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  1. Beautiful, a white one was in front of me @ Maccy D's this morning.
  2. Thanks, yes mines the N57 3.0d and guess it depends on the amount of snake oil they use. May give it a bash...
  3. I'd take a punt if it was priced reasonably, say £50-70 ish, not sure how much it is?
  4. I think they raved because Ed had a vested interest iirc?
  5. Karl, your advice is terrible, burying your head in the sand no longer works I'm afraid.
  6. I've given what I believe is good advice at the beginning of the thread, I've stopped now as it's obviously fruitless.
  7. You can submit a counter claim for expenses and it's often met if you win.
  8. Close, a quick Google shows over the hill in Lancashire
  9. They actually take a lot of people to court.
  10. It is different from any other decent fuse holder, 30 years in electrical/electronics tell me that.
  11. A decent replacement fuse holder would be on my list then, I personally wouldn't be happy with the connection.
  12. I'd argue it may be an issue if the current is enough... Good connections are important, they are imperative for power, more resistance = more heat.