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  1. BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Had a decent run yesterday and ended up at 63.3. This was in Comfort +, not Eco-Pro, so I wasn't going for any eco record. Perhaps the B47 is getting run in now.
  2. Smart looking boat - you did a good job. Hope the beanie isn't needed in Crete!
  3. 530d air filter change

    Actually I think it needs to be a journey of 70 miles for the maths to work, but still an impressive quantity of beer! Apologies for being sad enough to check!
  4. Time to move on...

    Uncertainty about what power source will be in favour, will the slating of diesels continue or will rising CO2 levels persuade governments to reverse this trend? Will BMW or other manufacturers release viable electric options at a comparable price to the current diesel range? Will BMW surprise us with new announcements about hydrogen power? Will motorists be forced to buy hybrid cars with the complications that entails? Just isn't as simple as its been for decades - perhaps I'll have to look out for a Stanley steam car!
  5. Time to move on...

    When I bought my F10 2 years ago I went for a PCP so that it gave me some protection against a possible fall in value resulting from power source uncertainty. I kept my last E60 for 10 years, so I thought it likely that I would pay off the balloon payment on the F10 after 3 years and continue to enjoy the car for several more years. Unless the attitude towards diesels changes over the next 12 months, I may end up handing the car back at the end of the PCP contract. Presumably the car will then be up for sale at a realistic used value and I wonder if I will be able to make the dealer an offer to buy my old car back at significantly less than the balloon payment.
  6. Upcoming Service

    Its not infallible - shows mine as "no service pack", but I definitely have a 3 year pack.
  7. Drivers wing mirror

    Mine is 03/2016 and still has both dimming - extract from the online manual: Automatically dimming Both exterior mirrors are automatically dimmed. Photocells in the rear-view mirror are used for control.
  8. Drivetrain error

    Diagnosed as faulty EGR valve at lunchtime and replaced this afternoon. So I'm handing back the F10 hire car tomorrow and hope all is well again with mine. Quite impressed by the speed of action and the customer service from BMW Assist. Pleasantly surprised to get an F10 hire car too.
  9. Drivetrain error

    I know what you mean - I gave up on Eco-Pro a while back. No it was in Comfort+ - also tried Sport to see if that shook it up. Dealer has now said they will look at it this afternoon - clearly they are getting a warranty kick back which makes them sit up more than me just driving there myself!
  10. Drivetrain error

    I had the drivetrain warning three times over the weekend. Message warns that full power may not be available- certainly felt reluctant to pull away from roundabouts. Called dealer to see if they could check it over, but they said they were booked for 2 weeks. Advised to call BMW Assist, who have now arranged for the car to be collected tomorrow morning and taken to the dealer who will then have to look at it. Crazy that they won't look at it if I drive it there, only if it gets delivered by recovery! Hopefully get to find out what is wrong and glad it is still under warranty.
  11. Locking wheel nuts

    Gordon, your difficulty sounds horrible. What are the views of using CopperEase or similar on the facing surfaces - is this frowned on? I've always found that applying a small amount, combined with the correct torque keeps the wheels easy to come off.
  12. Found I have one too - she topped up the Polo screenwash and checked the oil today while I was washing the F10!
  13. Is my F10/F11 still on Runflats

    I need another box too, but I'm currently on non runflat winter 17s, with runflat summer 18s in the garage roof. Had a couple of punctures in runflats over the past 10 years - much more convenient to be able to carry on driving.
  14. New Vehicle Excise Duty rules

    Nope - its only on new registrations from 1 April 2017.
  15. I have always been told that they wont repair RFTs wherever the puncture, as the integrity of the additional strengthening will have been damaged Anyone ever had one repaired?