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  1. My F11 doesn't but I wish it did. My original dashcam was plugged in the rear seat ciggy lighter socket. When the new one was wired I added a double USB in the front ciggy socket. Handy for charging ecigs etc.
  2. I already have. I thought that a ban was given if you are doing double the speed limit or over 100 mph. Must be a more enlightened police area... A pal of mine was caught doing 60 in a 30 at 4.00 am quite a few years ago and received a 6 week ban. No points and no fine.
  3. I thought it was a 100 mph. I set it at 90 which means I am driving at around 86/87 mph real speed. I just use the up and down function of the cruise control to speed up or slow down.
  4. I had to change my rear pads at just over 70K and the fronts at 73K. LIM is set to warn me if I drive into instant ban territory, set at 90mph. I use cruise control a lot and do a lot of motorway driving.
  5. Was the old one easy to get out? I have a coin (I think) that prevents the door at the top fully opening.
  6. No! This time it was the n/s rear. The stuck locking nuts were on the front. Maybe but it worked six times before. And it's working fine now.
  7. Maybe it was unlucky puncture number 7... The TPW always worked before and it worked when the space saver was on. Just not with the real, non run flat tyre on the back of the car. Really bugged me as it was a small screw through the middle of the tyre. An easy fix that I could have done myself if I'd known I had the problem.
  8. Thanks for this. The drop on the near side was pointed out to me by a customer but the space saver was on the car at the time. And it was 100 mm. Not 10 mm! When the car had a new tyre put on all is back to normal. Thanks for the info.
  9. Puncture number 7 this morning on the M25 heading around to Egham. This time not a run flat gone but one of the Dunlop SPO1s. The tyre pressure warning failed on me and naturally trashed the tyre. After a lot of faffing around with wheel nuts that were too tight I managed to get the spacesaver on and get going again before BMW sent the breakdown truck. It was only when I got to my destination and I was parked on a very flat and level drive (mine isn't) that I noticed that the front n/s was about 4 inches lower that the o/s. Any ideas on what it could be please? It should be under warranty and both rear airsprings were replaced back in January. She's done around 75,000 miles.
  10. rasg

    Drivng in France

    They have just started this month. Currently the following cities and more being added between now and 2020. Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Chambery, Marseille Loads of places sell them but the only place you can legitimately buy them is here: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/demande They post them from France and they can take up to ten days. About £4 with postage. Fines between £59 and £117 for not having one. More info here: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/law-change-for-uk-drivers-in-french-cities/ And here: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2017/03/driving-to-france-check-now-if-you-need-a-new-emissions-sticker-to-avoid-a-possible-100-fine
  11. rasg

    Drivng in France

    Ok. 40 Km per hour. Better? That is only 25 mph.
  12. rasg

    Drivng in France

    And if you are caught driving more than 40K over the limit they can impound your car...
  13. rasg

    Drivng in France

    Thanks for the info. You should carry two hi viz vests, breathalyser, warning triangle, first aid kit, spare bulbs, GB sticker (so the police know who to stop...), headlight thing. If you are driving in many of the big cities also a Crit’Air clean air sticker on your windscreen.
  14. I have a 2012 F11 2 ltr MSport and we are thinking of a trip to France. In my browsing I thought I'd found that there was an option to change the LED lights to drive on the opposite side of the road yet there is no option in my Vehicle settings. Can anybody help please? TIA.
  15. rasg

    Locking nut will not budge

    I was looking at the spline type on eBay. Any better?