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  1. Changing the oil on my first car (fiesta). Only had a hand-full of tools at the time, so used to remove oil filters by jamming through a flathead screwdriver with a hammer then using the screwdriver to turn. Knocked the screwdriver all the way through the oil filter, out the other side and straight into an air conditioning hard-line. Expensive mistake at the time - however I just left the air-con broken.
  2. AlexGSi2000

    £500 banger rally

    I have been tempted by the likes of "rust to rome".etc I have done a few euro driving trips with a few friends, the last one for a mates stag do whereby we had a budget of £700 to buy a car - two teams. We ended up with a 98' 540i (the reason for my love of the e39) and a 93' XJ6.
  3. Afternoon, Quick question for those with the 520d / N47 engine. How much blow-by do you get when the oil filler cap is removed / or the breather to intake pipe is removed? Reason I ask is that I have just purchased and fitted a used N47 engine after an old engine failure and run it up for the first time. The rocker cover was thoroughly cleaned before fitting, everything else appears to be fine - just not sure if the crankcase pressure I have is normal. Will try and get a video / few photos of the blow-by from mine for comparison. Many thanks, Alex.
  4. The part in the last photo is the inside of the diesel particulate filter. It is supposed to look like honeycomb across the entire surface - looks like this one has burnt or melted somehow. I also forgot to mention the swirl- flaps had failed, with one lodged in the cylinder head before the valves. I took a closer look at the EGR valve, the actuator that controls the coolant was seized solid, not sure if this would have any impact. Failed piston ring sounds plausible, however there was no obvious sign of this.
  5. I finally got round to removing / opening the engine the other week - one word, catastrophic! As for the cars worth, its an m-sport model with quite a few extras, nice looking car - worth the expense in my opinion. Timing was fine - the kit on the car was date stamped 2012, I quickly realized this when I took off the head and it still wouldn't turn over So, apart from all the sludge and varnish; EGR - Failed, DPF - Failed, 3 spun main bearings - block damaged, 3 spun big end bearings. Crank - toast. I honestly don't know what would have caused all the sludge - services have been paid for every year, book stamped up, engine has done 150k. Would you believe - no engine or oil pressure warning lights and was performing "normally" Where have we gone from here - well, the block, rods and crank are past it, so thats re-shelling out of the question. First option was to find a good bottom end and swap over the head, however complete used engines were not much more expense - we didn't fancy chance using the valvetrain after seeing the state it was in, so a used engine was purchased. I genuinely believe the likes of the EGR hinder this engine and may well have caused the oil to gunk up, this will be blanked off. New timing kit has been fitted to the replacement engine, all ancillaries fitted and its sat on the mounts - need to bolt the flywheel, clutch and gearbox back in - currently awaiting a seal for the gearbox and a few other small items. Will update in week or two, enjoy the photos.
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    Ordered via PayPal, many thanks.
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    Morning, Is it possible for a price on the following please; 23117531360 - Gearbox shift rod seal Many thanks, Alex.
  8. Thanks for your input. Duncan, it was very hard to turn even using my breaker bar - to the point where I thought I was using bad batteries to try and start! Would only turn over slowly when jump leads were connected also. The engine actually started and last night for a brief period (2 minutes) - this was after actuating the electronic fuel pump first using INPA, the thing was making terrible noises - I was convinced it was the bottom end knocking as I could feel the knock through the body of the car, I am now not convinced after reading Lukes comment. Either way, I killed it off (not intentionally) - the thing stalled after 2 minutes of running and has locked up, it may well have been a broken guide however was misfiring badly. It means a replacement engine, however I am glad I wont be fitting a new timing kit to a potentially bad engine. Aim is to find a good used engine and fit a new timing kit - will strip down the bad engine and show my findings.
  9. Afternoon all, A friend of mine has asked me to help out with an issue he has with his 2008 320D. I know this may not be the correct forum, but wondered if anyone has any experience working on these engines? The car will crank over (sounds like there is compression), however will not fire. The starter motor draws a lot of current when cranking and the engine is almost impossible to turn over by hand. I have concluded that this is a timing issue, I have not begun to strip down the engine yet, however as the engine cranks and sounds like there is compression I am assuming the timing chain has not snapped or broken - maybe stretched and allowed timing to go out of tolerance, hence no fire. We know worst case scenario is an engine swap / rebuild, however I was wondering if i could potentially just fit a new timing chain kit and re-time? Or will the fact that has already gone out of time mean there will be internal damage? I know if the chain will have let go completely the valves would have hit the pistons - however with the chain still being in tact Im hoping we can get away with a new timing kit. Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  10. AlexGSi2000

