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    A quick update. My Dvd discs are now loaded and all seems ok. I loaded the first disc, parked up went to a meeting at approx 25 and turned off the engine/ignition. Once back in the car it continued from where it left off. It then got to about 30% when I was asked to insert disc 2. Once it was at approx 35% I popped in to sainsbury's. Once back in the car it asked me to insert disc 1 again which I did. It then quickly realised that disc 1 was already loaded and asked for disc 2. I stopped again at about 50% this time at Tesco. On restarting it asked me to repeat the previous procedure and again all was fine. That got to approx 65% when I was asked to insert disc 3. Upon completion it asked me to select ok to install, and hey presto, all done. I had feared that I'd have to leave the car stationary for 2 hours waiting for the maps to load, I needn't have worried though, not only could I drive whilst the maps were loading, but it didn't seem to mind stopping and starting during the install.
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    Thanks,I have been given 3 discs as replacements for the 3 usb sticks. I'll try the discs but guess I could just format the usb sticks and copy the content of each disc onto each usb and try again? Can I be driving the car whilst the maps are being updated? On the Bluetooth front the bmw website does not offer a Bluetooth update for my VIN so there's nothing to download.
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    My August 2010 build wont update via USB, is this normal? (if it's of relevance I can't update the Bluetooth using the usb update option either). I'm planning to update the maps by dvd instead, has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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    I'm assuming that once the file is on the memory stick, the install procedure is the same? Was it easy to do? Is it just a matter of plugging in the usb, entering the code and letting the car do the rest?
  5. Hi, has anyone had any experience of buying updated sat nav maps from a company called 'Carsmate'? I have 2010 maps and lloking to upgrade to latest 2016 maps. 'Carsmate' supply a single 32gb usb stick to do the job. Has anyone else updated theirs off a single USB stick? Is it day to do? Thanks
  6. Cheers. Previous owner didn't go overboard with options, just professional sat nav and 18"alloys i think.... With all the tech on these cars it's not easy to know what ther car is capable of as standard and what extras you need for the various bells and whistles!
  7. Hi, Thanks for the detailed responses, really useful stuff, my options list is: 1CA Selection Cop Relevant Vehicle 1CB Co2 Content 1CC Automatic Start/stop Function 2K2 Alloy Wheels Star Spoke 328 2PA Locking Wheel Bolts 230 Eu Specific Additional Equipment 255 Sports Leather Steering Wheel 258 Runflat Tyres 302 Alarm System 320 Model Designation deletion 423 Floor Mats, Velour 428 Warning Triangle 430 Int/ext Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dazzle 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dazzle 441 Smokers Package 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) 6AA Bmw Teleservices 6AB Control Teleservices 6FL Usb-/audio Interface 609 Navigation System Professional 612 Bmw Assist 615 Extended Bmw Online Information 616 Bmw Online 620 Voice Input System 633 Prep.mob. Ph. Business Bluet.interf. 698 Area-code 2 8KA Oelservice Int. 30.000 Km/24 Months 8SC Country Spec. Release Of Teleservice 8SM Vin, Visible From Outside 8S2 Coding Of Alarm Signal 8S3 Automatic Lock When Driving Away 8TF Active Protection For Pedestrians 8TG Anti-theft System 8V1 Ncap Label 812 England Version England 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory Service 877 Deletion Cross-over Operation 880 English / On-board Documentation My car is an August build 2010 F10 Model.
  8. Thanks, yes that's the page I am on. Once I put in the 7 digits, the page appears to refresh then I click OK. The following page doesn't reveal any update. Having read your 'RedMe'file, I don't have the Software Update option in my menu. So I'm guessing I can't update my system. Does it update some other way? The RedMefile mentions being able to access SMS and emails from the I drive, how can I get this on my system? I was hoping that the Bluetooth update might do that. Is there way I can perfrom the update to bring this function? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi All, first time user of the forum. Just bought a 520d se f10 with professional sat nav, media package with bmw assist Bluetooth etc. I am looking to perform the Bluetooth update available from the bmw website but when entering the last 7 Digits of my VIN, no updates are shown. In the settings menu on my car, I do not have a 'Software Update' option. In order to get the Bluetooth update, do I need to have the connected drive services activated first? Lastly, in regard to the sat nav, can I simply buy the updated maps from independent retailers on the web? On do I need to get them from bmw? Are there any pros and cons, cost differences as which I get. I'm on 2010 Premium Europe. Thanks for your help.