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  1. cstack1298

    20,000 miles a year in an E39 M5. Man-maths. Am I mental?

    I've used mine all summer. It's sat around 19mpg the whole time. I just drove it how i wanted to. Got anywhere from 240-290 a tank. Avearged a tank a week.....
  2. cstack1298

    E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    They are quite rare.........even so you still cant buy spares..............
  3. cstack1298

    BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    I've recently rebuilt (timing only) a M62 (2001) with 80k on the clock for the very same reasons. Did it myself and cost around £1200 in parts (and i get 35% discount on genuine parts). My opinion? waste of £1200. there was nothing wrong with any of it at all. Wish id kept some stuff so i could post pics. You need to think about the production numbers here as well. How many really have failed? How was they looked after? I change my oil every 5k miles regardless. Will i be safe? not sure. What i am sure about tho is how much money do i want to spend on my £10k car..........always makes me laugh now because everyone i so focused on prices based on miles. I've spent fucking thousands on mine. It's getting like triggers broom............... I'm concerned for my gearbox at the moment.........will i spend £6.5k on a new one? ain't gonna happen. If your car is staying forever then go for it. strip it down and rebuild the lot. I love mine, but i don't love it enough to dump all that cash on it. At least not against what i've already spent............................
  4. So then............ I changed my gearbox oil this weekend. Notchy, not the best. Dometimes won't do 1st to second, sometimes a little crunch into 3rd. And all the usual getrag characteristics. Now, what i do know is that you cannot buy spares. At all. I have thought about striping one to see if pattern parts can be made but that will be some task...... Oil chnage has made things a little better. But, whats worrying is the amount of metal that came out of the box in the oil....... So, the question is this. With no existing spares, sooner or later there is a chance that you could end up with a scrap motor if your gearbox is shagged. I do know you can get a remanufactured one form the dealer. £6700 inc. VAT. So what's the alternative? has anybody ever heard of anyone dropping a different box into a S62? It must be possible. SMG3, DCT..........something?
  5. cstack1298

    Wooden trim polishing

    there is shit load of laquer on the veneers to get the shine. you could easily wet sand it and polish it without getting anywhere near the wood.
  6. cstack1298

    Front dampers

    They won't have anything on them because the tooling in the plant will set them to the hub. This Is cheaper than paying delphi (or whoever makes them) to put a label on the shock body. Most modern suspensions are all set up on a platen before it even sees the car. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  7. cstack1298

    BMW E39 Interior Trims

    i have black birch/birch anthracite. if you can find me a set of bruyere club, its yours.........
  8. cstack1298

    E39 M Sport Steering Wheel

    2001 M5 facelift model
  9. cstack1298

    E39 M Sport Steering Wheel

    i will have one in a couple of weeks. excellent condition, like new.
  10. cstack1298

    RHR E39 Anthracite Birch Wood Trim

    i have a full set. if anyone has a set of bruyere club, id swap.........
  11. caramlel carpets and mats
  12. let me know if you still have this.
  13. oh and also in addition to this i have a full set of carpets and mats............