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  1. rasg

    Drivng in France

    They have just started this month. Currently the following cities and more being added between now and 2020. Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Chambery, Marseille Loads of places sell them but the only place you can legitimately buy them is here: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/demande They post them from France and they can take up to ten days. About £4 with postage. Fines between £59 and £117 for not having one. More info here: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/law-change-for-uk-drivers-in-french-cities/ And here: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2017/03/driving-to-france-check-now-if-you-need-a-new-emissions-sticker-to-avoid-a-possible-100-fine
  2. rasg

    Drivng in France

    Ok. 40 Km per hour. Better? That is only 25 mph.
  3. rasg

    Drivng in France

    And if you are caught driving more than 40K over the limit they can impound your car...
  4. rasg

    Drivng in France

    Thanks for the info. You should carry two hi viz vests, breathalyser, warning triangle, first aid kit, spare bulbs, GB sticker (so the police know who to stop...), headlight thing. If you are driving in many of the big cities also a Crit’Air clean air sticker on your windscreen.
  5. I have a 2012 F11 2 ltr MSport and we are thinking of a trip to France. In my browsing I thought I'd found that there was an option to change the LED lights to drive on the opposite side of the road yet there is no option in my Vehicle settings. Can anybody help please? TIA.
  6. rasg

    Locking nut will not budge

    I was looking at the spline type on eBay. Any better?
  7. rasg

    Locking nut will not budge

    A friend with the right tools managed to get it off. He ground 2-3 mm off the outside of the flange of the wheel nut socket that allowed it to go that much further into the locking wheel nut. After that it came straight out without slipping. No damage and the socket can still be used.
  8. rasg

    Locking nut will not budge

    Thanks for all the information. Appreciated.
  9. Hi. I still have the winter wheels on my F11 as I cannot get one of the locking nuts to budge. The old locking nut key was a bit mangled so I bought a new one (£27!) but even the new one is slipping out. I read a suggestion elsewhere that I should remove the other three wheel nuts and take a slow drive around a deserted car park. Anybody else have any better ideas please? TIA.
  10. It is a big step up. MY E61 was a manual but all the goodies on my ex dem F11 was a huge bonus.
  11. Yes it does if you consider that your £250 each summer tyres have a three or four month holiday in the worst of the weather. And you stop quicker and it's much safer too. And you get to drive your car safer if it does snow. But not at BMW prices!
  12. I get the VAT back and I'm a bit off on the price but I did buy them in 2015. Took a while to find the receipts. I paid £591.00 and the wheels look really good too and you don't have to pay BMW prices. I paid quite a bit less on the E61 a few years as I bought a set of 16 inch BMW alloys from eBay. I sold them to a Polish woman last year for almost what I paid for them. Brand new Set of 4 x 17 inch Wiger Germany Alloy Wheels from Amazon. £220.00 Dunlop Winter Sport 5 225/55 R17 101V XL BSW Total : £371.33
  13. Take a look. They are not mandatory but 7 degrees is mentioned... I swear by them. For a bit over £500 for brand new wheels and tyres they provide peace of mind to me i a rear wheel drive car that provides very little traction in the snow with the summers on. www.save.ca/community/winter-tire-regulations-in-canada/ And that is where winter tyres would work if everybody including lorries and coaches etc used them. They wouldn't be spinning out! The first time I was out with the winter tyres in the E61 there were many cars stranded half way up a hill. I just whizzed straight by them. Not always possible of course. Just been out to a local lake with my wife. She loves the snow. Nobody else there apart from the two of us and our tyre tracks and in about two inches of snow no skidding at all.
  14. You won't say that if you have a prang and it's your fault... When that happens everything goes up. Insurance premiums etc. Apart from the inconvenience of the damage, assuming nobody is hurt. It is a false economy and gives your summers a break for the winter too so they last a lot longer. As I said in my post, winter wheels perform better than summer tyres as soon as the temperature drops to 7 degrees. It did that in early December and looks like it will continue well into March.
  15. I am surprised. My manual E61 would even get out of the drive with a few inches of snow on the ground. I bought a different set of wheels and winter tyres the following day. The same for my auto F11. Probably worse in the snow as it's auto. I think it should be a legal requirement for all cars, lorries, coaches etc to have winter tyres fitted when the temperature drops below 7 degrees. Even in rain and the cold the car stops quicker and doesn't slide around. This time last year we were in Iceland two days after the biggest snowfall in 50 years. Even the rental cars have snow tyres. I drove over a 1000 miles in just over a week without a single problem. Sometimes in a foot of snow. Why is it that the UK seems to come to a grinding halt when we get a bit of snow. Iceland and the Scandanavian countries just go about their business without issues.