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  1. oberlointment


    That is the radio unit. The bm54 is at fault. Very common. The solder joins become dry over time. Try unplugging your battery and then unplugging the cables from the unit in the boot and leave it over night. This sometimes fixes the issue. if it comes back then sadly you will need to get it respired. This happened to mine. Check out carphonics. Excellent guy who can repair your unit for you.
  2. oberlointment

    M54B30 running issues

    There are a few things that can cause those issues. Injectors coil packs A bad Cam shaft position sensor will cause rough running. Air intake boots might be perished. What do the spark plugs look like?
  3. oberlointment

    Drivers floor Matt

    Hi Apologies for the delay thank you for the information. Can you please order a full set of car mats. I have attached images of the interior and floor mats as requested. the last seven digits of the vin number are GL81919
  4. oberlointment

    Drivers floor Matt

    Great will send later tonight. How much would it cost to replace all four matts?
  5. oberlointment

    Drivers floor Matt

    Thank you that is great. How can I find the correct colour code for my matt?
  6. oberlointment

    Drivers floor Matt

    Hi can you please give a price for replacement drivers front floor Matt in grey. Vin is gl81919. I believe it’s this code http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=DS62-EUR-02-2003-E39-BMW-530i&mg=03&sg=15&diagId=03_0457&q=82599405489 Thanks Matt
  7. oberlointment

    Cement on paintwork

    Sooo a building site has dropped cement onto my car. It happen while I was away and the rain and sun have dried it to a hard shine! They contractors who own the site have agreed to pay to have it removed. So any tips on good detailers serving east London would be greatly appreciated. Not had to deal with anything like this before but I assume that it will not come off with out damaging the paint.
  8. oberlointment

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Very exiting so pleased this is coming together.
  9. oberlointment

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    Click on my name and then select the envelope to send me a pm. No charge I will just post it for free. Pm me your address.
  10. oberlointment

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    I have a spare large round socket I don’t need. I can send it to you if you wish. Software can can be bought from rusty at cable shack
  11. oberlointment

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    Just spray some brake cleaner through it and leave to dry.
  12. oberlointment

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    Have you checked your ICV? These can become clogged and effect tick over. Worth a check. In my experience issues with a bad maf would produce a constant bad idle.
  13. oberlointment

    Help with value of my e39.... sport

    Sounds very reasonable to me. Has it got any nice options like electric seats, rear blind, sunroof etc? Pics would help.
  14. oberlointment

    Problems with BMW battery

    As d_a_n1979 said no coding needed for e39. ECP currently have 45% off batteries. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_3.0_2003/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444771107&1&2a222a6245d0e5c144f50ce27337468b16040e11&000020 I wouldn’t bother with BMW warrenty.
  15. oberlointment

    Touring air spring plastic clips..

    excellent idea! Sadly i don't have a spare but good luck with the 3D printing.