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  1. What happened with this one? Get to the bottom of the transmission codes?
  2. L1011


    Yeah I didn’t buy any and the sun/light is gone up here in Scotland. A job for next year perhaps. who did you buy from?
  3. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I have carbon black.... I didn’t want to spend that much but if you do the maths: - used set of style 135 (MV2s for e60) without any cracks, welds or buckles [RARE] c£180-250 - refurb to fresh £200 - Nokian winter tyres £125 each so say £500 based on some competitive online discounts - fitting £40 Budget £950 The ones I bought are solid, no cracks, welds or buckles, refurbed and not fitted since, decent tread and condition of tyres that will last a season if not two and just 7 miles down the road from me. I also wanted to paint them Ferric grey which isn’t far off what these are finished in. Oh and based on the above costings saved me £500. Plus got to meet a gent of a forum member! @Vlady I’m most happy.
  4. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I think it’s the other way round, vast majority have style 138 at 7.5J wide with 225s where are the style 122 at 8J seems a bit rarer. That’s what I found when trying to source some. Style 122 has a straighter spoke down to the hub where the 138 is curved. Even people selling them get the style numbers confused!
  5. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    That is correct. As per style 138 although style 122 were 8J with a 235 tyre! I just bought Vladys MV2s with winters on! Really happy I found this thread!
  6. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I believe you have technically: http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/244 The wheel style itself is subjective.
  7. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

  8. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I think he knows all this. I’ve hinted as much in previous replies. Either way I can’t tell if he has e46 or e60 alloys but he definitely has 225s
  9. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Right ok. Yeah I noticed the 245/40 but thought that was a typo. 225/40s must be pretty stretched on an 8J rim?
  10. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I through you a curve ball, kinda. They should be 245/40s on the MV2. You’ll need to run those calcs again. More concerning is if you are using MV2s from an e46. The fronts on the e46 have a much lower offset. Something like ET37 or similar. Or maybe 35R45F. Either way they won’t be suitable for your e60.
  11. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    17s would fit. Style 138 is the standard SE which is 17x7.5. Style 122 was the optional SE upgrade which is 17x8. However for winter the narrower wheel and tyre package (225) would be better. Bolt length would depend on offset and material of wheel hub difference. Your MV2 (style 135) should be 18x8, ET20 offset all round with 245/45* tyres all round. They only came staggered on the e46. *EDIT: correction should be 245/40
  12. L1011

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    At the other end of the spectrum my 535d has factory 19” spiders. These are staggered and 9.5” wide at the rear wearing 275/30 tyres. The car came with Michelin Pilot Super Sports which I replaced to Goodyear Eagle GSD F1 3s when they finally slicked off. I live in Scotland and last year was bad for flash snow and ice. I only really had an issue twice in terms of getting stuck. Ironically once was going to get the tyres changed for the goodyears as the worn Pilots coincided with the snow. The car got stuck driving up the bank to the tyre fitters (took two blokes and me driving to get it up the bank where previously an XF had got stuck and slid into a ditch via a steep drop). The other time was the following week when the traffic was so bad I abandoned my commute and got stuck on my estate. Lots of cars did though as a result of lazy residents not putting salt grit down and others (mothers) in pickups and rangeys just flooring it everywhere and polishing up the iced snow. My problem was potholes left as a result of the freeze/thaw/freeze cycles. I badly buckled two of my wheels and for that reason will be looking to get some 17” wheels and probably fit winters to them. The size of my brakes means O require 17” as a minimum for clearance.
  13. L1011

    What shocks?

    Was that the M Sport springs? If so that’s good to know the Koni dampers suit the springs. My 535d is on 157k with a daily commute of 100 miles and apart from some replacement factory springs due to the usual crack/snap issue it’s all original. Mine doesn’t feel particularly well controlled at all. Especially lane changes over broken tarmac at speed.
  14. L1011

    What shocks?

    So was it just the koni special active dampers you changed or springs and top mounts too?
  15. L1011

    E60 gearbox slipping

    Different box I know but this kind of service would be nice: http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/527361/ Ironically after all that it still failed on him a short time afterwards!