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  1. Media scaremongering imo, yes they will phase them out of 'production' but realistically there are nearly 12 million diesel cars on the roads so it's no mean feat. I'm all for the arse dropping out of the diesel market, mainly because my next car should be much cheaper then...
  2. MOT today, passed but with the advisories that the tyres have wear on the edges
  3. Winner! Picanto, on the plus side a set of rear discs and pads were £33 (non OEM obvs)
  4. I've just received these for another car, tiny is an understatement, any guesses...?
  5. I was wrong, you were right, I'll take myself outside and give myself a good thrashing. You sound angry, too much red meat?
  6. I'm not a fan of non-OEM, but I must say I do like those (both above) maybe because they look like they could be a BMW offering?
  7. Simple, cheap and effective...
  8. It's simple, not subjective, they are an MOT fail unless they meet the correct requirements. Getting lucky on an MOT doesn't make them legal. From the .gov site: "2.14 Lights These will be inspected to check: their condition operation, including high intensity discharge (HID) and light emitting diode (LED) the headlamps for cleaning, self levelling and security headlamp aim main beam warning light working"
  9. No disrespect, but I find the HID Barryboys a real pain in the eyes round here, people who fit this shite have little if no regard for the safety of other road users. I see loads of mainly VW's and Seats (inc many taxis)with dickhead bright lights, what happened to the regular MOT's these taxis are supposedly going through. I'd gladly ban them all.
  10. I have a couple of cheap wired ones, I bought them for a project i was looking at for work, now i just use them to check for ear wax.
  11. I'd check your contract, we have lease vehicles @ work and they never see the dealer network unless it's a warranty repair.
  12. When I had the Karcher I bought a rubber hose for it, much longer and better (flexible) than the tat that comes with it.
  13. I had a refurbed K2 and it was OK for light use, I have an Aldi jobby now which was excellent value and has the longer hose (on a combined reel). Personally I find them a bit of a faf when washing the cars and I never use snow foam so it's only used for the patio & conservatory roof twice a year.
  14. Shame their website doesn't work though....
  15. Ditto, if they can't replicate it they can't fix it.