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  1. pistol pete

    20,000 miles a year in an E39 M5. Man-maths. Am I mental?

    Should of kept the scoob.........
  2. pistol pete

    E28 m5 gearbox oil

    Hi guys What oil should be used in the e28 m5 gearbox, Its been around now for 18 years and we have never changed it, as it just clocked over 100k guessing its about time itmhad some new oil Cheers
  3. pistol pete

    After some E28 (m5) parts

    I have only just seen this.. Thank you!
  4. Cool thank you.. Is it worth just buying all E28 standard linkages? all available? any info on the 545 swap? part numbers etc that you know of.. i am guessing the gerneral way of doing it is the same as the E30?
  5. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Will do.. I have one at work We check either side of the rad and one side is much cooler where it goes to the thermostat. Also when he installed the stat he checked his book it was the same way round as shown in the book. Has anyone got a pic which way round it should be so i can check with him?
  6. How do all.. Some updates for you as you have probably see among my other threads.. sorry clogging up the forum :).. ill ask some Qs here if anyone could help please.. So I was over due a visit to the M5, oh suppose see my Dad too but hey priorities and all that got a few of the odds and sods jobs done. First up was the head lights, the lamps had never been changed since he has had the car. so they were at least 18 years old.. Up to Euros and a set of Osram night breakers have made a huge difference to night driving. The drivers seat leg extension wasn't working and was stuck out.. figured it had go too far past its limits. A little gentle nudge back in the right direction and its now working perfectly again. Got in contact with B-Trim about the getting the seats sorted, awaiting their reply if they have any suitable material. I have noticed on the Ashtray there is a M5 symbol stuck on it, guessing this won;t be original so i want to take that off next tiem i go up And the some driving which was awesome.. great sounding car, Its hard ot try it properly without a rev counter.. my dad thinks its a little down on power, do the throttle bodies need balancing, is there much tuning up these car need after sitting.. i think its more a case no rev counter its not being really pushed yet So some(many) questions.. We have many issues with clocks,revcounter, dash lights and wiring. Going to see if its possible to get a new loom, did someone say any 6cly dash will work? The boot opens too far and jams the spring mechanism too far that's its a real shove to push down.. has anyone had this issue. the only thing we can think of doing to stop this is to place some rubber where the arm slots up into to stop it going up as high..?? The gear linkage! its loose.. in gear sooo much movement I have a write up here for changing the linkage on a E30 swapping it to Z3 linkages with all the part numbers.. is it the same for the E28 or are there differences? be great to be able to swap and sort that out. And lastly till i think of more... what gearbox fluid should be used in it, the diff oil has been changed but not the box.. Oh actually one more... in the boot, the trim on the passenger side of the boot we are missing.. could someone please get a picture of theirs if possible, My dad wants to make one up for now Thanks Peoples.. Here are some pics from the weekend (with my mad Focus) that is it for now.... Thanks everyone. and as soon as we get this wiring/dash issue sorted, now he is retired we want to get it to some meets. He is going to take it to the monthly Cheltenham meet this month i thinks
  7. pistol pete

    Wiring Diagrams, E28 M5

    thanks that is awesome.. went under the dash at the weekend and got a lists of cables which are "cut" I am going to speak to a guy that Mark has given me the number for, see if he has a spare interior loom, see if it possible to swap them over?
  8. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Hi ya Well a little update on this.. believe it to be the clocks, or a bad earth somewhere Its now had a complete flush, another new thermostat, all new coolant hoses (all of them) from BMW One time you drive it and the temp stays perfectly in the middle, no changes and its great. the next time after 2 mins it is well past the red on the gauge. but car is sitting there idling/driving happily and the rad fan isnt going full chat (thats brand new too) so other than the gauge there is no evidence the engine it hot going to get second set of clocks to try as the rev counter works when it feels like it which is not often
  9. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Thanks you for the help
  10. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Hi dan.. It came from bmw had to wait for it to come i .. looks exactly like the last onw.. Heater matrix block? Car has sat for a while.. should be easy enough to check.. ill disconnect pipes and follow through see if can find a blockage
  11. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    cool did wonder if it was self bleeding or not.. it just seems strange with out thermostat it doesnt over heat.. but with new thermostat it does.. even thought new thermostat.. whats easiest way to check if it is actually over heating? where is best place to measure the temp? thanks
  12. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Okay so he has changed the water pump, it already has a new rad and new fan. new thermostat from BMW and its still over heats take the thermostat out and it doesn't over heat.. but put thermostat in water, new and old thermostat open at the same time.. please someone any ideas?
  13. pistol pete

    E28 m5 overheating

    Hi all spoke with my dad, he was driving the m5 home from work and looked down and temp was in the red.. got it taken home.. he has since put on a new fan and coupling, new thermostat its already got a new Radiator no oil in coolant or other way round still runs sweet as a nut.. but you start the car and the temp gauge just slowly continues to rise... He is also changing the water pump for good measure although getting the old one off it looked and spun fine.. any ideas? i had this on my shogun ended up being dry joint on the dash clocks.. is there any special bleeding method on the coolant for these? any ideas would be great thanks Pete
  14. Apparently it over heated the other day, so he has order new fan coupling and thermostat Well, went up a couple weeks ago a made a list of all parts need doing.. so if anyone can point in right direction, or have any ideas.. would be great.. the list is.. Rust - Front wings, N/S rear arch bottom corner, rear window, Front under bumper plastic cracked/broken O/S indicator lense N/S fog lamp unit, replace whole unit Front wiper arms needed for lights Wiring- its all a mess New ignition leads - Magnacor? viscous fan replace Under bonnet sound deadening Rubber under bonnet seal replace Clocks not working (rev counter) Indicator lense O/S Front seat leg extension on seat not working Drivers headrest not working Interior trim needs work replacement of stereo for OEM or similar Drivers door card plastic cracked Proper 5 series floor mats Remove aftermarket rear speakers on Parcelshelf Rear brakes refurbed new exhaust system back of N/S side skirt dropping, new clips needed