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  1. I read that in the voice of this guy... 49 pooonds
  2. Have a look on RealOEM, they list accessories etc specific to your VIN number
  3. Message our sponsors here... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/98-cotswold-bmw/
  4. On the plus side any that did get left in would make your car exhaust smell like nutella!
  5. The trick of getting older, you never see wrinkles on a balloon!
  6. Gonna need a bigger cake...
  7. Vacuumed out, very messy process but with good results. Have a look on YouTube, looks very therapeutic.
  8. Dash Cam - 2018 - What have you got...

    I've had dashcams for the last 8 years or so, I've tried many makes and currently have an A119 in mine, the Mrs and the father in laws, and fitted 2 more in friends cars, they are around £70 iirc. Mine has been in for the best part of a year with no issues. Quality is excellent as is night quality imo. The kids car has a transcend in the front and a mobius in the rear, again with no issues. I check the footage every couple of weeks.
  9. I was 50, until yesterday... The Mrs keeps me young, she's only 44
  10. Aircons playing up!!!

    I heard that in Gene Hunt's voice.
  11. I considered walnut blasting but was quoted c£350 iirc, I opted for my indi to remove and clean it at around 80k, mainly because it did it's first 50k around London, when I went to collect the car I could see where he'd had it to clean, it was minging. From memory I paid around £100 but this wouldn't be as effective as the walnut.
  12. I must be getting old, I look at those winters and think "Ooh, they look nice and easy to clean"!
  13. Aircons playing up!!!

    As promised:
  14. Aircons playing up!!!

    Yup, give me a minute and I'll run the diag.
  15. Replacing a wing mirror LED indicator

    I'd guess by the length of the cable it will be in the housing.