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    Kayaking, walking, camping, swimming, cycling, all day drinking, LFC, rugby, travel, cool cars and smiley ladies!
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    ROV pilot tech / Aircraft elec tech


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    2009 530d Tourer

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  1. Cheers for the info! Do you happen to know what should be fitted there as standard? Cheers Si
  2. Hi Peeps, Silly questions but just can't find out what the buzzes ripped out of the front console and over head panel? Manual is useless! Pics attached! Cheers Si
  3. Hi Peeps, Just left the murky world of VW into E61 land! Any recommendations or experience of local BMW garages near Chester....normal stuff applies...trustworthy, affordable, reliable and knowledgable!! Cheers Si
  4. Jack Tar


    Cheers chaps, I'll give them a ring! Not a clue as to why they wouldn't insure me...minute I said BMW 530d he said we don't do BMW's anymore! Right better crack on...first job is a pesky blower motor refusing to play!
  5. Jack Tar


    Hi Peeps, Just entering the world of 530d Touring from previous VW T5, phoned my long term insurance company with my 10+ years no claims.....and they won't insure me! Any stand out companies out there come to mind? Drop me a line, Cheers Si