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  1. bullawayo

    My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    Love this, more pics required!!
  2. bullawayo

    Stage 2 E60 530D

    Had a great time this morning. Going down the M4 at 70 and my tyre warning popped up on the dash. 30 Seconds later I was fighting to keep the car on the road. Managed to pull it into an industrial estate. Near on impossible to drive the 500 yards (fortunately it blew right by the exit) with the tyre slapping the sh*t out my arch lol Rang a local company i've used a few times, they were there within an hour to replace both rears. Good times!
  3. bullawayo

    Stage 2 E60 530D

    Some more photos from over the last few months.... The love is endless.... Rolling road pic... Removing far too much for an air filter! Sub wiring.... Paintwork... Headlights needed sorting, a couple of hours later they were a lot better And dechromed window surrounds. Needs tints now!
  4. bullawayo

    Stage 2 E60 530D

    Thanks mate. Oxford Green. Originally thought it was black when I went to see it, have to say i've really grown to love it. Rare now too! Will update with more photos shortly. I have forgotten a tonne of other stuff I have done. Thanks mate
  5. bullawayo

    Stage 2 E60 530D

    completely forgot... Rolling road video: And I fitted a decat/stainless rear box...sounds good for a diesel!
  6. bullawayo

    Stage 2 E60 530D

    Hi Gents, I'm Matt, an automotive and systems engineer from Hampshire. I'm also an admin on E60/E61 Owners Club UK's facebook page. Been browsing for a while so thought I would post some pics of the current beater, my 530d. This is slightly disjointed but i'm not very good at documenting/taking photos as I do stuff - hopefully I will be better now! So, I bought a 530d SE on a 53 plate 2 years ago. FBMWSH and 90k, for the mighty sum of 4k. I do about 30k a year so needed something that would eat up the miles whilst still being a bit fun. Originally I planned on keeping this standard and having a toy seperately, but the more I drove this thing the more I fell in love with it. Bought it, got it home. Gave it a clean, chucked some spare wheels on as the 16s weren't cutting it The following day took it to my mates just over the Welsh border for a remap and so I could sort my swirl flaps out. Had pre-ordered the kit as I knew I wanted this model So swirl flaps deleted, EGR blanked, remap done. No DPF as pre-dpf. Instantly 100% better to drive!! Wheels were awful, 2 had cracked. Got rid and got some (similar) Japanese lightweight equivalents. BMW wheels are the worst for cracking. New wheel specs 19x8.5 and 19x.9.5 - 20mm front spacers 10mm rear. Chucked the wheels on, replaced the crank pulley as it was shot. Bought some prosport coilovers, used them before. Always been the best out of the "cheap" units available. Chucked them on The wheel colour wasn't doing it for me, gave them to my mate who powdercoated them. Colour is his own blend of hyper silver. Looking sorry for herself on the original wheels got the tyres on... Better! Painted the brake calipers, cleaned them up and regreased all 4: then just drove it for a while and did some maintenance bits (new brakes & fluid, full service etc)..I go all over the place with work! Some random pics... A guy I know came out and mopped the whole car. Did a sterling job - paintwork is suprisingly good! Missus drove the car once and scuffed the bumper....had it sorted by another friend Then I lost a load of recent photos.... I've since had all the window trims off and used BMW shadowline tape to black them out. Next step is hybrid turbo as mine is slowly dying. I also want to tint the windows and might end up throwing some money at it (new bumpers/wheels etc). Some of my previous cars: