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  1. You can transfer the internal motors, I found a diy guide online incase I needed to do mine M5_Mirrors_DIY.pdf
  2. They will either plug in and work or they wont, it's as simple as that with the wiring, I did mine and it was just 1 plug to undo and plug the m5 unit in, if you have the 3 plug harness on your car they won't work and vise versa if your mirrors have 3 loom plugs and your car has 1 plug no amount of rewiring will get them to work
  3. Gearbox service carried out yesterday, changes much smoother now , was original oil and Pan and car was on 112k so over due
  4. What's the going rate for a complete msport front bumper these days? Looking on ebay they seem to range from £100 to £400 Cheers
  5. Looks miles better, like the insulation tape around the front brace
  6. Had my gearbox service items turn up today and also half tinted my rear lights, think they've come out quite well Before Passenger side done All done
  7. Paddles successfully transfered over onto my wheel, not wired in yet as the loom that came with the wheel has been butchered so making a new one up, should be pretty simple as I can wire the leds for the + and - into the steering wheel buttons and then it's only trigger wires for the micro switches in the paddles
  8. Mines pre lci, I have the flappy paddle slip ring to go with the wheel, it's getting a trial fit tomorrow to see if it all fits so I'll let you know how I get on
  9. To be honest i was just luck as it popped on ebay with a buy it now for £50 and i just took a punt on it for that price so it was right time right place really , I've got a re trimmed wheel on mine already so only going to take the guts out of this one and fit them in my good wheel, it'll go back on ebay a I'm sure a m5 owner would have the bare wheel to send off for a re re trim
  10. You can have it for £50 without the flaps
  11. Changed my handbrake mechanism as the ratchet had worn out and it wouldn't hold the car, was surprised how many of the teeth had worn out totally on it, easy fix tho Also had a flappy paddle steering wheel arrive , eBay bargain of £50
  12. Yes mate it was on the car when I got it, it's a nice feature , has yours got it too?
  13. Fitted a new gear knob to mine tonight, never liked the standard pre lci shifter as it reminded me too much of the e39 one, altho I like the lci shifter the aftermarket ones look a bit tacky and cheap so opted for a illuminated m5 jobbie
  14. Yes mate had that on a while, again it was something my brother got for his but it didn't fit so I had it in a straight swap for my standard msport wheel
  15. Acquired a few bits from my brothers e61 that he's going to sell, carbon dipped interior trims, miles better than the ones I wrapped altho I'm not a fan of the m perormance lettering on the passenger side, was a faff to fit the grab handles especially the rears a you have to remove the complete door card and the rear blinds in my case