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  1. Replacing the grilles

    Children nowadays have a lot of disposable income.
  2. Interested in what you have bought.
  3. Just did a jaunt from South Yorks to Newcastle and back, drove like a dream.
  4. Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    WD stands for water displacing...
  5. Upcoming Service

    Apt for where you told them to stick it...
  6. It was on, in between the talking dog and a phallic shaped potato
  7. Oh don't be in any doubt, you will have paid for those one way or another...
  8. F10 Seat Ventilation

    How do you find it Jake?...
  9. F11 luggage cover not lifting smoothly

    Good to know, noises can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, I use my boot a lot due to the dog and can't say I've had any issues.
  10. F11 luggage cover not lifting smoothly

    Not heard of any issues, I use a little bit of Gummi Pfledge on the edges of the runners to stop squeaks. I'd drop it in under warranty for them to check.
  11. Selling mercury

    We had the police in our school in the early 80's because someone had stolen some mercury from the lab, they went into great detail about it killing you even when you thought it was safe. Never remember if they found it and thinking back someone probably snorted it.
  12. Selling mercury

    Did he tell you to STOP!
  13. Had mine for two years now.

    I've never charged a car other than to start it. I understand if you don't use it but the longest I leave it is my 2 weeks hols.
  14. Had mine for two years now.

    Run out of petrol?
  15. Upcoming Service

    ime they are less likely to reduce on the day, if the don't what are you going to do? it's too late then...