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  1. I feel your pain, I found a good indi last year and they did a few bits for me, very good, reasonable @ £45ish ph and very trustworthy. Unfortunately they closed without warning, it was a fair size unit with 4 mechanics and I know the owner had other interest so maybe they went pop or just closed. The building (that I know they owned) is for sale @ £500k and looking @ companies house they were OK cash wise. Either way I now need to hunt for an indi that I can trust.
  2. £70 ph is reasonable imo considering you are based in London, if you want to save money why not look @ doing it yourself?
  3. Is that a Princess lurking in front of the RS?
  4. Hello and welcome, nice looking car. I replaced my lights separately for a few pounds but the kits are here and various other places. The pods for the tweeters are often on fleabay here Not sure about splitters there are lots available I believe and I'm sure someone will be along shortly with some recommendations. Hope this helps
  5. I would never be happy changing only one, a new spring will have different (albeit slightly maybe) handling characteristics. Having saying that I would never change just one tyre either...
  6. Ah, every days a schoolday
  7. The USB socket for the HDD is in the glovebox.
  8. I may be behind the times bit I thought you changed them in pairs.
  9. "a" spring? Used to do the same with the coins but it took it's toll.
  10. Hi rasg, The easiest way is to remove the ashtray from underneath, where the button that releases the centre compartment is gently prise the black cover off at the point closes to the rear of the car, then unscrew the torx screw and the whole centre including the iDrive will prise upwards from the rear. You can then chose to unplug the 5-6 plugs and remove completely or you can access the 4 torx screws that will release the ashtray. *not my pics btw
  11. Finally the ashtray broke after one too may squid coins getting lodged.... Brand new one ordered from fleabay for the princely sum of £17.06 (a bargain I thought) And duly fitted in 10 minutes...
  12. Ditto, when I took mine to the dealer last year they said it was attributed to it being 'low mileage' @ 54k on a 2011 plate but to be fair they called me and warned me before they proceeded, I declined the repair.
  13. lol, Zimmer or someone in a chain-mail suit! My brother in law and his wife both park on the pavement, then moan when they are out with their pushchair that people park on the pavement...