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  1. Alant1

    E60 525 wing mirror

    That's really good of you. Can I take you up on your offer of your glass. Happy to pay by PPG.
  2. Alant1

    E60 525 wing mirror

    Any advice please. My passenger wing mirror made a strange noise and turned black this morning. Obviously needs changing. Any suggestions for the best place to buy from? BMW direct prices are just crazy. Many thanks for any help.
  3. Alant1

    E60 525i 2009 tyres

    Any advice would be welcome. I am looking to replace my run flat tyres to standard ones. I am considering Uniroyle Rainsport 3. My tyre size is 225/50/17. Cam skill sell these in 94 and 98 loading. 98 loading seems less expensive. Can I fit either of these loadings or should I stick with 94? Thanks in advance.
  4. No problem. Hope you manage to sell the wheels.
  5. What price for the tyres only please?
  6. Alant1

    Sat Nav update

    I own a 2009 525i which uses a 5 digit postcode. Is there an updated 7 digit version?