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  1. No pics but most days on my way home I see a Vauxhall zafira in dark blue with a purple, light blue and red camo wrap over the whole car, blue side light bulbs also, I always think each to there own when changing things on a car but I always laugh as I pass it stuck in the traffic
  2. 2 years of 535d ownership

    About 15k miles in 2 years , have replaced the following parts in that time - 2 x front shocks 2x front suspension arms 2x front rear suspension arms 2x top mounts 2x front drop links 2x engine mounts Anti shudder valve (throttle body) 2x track rod ends Battery Thermostats Vacuum lines Top boost hose Boost hose seals 2x rear wheel bearings Tailgate glass hatch switch And the routine engine / gearbox servicing etc
  3. BEST alloys to suit the E60/61 Model

    Think this thread needs a revival, get posting guys
  4. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted New diesel filter, topped up the gearbox as it had lost 3/4lt of oil due to the drain plug not being torqued up enough, also replaced the ibs sensor with a £15 1series one from eBay happy days
  5. Offset question

    Valid point,my bro ran the wrong size tyres on his m3 and it threw up the and light Ok think I've worked it out after a bit of research, adding spacers decreases et, so currently I'm running et18 with 15mm spacer = et03 on front and et32 with 15mm spacer on rear = et17 New rims are et30 front so means 27mm spacer to decrease it to my et03, Rears are et35 so means 18mm spacer to decrease them to the desired et17 I think
  6. Offset question

    Been eyeing up some new rims for the car, currently I'm running the following set up - Fronts et18 with 15mm spacers 245 35 19 tyres Rears et30 with 15mm spacers 275 30 19 tyres Looking at a used set or rims and tyres which are as follows Fronts et30 with 265 30 20 tyres Rears et35 with 285 30 20 tyres Question is will they fit ? Obviously I can either increase the spacers or loose them if needed , I like to think I'm a relatively clever chap but offsets just mess with my head lol
  7. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Saw this on Facebook last week but only a sneak peek, looks like it's come up well
  8. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I would if I could find some orange ones, most of the ones I've seen seen to be either oem black or blue , unfortunately I've taken the orange hoses off, my car didn't seem to like them as I was loosening boost top end when flooring it, put the braided black ones back on and it's all good, i can only assume they were collapsing under the head and reducing the vacuum, looked nice but didn't work for me
  9. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Detailed the engine bay after finally fitting the m5 arch liners, changed my vacuum hoses for some funky orange silicone ones to try and brighten up the bay a bit whilst I was in the engine bay too,
  10. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed all the boost seals as a precaution, slight oil leak on the cooler ends so all cleaned up and changed, quite an easy job actually , removed the bumper as I wanted to paint the cross member behind the kidney grills, nothing lairy just silver and refit it a bit better around the passenger headlight as it had dropped slightly and the headlight washer was pushing up the cover, finally managed to source some genuine m5 front arch liners , have been using the car over winter without them and the engine bay is filthy, looking forward to fitting those when the arrive next week and detailing the engine bay
  11. Well 2 years ago today I purchased my e61 535d in pretty much standard set up , was down the mother in-laws over Christmas so took a pic roughly the same spot but 2 years apart, has cost as small fortune but have replaced / upgraded a lot more than the photo shows but you get the idea of how much it's changed
  12. E60 535d Touring Buying Advice

    I had the exact same dilemma 2 years ago, 530d or 535d, I upped my budget a little and opted for 535d as I'd didnt want to look back and though i should have gone for the twin turbo, there a very quick car as standard and lightning quick once tuned, I've raced my brother in his e46 m3 and if the git would have moved over I would have been past him , as mentioned above the main things replaced on mine have been the thermostats, vacuum hoses, a top boost hose front suspension arms and the usual servicing parts
  13. One of the bus outside the in-laws over Christmas
  14. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yet to hear a bad review on the xhp flash