to the side the boards line up perfectly
  14. Replaced 2 rear tyres as there was bulges in one side, only had 20psi in it as well, must have been bad for a while as it's silky smooth on road now, next day i jumped in it to go to town and there was a 12" crack across the n/s of front screen so replaced under the insurance so best part of £350 in 2 day a week after having the m5 front end fitted an painted which has made it an expensive month , polished and waxed it again with poor boys stuff very impressed with this stuff
  15. I did mine this weekend with poor boys black hole then sealed with natty blue paste, great products and will be using again