    Life advice needed!

    Not posted in quite some time - Hoping I can take some advice from you guys in regards to work life, I'll try and keep this brief. Essentially I was going to be made redundant around March 2017 - The small company I had worked for and progressed in over 10 years was being bought out and had centrally managed IT, hence my role at the time (IT & Facilities manager) was going to become surplus to requirements. The pay was well at £33k and I was happy with the job, almost minimal stress and the job was enjoyable. Before I was made redundant, I decided to jump before I was pushed and started applying for work. I managed to secure a role as an infrastructure engineer and took the job (missing redundancy payout) - I had just moved into my own place at the time and feared being out of work for the mortgage payments.etc. The new role lasted until just before the end of my probation period - they decided that due to "performance" issues I was not fit for the role, I ended up being fired on the spot with half a months pay. I was determined not to let it get me down, even though it was the shock of a lifetime. After a few interviews during the next month, I was offered another infrastructure based role which I took. The new role has been good and bad, I often find myself working on projects throughout the night at short notice without overtime, pay is fairly low (25k) for the role however I have learned a lot during the past couple of months there. In a nutshell, the negatives outweigh the positives and its really dragging me down - to the point where I do not want to actually go into work! I used to be a very committed individual, however I feel broken at the moment - I cant really describe it, feels like a mixture of depression and anxiety. Half of me wants to just shake it off and carry on, however it has persisted for well over a month and its doing me no good. Today I decided that I need to change, so I have started applying for other roles - 3 roles in a year wont look good on the CV but feel I need to do it if I'm not happy! I feel I need something else, however I am not sure what I would go into. I have thought multiple times about doing HGV training and becoming a driver, I have thought about setting up my own company doing automotive repairs / sales. My question being - have many of you ever considered or had a complete change in career? - If so, can you offer any advice?
  11. AlexGSi2000

    All four Titan Silver E39 doors & glass FREE

    I could do with a drivers door. Whats the condition like?
  12. AlexGSi2000

    Any interest? Audi A6 Avant v6 tdi

    Good old V6 TDi - Rare that the headgaskets to go. However the cams WILL wear out. Had to replace mine at 110k - the second set were wearing by the time it hit 190k. Supposed 180bhp standard, made 173bhp after a remap and exhaust - terrible engine.
  13. Front slam panel & air-conditioning fan removed from a 2001 530i Sport. Fan works as it should - I know these fans can be expensive to buy, but considering I need to reclaim some space in my storage unit I am asking £45 collected from postcode L19. Thanks.
  14. AlexGSi2000

    e39 Subframes - Cheap.

    I have a pair of front and rear subframes removed from a 2001 530i Sport Auto. The subframes come with everything included in the photos below, rear subframe is missing one hub, but comes with differential and driveshafts. I'm trying to recover as much as possible from my storage unit so asking - £20 for the front subframe and £40 for the rear. Collection only from postcode L19. Thanks.
  15. AlexGSi2000

    Twin exhaust tip for an E39 Sport

    I have this one; http://www.304stainlessexhaustparts.com/304tw07.html I did have to shave "a little" off the lower sport trim. Fits perfectly and suits the car to the ground I think. There are other ones available on that site, however I would be careful it doesnt look too small.