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  1. What cam did you go with and put some pics on.
  2. Never had an issue with carly and their dongle.
  3. I'd e-mail them, they are very quick to respond ime
  4. I like those, could I be arsed? probably not.
  5. All that attention to detail (yes I'm still reading it) and the guys mate takes the needles off with a fecking spoon!!
  6. Astounding attention to detail and work, but hey, it's a fricking Astra. " over 3 weeks to apply 51 layers 3 layers per day " " The wax used today came from a £10,000 Daniel Swarovski Ltd Edition one made especially for Paul and elite customers of Pauls that would so wish to purchase one..... It has been commisioned by Swarovski and the box is a work of art...... " I'm sure I've seen them cheaper in B&M..
  7. lol, but mine did drop to the base overnight and still never flagged up, the n/s one (the one I replaced last week) flagged up 2 messages, one to do with comfort and one to do with cornering iirc. but never dropped right down!
  8. I have some LED fog bulbs, they flashed up the bulb warning every now and again so I coded off the monitor.
  9. I like reading there, and do spend some time cleaning the car, but take great pride in never having polished a car in 15 years... Still looks OK to the plebs amongst us...
  10. My first air bag didn't flag up on the F11 idrive.
  11. Have a look over on Detailing world....
  12. Looks very nice, just needs the tailpipes doing....
  13. Above shows the bag being wiggled out of position Note the tube going through the collar, this collar comes off so I put it through 1st then attached it to the bag in this position (easy to do) Above are the 3 clips that compress to release from the bottom bracket
  14. Yes, it was easy, no specialist tools or knowledge. Mine de-pressurised when I jacked it up, otherwise they say that you should do it at the compressor end. The bottom of the unit unclips (3 small clips and I did it by hand) then it's a quarter twist anti clockwise like a bayonet fitting. Slight wiggle to get it out, then a 10mm open-end spanner to undo the airline. The brass compression collar came off easy but I guess some side cutters would snip it for removal if not. My colleague re used his and it's fine. Replacement was the reversal, remember to feed the tube through the removable collar of the new bag. Put an hour aside but in reality if you can change a headlight bulb, you could do this imo.