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  1. Believe it or not Mrs S is badgering me to buy a car, I think she's sick of me looking, I'd never take the piss and do ask her advice as she's very level headed tbf. She's never really been interested in cars etc. and I've dropped on as she doesn't really have expensive taste, in fact she's a cheap date really.
  2. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  3. DPF Regeneration 530d GT

    Had my F11 2 1/2 years and never noticed it regen, in fact I've never noticed any of my cars do it.
  4. Yeah, but i noticed you asked for the screw back....
  5. I read that in the voice of this guy... 49 pooonds
  6. Have a look on RealOEM, they list accessories etc specific to your VIN number
  7. Message our sponsors here... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/98-cotswold-bmw/
  8. On the plus side any that did get left in would make your car exhaust smell like nutella!
  9. The trick of getting older, you never see wrinkles on a balloon!
  10. Gonna need a bigger cake...
  11. Vacuumed out, very messy process but with good results. Have a look on YouTube, looks very therapeutic.
  12. Dash Cam - 2018 - What have you got...

    I've had dashcams for the last 8 years or so, I've tried many makes and currently have an A119 in mine, the Mrs and the father in laws, and fitted 2 more in friends cars, they are around £70 iirc. Mine has been in for the best part of a year with no issues. Quality is excellent as is night quality imo. The kids car has a transcend in the front and a mobius in the rear, again with no issues. I check the footage every couple of weeks.
  13. I was 50, until yesterday... The Mrs keeps me young, she's only 44
  14. Aircons playing up!!!

    I heard that in Gene Hunt's voice.