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  1. sshooie

    Free car evaluation

    Yeah, with older cars they vary wildly, especially decent marques as some people value them quite a bit more than any trader would.
  2. sshooie

    Free car evaluation

    Realistically if you are chopping it in then most use sites like BCA to value and some even use WBAC. Selling private then it's a different story, are there any comparisons online?
  3. sshooie

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    I thought you could roll and go from d to n? but can't the other way around?
  4. Looks very nice, especially with the black M trim, sets it off well.
  5. sshooie

    DIY Service

    ^ without a doubt it's certainly wriggle room, I can remember previous cars would void the perforation warranty if the main dealer had not stamped that part of the book.
  6. I go plugs/controller first, but certainly a 2012 plate with your low mileage, especially a big city car I'd look to decoke too. Make sure you take plenty of pics for us too, it would be a nice 'to do' for a lot on here.
  7. Oh, I forgot to add, I had the indi strip the manifold and clean it, he said it was pretty hacky as you'd expect but it didn't cure the misfire.
  8. sshooie

    Approved Used Warranty about to expire

    I took out the comp warranty with £250 excess and in hindsight (wonderful thing) I would now keep the cash in a seperate account. I had the car 2½ years and paid £60pcm and only ever claimed once for a rear suspension air bag as I needed it doing asap due to moving the daughter to uni and delivery of a non oem bag was 5-7 days. The second airbag went and i bought a non OEM one from fleabay for just over £40 and it took ½ an hour of my time to swap. The other bit I did try was the condenser but they denied it was a silent recall and said my vin was not affected, again they said if they took it off and it was stone damage then it would be chargeable (as you'd expect) so my indi changed it for just over £200 so again i was quids in with the excess. I found 2 great indi's and their rates were c£45ph iirc and both were very knowledgeable in German cars, the latter one i used being a specialist in Porsche.
  9. I had a 2011 530d that did the exact same as you describe on start up, some mornings it would be worse than others but only lasted 5-10 seconds, others it wouldn't do it at all. I was told it could be glow plugs or the glow plug controller so had these changed. tbh I was not fully confident they changed every plug as it remied it quite a bit but not totally so I ended up living with it. By similarity my car was also a central London car and when i took it to the dealer they advised they classed it as a 'low mileage car' and not in a good way (mine had 54k on it when i bought it with a fbmwsh. So at this point they advised if they stripped it down and found it was due to carbon then I'd have to foot the bill. Mine never showed any codes other than something about the swirl flaps being misaligned or similar and I ended up leaving it until I sold it 6 weeks ago. It drove fine and went really well other than the above and had 120k when I sold it. Good luck in diagnosing and I'll be watching for updates. Oh, and get some photos of the car up, we all like to see new metal.
  10. sshooie

    Ordered than new 530e yet?

    Somebody obviously did it as a yolk.
  11. sshooie

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Lovely colour and I like the wheels
  12. Perhaps upgrade the seat belt arrangement in your car...
  13. sshooie

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Sounds like a nice machine, but come on...photo's please
  14. We could start a go fund page for you if you need some more petrol?