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  1. Got my recall notice today for my 2016 F10 520d. They are working through the 1.6m vehicles!
  2. admiral

    Self ignition

    Yes - he was fine thankfully. Thanks for finding the old E60 post. I'll still be a bit nervous driving mine home tonight in the current heat! It makes a change from worrying when to put winter tyres on.
  3. admiral

    Self ignition

    Just had a worrying email from a friend with a 65 plate 520d F10. He accelerated off a roundabout yesterday evening, reached about 50 mph, the power dipped, then smoke poured out from under the bonnet. Couldn't cope with the current heatwave perhaps? Any other reported issues we should look out for? He is now looking at an E Class M-B.
  4. admiral

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Sorry to hear the tale of woe, but glad you are getting the car sorted - just hope your back is OK. People aren't as easy to fix.
  5. admiral

    First world F10-series problems

    You are not alone! I find myself always untwisting the passenger seat belt after a passenger has got out, just so the belt lies flat. Also stops it looking horribly twisted against the base of the seat.
  6. admiral


    Yes - hard drive does give Album Art.
  7. I've had another look at this, but my goodness it does make the car very unresponsive. Also quite annoying that it keeps displaying the picture of a foot on the gas pedal telling me to ease off - even when my foot is not even on the throttle. Coasting can be satisfying if you are in the mood for it.
  8. Agreed - this morning there were so many front wheel drive cars losing traction and sliding sideways on minor slopes even in "flat" Norfolk. Felt very secure on my Michelin Alpin A4 winter tyres. Quite impressed with the DTC as well, as this is the first serious snow with an auto gearbox.
  9. admiral

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Had a decent run yesterday and ended up at 63.3. This was in Comfort +, not Eco-Pro, so I wasn't going for any eco record. Perhaps the B47 is getting run in now.
  10. Smart looking boat - you did a good job. Hope the beanie isn't needed in Crete!
  11. admiral

    530d air filter change

    Actually I think it needs to be a journey of 70 miles for the maths to work, but still an impressive quantity of beer! Apologies for being sad enough to check!
  12. admiral

    Time to move on...

    Uncertainty about what power source will be in favour, will the slating of diesels continue or will rising CO2 levels persuade governments to reverse this trend? Will BMW or other manufacturers release viable electric options at a comparable price to the current diesel range? Will BMW surprise us with new announcements about hydrogen power? Will motorists be forced to buy hybrid cars with the complications that entails? Just isn't as simple as its been for decades - perhaps I'll have to look out for a Stanley steam car!
  13. admiral

    Time to move on...

    When I bought my F10 2 years ago I went for a PCP so that it gave me some protection against a possible fall in value resulting from power source uncertainty. I kept my last E60 for 10 years, so I thought it likely that I would pay off the balloon payment on the F10 after 3 years and continue to enjoy the car for several more years. Unless the attitude towards diesels changes over the next 12 months, I may end up handing the car back at the end of the PCP contract. Presumably the car will then be up for sale at a realistic used value and I wonder if I will be able to make the dealer an offer to buy my old car back at significantly less than the balloon payment.
  14. admiral

    Upcoming Service

    Its not infallible - shows mine as "no service pack", but I definitely have a 3 year pack.
  15. admiral

    Drivers wing mirror

    Mine is 03/2016 and still has both dimming - extract from the online manual: Automatically dimming Both exterior mirrors are automatically dimmed. Photocells in the rear-view mirror are used for control.