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  1. garyjpaterson

    Start up

    Thanks guys, you were right - flooded! Cranked it for ages, not really a fan of that but just as I was about to stop I noticed the sound sort of change so kept at it - foot to the floor as suggested - slowly but surely it began to splutter and try to fire, eventually it did! I'll know for next time, no short cold runs!
  2. garyjpaterson

    Start up

    Just popped in toa sk about what may be the issue with my M50 not starting, and it seems like this might be it. Any ideas how to get it going again if its flooded? Last night I had to move the car about 5 metres and shut it off, went out this morning and it wouldn't start at all - it was cranking but not even close to firing. I recorded a quick video to let you hear the sound, as it sounds different from anything I've heard before - I'll link to it when I get time.
  3. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    I don't want to jinx it, but everything is seemingly working properly now, drove the 30 miles into work today without a hiccup. Just hope it gets me back home! Was really difficult getting the new ICV pipe on, it was really tight! Hopefully there should be no more cracking though.
  4. garyjpaterson

    Very bad running - Video included - Any ideas?!

    Panic over - I went out to check the ICV, turned out I hadn't connected the harder curved pipe that goes into the underside of the manifold Such a plonker! I had it all sorted but dropped a bolt and ended up taking the whole lot off - then upon assembling everything for the second time I obviously skipped a vital step! Nevermind - it runs dead smooth now. Just have to get it warmed up tomorrow and find out if I've really fixed my running problems for good. But at least it starts and idles nicely!
  5. Right, just replaced the hose from the air intake boot to the idle control valve, and while I was at it I had the intake manifold off, new seals in, and replaced the valve cover gaskets too. (this topic: Just put everything back together this evening and tried to start it - obviously it took a few cranks to pump the fuel through as I had the fuel rail off (with the intake manifold, I never separated them). When it did fire it sounded incredible lumpy, with a few bangs, won't really rev and will cut out if you leave it. I'm scratching my head as to what it could be, since it wasn't like this before and I can't think what I might have done! I've checked the coil order, seems fine. Checked the injector harness all connected propery, which is seems to. The only thing I can think of is perhaps I put the Idle Control Valve in upside down? Would that have similar symptoms? I'm fairly sure I didn't but I might have to get everything off again to have a look! Here's the video of a starting attempt, not much to see but if anyone can point me in the right direction based on what you can hear I would be very grateful!
  6. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    Still waiting on a replacement hose... would have been quicker just getting a generic one of the right dimesnsion, anyway I've just taken the valve cover off, first tme I've done so in any engine. Anything I should be looking out for before I put it all back together with the new gaskets? Looks in good condition to me, oil golden rather than black, cams look like they have got pretty much no wear, but I really don't know what I should be looking for. Turns out 2 plug cavities were leaking, any tips on getting the oil out? I don't want to take the plugs out and have it all fall into the cylinder... That being said, there's not a lot of oil, just a layer at the bottom. Got the inlet manifold off too, was a bit of a struggle at various stages, replaced the seals and just waiting to put it back together. Spotted one more perished hose, but just a narrow/small diameter one, I should find a suitable replacement easily. Just hoping that solves my problems!
  7. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    Thanks for the tip, probably will. At the moment i'm trying to get the inlet manifold off, struggling a bit. I've got the injector wiring harness out of the way, and throttle housing off too. I've got 6 of the 7 top bolts off now, but the furthest back on is underneath the fuel pressure regulator, anyone know the easiest way to access this? WIll the fuel rail need to be taken of, and will the injectors come with it? Obviously I'd rather not take it off if I can avoid it. The bottom two bolts are a pain, but got them off now.
  8. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    Not been done since I've had it, no records either. Oil in the spark plug cavities are a sign, no? Also, would it be wise to totally remove the intake manifold to get proper access to all the hoses below, seems it'll be a struggle otherwise? Not removed one before, hopefully its not too big a job.
  9. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    Just been out to have a look - I have found a perished/cracked hose that could have been leaking from, though I couldn't quite see where the hose went! Also found the inside of the air ducting a bit oily, something of a concern? Same with the crankcase venting, and throttle body area all quite oily. Anyway, that hose will need replacing, though tbh I don't know its proper function or where it goes, will need some more investigation. *Edit* Seems the broken hose is the one that goes to the idle control valve, like you mentioned! Didn't even have a jubilee clip holding it on...
  10. garyjpaterson

    Sudden Loss of Power when hot!? (M50B25)

