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  1. same here
  2. Its amazing how you cant justify spending £75 on proper MTec angel eye LED's
  3. welcome . nice car
  4. Lovely car m8 , one day maybe ill get one
  5. You so damn right Yokozuna
  6. Nice pedals . where from ?
  7. Hi all . Just wondered if anyone would be interested in buying e39 hifi amp and buisness radio ? Took it out of my car because got aftermarket instaled . Could throw cd changer in for buyer too
  8. always wanted one , got one 16 months ago and love it .
  9. She had full service today , good for another 8k miles
  10. lmao , how is it you only know this saying that doesnt make any sence
  11. well, some guys on here reported some faults with xtron units , Eonon on the other hand , has customer support here in uk me thinks , Jamworth got it and hes happy with it .
  12. Personaly out of all chinese aftermarket units i would go for this one http://www.eonon.co.uk/Android-Car-GPS/GA6201F.html
  13. i can
  14. Lovely motor Dan Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk