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  1. bmwf113.0d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Says it must have fizzed over as there was very little splash, the cup holder was nearly full though...
  2. bmwf113.0d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yup, friend sent me this last week from his van...
  3. bmwf113.0d

    First world F10-series problems

    Agreed, but guess they don't want them rubbing on the paintwork, lots of other marques are similar.
  4. bmwf113.0d

    Space saver steel wheel

    Hi Gary, Apologies for not updating, it sold thanks Steve
  5. bmwf113.0d

    Space saver steel wheel

    Having sold the F11 I have a few bits for sale, starting with this.. Never used other than a trial fit, I also bought a used e39 jack and this also works fine and fits OK. Located in Barnsley ideally a collection or a meet up to 10 miles, or I can securely package if you want to arrange collection. I paid £180 ish for the wheel alone, so I'm looking for £120 for everything. The zipper is a bit temperamental but works fine with some gentle persuasion Can be used on cars with 17' 18' 19' and 20' wheels
  6. bmwf113.0d

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Depends on the small print, more often than not yes on a 'non fault' accident, when the Mrs was rear ended (fnar) I held out for an estate as hers was, we were given a 508 iirc, when they dropped it off it had a flat tyre, I called them and they swapped it for a Seat Exeo. The first day the young girls insurer called us and practically begged us to allow them to arrange the car, I guess this is cost limitation on their behalf due to all the "Uncle Jamals Claimz R us" outfits banging on consequential costs.
  7. bmwf113.0d

    Rear suspension drops randomly

    No need for ptfe but it won't do any harm.
  8. bmwf113.0d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    No, she's right, they are abrasive and that's how they work. We use them on a few things but you are best testing on a small area first.
  9. bmwf113.0d

    just found leaks from front of car

    That's the aircon pipe as suspected. The cap is where they charge the gas from. Local indi would be my choice, if only for a quote first.
  10. bmwf113.0d

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    As above the main thing is you're OK. It's only a car, an insured asset. I always dreaded the body shop in the silver car, a real nightmare to match. The Mrs was run into in 2014, within a day or two we started getting the phone calls about personal injury. Not sure who gave her details, possibly the insurance pleb or maybe the hire company. She did have some soft tissue damage and saw her Dr. But she never claimed as she said it was slight and she'd be lying if she said it was anything other than a bit uncomfortable. Also the girl who ran into her was devastated and only a few years older than our kids so she said she hoped karma would pay her back if it was ever one of ours. (not likely and there's no such thing as karma imo...) Even the body shop we chose were on the take, I asked if they could spray the front bumper whilst it was in and they had mixed the paint and I'd pay separately. The guy said he'd just add it to the quote. I insisted that I paid (c£150 iirc so very cheap imo for a bumper off job) I think he got our stance. Everyone's on the take, not realising who ends up paying. Hope you get the repair done to your satisfaction, but I don't envy you one bit, I know I'd be a mare with them unless it was 100%.
  11. bmwf113.0d

    poor fuel economy

    Unless he's looking at cat C...
  12. bmwf113.0d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Saddle soap is the better choice for leather, but I must admit for the car I use baby wipes.
  13. bmwf113.0d

    Relay box hacking

    All keyless entry are susceptible, Faraday bags are cheap on amazon. Not sure if it can be turned off (more than likely in coding).
  14. bmwf113.0d

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Yes they can definitely be done via the obd port...
  15. bmwf113.0d

    Clutch and dmf

    In my last manual car (2005 vectra Sri) I had the clutch and dmf replaced (3 days before the warranty expired) dealer said it was a £1.3k job, that was 10 years ago
  16. bmwf113.0d

    Sidewall damage on runflat tyre

    Looking at the rim it looks like it has rubber on it, I'd also go with pot hole, real shitter but surprised you didn't feel/hear it.
  17. bmwf113.0d

    When did you last change an exhaust?

    Last exhaust I had fitted was a mk 2 fiesta the Mrs had when we met in 1993 installed for the princely sum of c£30 iirc.
  18. bmwf113.0d

    How to pick a good boiler

    Great info Karl, thanks, guessing you are in the trade?
  19. bmwf113.0d

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I'm like that with anything new tbf, I think it's an affliction.
  20. bmwf113.0d

    First world F10-series problems

    By contrast I really miss that on my new car, one that stays feels old fashioned now.
  21. From experience (not bmw) it's a bit fiddly but easy diy.
  22. bmwf113.0d

    First world F10-series problems

    Gear lever? in 2008 maybe.
  23. bmwf113.0d

    Towbar issues

    Scotchloks should be banned. Solder and heatshrink all the way. Soldering is fine, I have a few different portable ones including a surprisingly good battery powered one. I doubt towbar fitters are qualified to give tech knowledge on the electrical side.
  24. +1 auto all the way
  25. bmwf113.0d

    F10 Car Cover

    Good to see google is still stalking my typing...