    Thank for the reply, been busy but should be able to have a look tonight. Mileage is around 80k, though has done very little mileage (around 1000 a year) until last year, where I've done around 15k. I wouldn't be surprised to see perished rubber bits, so I'll look for that. Any explanation as to why it might run fine cold, but not only when the car gets up to temp? Might make troubleshooting difficult, as I can't just start it to see if it works since I have to wait for it to heat up.
  11. I'm back again, after many trouble free months, new MOT, we have a problem. Just yesterday. after about 5-10 mins of driving I suddenly lost almost all power (on a dual carriageway) when accelerating out of a roundabout. This is usually just about the time when the water temp is up to temperature. I pulled over straight away, not able to keep going. Any throttle was basically doing nothing. Surprisingly the car seemed to idle - though I was a bit panicky and didn't take note if it was idling at the normal RPM or not. I couldn't move the car, any attempts to drive would just about stall it, and even in neutral I couldn't rev it. Got the car recovered home today - and sure enough it starts and runs fine, suggesting there's a problem when it reaches operating temps. Anyone got any suggestions as to where to start? My thoughts are perhaps something to do with the Airflow Meter, but really not a clue. Also, not sure if it could be related or not, but the past few weeks I've been getting an 'Engine Oil Low' warning, but I've checked a few times and the oil level seems fine (done about 7k miles since the last oil/filter change I think). I appreciate any help, thanks.
  12. garyjpaterson

    Power Steering Hose Burst! Help Appreciated!

    I've managed to identify that its not a high pressure line, as one side of it isn't crimped, its just a jubilee style clip (the side that didn't fail). So I should be fine just getting a new hose in bulk, cut to size then use ABA clamps or something like that to clamp. Apparently you can remove the metal crimped clamps by cutting the, which I will have to do. Real oem doesn't seem to have the correct pipe, since the diagrams seem to be LHD only.
  13. So when driving home merrily, I came round a bend (a few miles from home) and suddenly the steering felt very heavy. Power steering failure of some sorts obviously. Now if I had any sense I should have stopped, but I don't, and I didn't. I drove the last few miles (albeit a tad more cautiously than usual), keeping an eye out in the mirror for any fluid. Anyway, I got home and set about finding out what had happened. Opened the bonnet to see fluid everywhere, so yeah it had leaked, just none of it managed to get as far as the road, its plastered everywhere! I found the pump, i spent a while cleaning it to try and source the leak, when I eventually looked back into the bay (under the car at this point) and saw this: From what I can gather, the top rubber pipe goes up towards the reservoir (or maybe to the front for some cooling, not sure). Its quite short, less than 30cm in length and connects to a metal pipe. The bottom pipe in the above pic goes towards the steering box. As you can see, the rubber hose has ripped (burst, come apart?) from the connecting metal pipe. This is my issue then. My question is, does anyone have any idea whats involved in changing this pipe? Diagrams I have don't seem to reference it, they seem to be LHD only. Also what sort of connection is that, and can it be reused? If not, can I buy them and how are they crimped, might I need a special tool for that? The bottom metal pipe doesn't seem to have any damage, so surely it will not need replaced providing that crimped connection can be removed? Here are a couple more pics to help show the problem, this is looking down, pretty much under where the airbox was (I removed it): Might I have buggered my power steering pump running it for a few miles with presumably no fluid? Not sure, we'll find out in the future. But I suppose I won't know until I can fix the hose and refill with new fluid. Thanks in advance for any help finding the correct hose/connection, and any info regarding how to remove/refit a new one. Cheers, Gary
  14. garyjpaterson

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Replaced my slave cylinder after spotting my the fluid getting a bit low, Of course flushed and bled all new fluid too. Pretty happy, the old one looked a bit of a state: Pressure bleeder a bought was good too, will get onto the brakes next!
  15. garyjpaterson

    E34 Suddenly Not Starting - No Sound from Fuel Pump!

    Ok, issue resolved! Many thanks to the help given, I never would have done this on my own. Anyway, the issue seemed to be with some aftermarket wiring (still not sure what its purpose was, I'll investigate later) which I ended up cutting off, then connected the original green/mauve together. Now runs perfectly, with the Fuel Pump coming in properly rather than just jumping it to run all the time. Just changed the oil, fuel and air filters, changed oil and plugs, its ready for the road again. Thanks for the help, I'll no doubt be back in future whenever the next thing goes wrong! Proof that the car drives - and quick test of the new winter tyres