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  1. 1995 E34 540i6

    I'll update everyone soon.
  2. 1995 E34 540i6

  3. 1995 E34 540i6

    Black grille installed, Drivers door strap attached, Rear OFS still attached, Detail and wax (removed over spray & touched up with 303 silver) M5 OEM rear clusters installed, OEM radio installed Heater controls bulb replaced serviced (castrol edge 10W-40) Interior walnut trim piece replaced, New numberplates New airbox to intake pipe Removed headlight washer tank -------------------- Still to do: Engine cover (in the post) Remote central locking door card clips bonnet badge Rear 12v outlet Drive it
  4. E34 rear light clusters - Clear

    Yes. I saw the TUI reg car sold on here
  5. E34 rear light clusters - Clear

    That's only an hour away from me. Cheers guys
  6. e34 REAR right sill cover - 51478137316

  7. E34 rear light clusters - Clear

    As the title suggests im looking for a set of genuine clear Hella's for my e34 (see pic). PM me if you have anything...
  8. e34 REAR right sill cover - 51478137316

    Hi all, Looking for a rear offside sill cover in black for my E34 540i: (PN 51478137316 ) Any help or pointing in the right direction would be great
  9. Anyone rocking HIDs?

    Can someone post a few links to reputable HID kits that work in their E34's or ones that you would recommend? Might be useful for people reading the thread in the future....
  10. 1995 E34 540i6

    Thanks, yes - it's the one off ebay. It's had £1700 spent on it in 6 months. Everything from rear shocks to window rubbers. It's a genuine individual model with red and black interior. Going to change the 7" oem bmw screen for an android one and the new numberplate holders have been ordered. I'll put on the original headlights but the chav ones don't look too bad! Especially at night. Can't understand why anyone would want to make it loud so it's going to be as standard as possible. Going to get some bits resprayed especially the front splitter.
  11. 1995 E34 540i6

    Alpina sign coming off soon
  12. 1995 E34 540i6

    Just got a new daily while I take the e34 off the road to do some work. Smooth as silk. Such a car...
  13. What is the proper name for this component?

    Perfect.... 10 points for you sir!
  14. Ive searched and searched and was about to drive to the local stealer when I caught myself on. 1st person to tell me the name of whats missing and where to get one gets 10 points!