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  1. Mirror cover removal help

    i believe that the cover is held on by four clips not screws see here
  2. Mirror cover removal help

    The covers are screwed in, you have to remove the mirror glass to access the screws. There is a how to some where I will see if I can locate it.
  3. Free PDF Bentley Manual for BMW E39

    You have pm.
  4. Quote for e39 water pump and misc

    Hi Can you please quote me for the following. 11517509985 - Water pump 11511711484 - O-ring 11527505302 - Fan coupling. (May not need this but would be good to know the price) Can you also put a quote for 10.5 litres of coolant. Many thanks Matt
  5. interesting I have a 2003 530i with the a failed box and am currently sourcing a replacement, so I can help you as I have done the research. The correct transmission code is in the screen shot below from real oem, as you can see it says that transmission was fitted to the E39, E46 and Z4 So yes you can use the transmission from an e46, but make sure its from the right years. Post facelift. This is useful but this does not help you that much as the code above will not give you the results you need when searching. The best codes I have found to use are these: 5hp19 1060 000 010 You may also find this pdf useful. Page 2 lists all the part numbers for all the boxes, this is invaluable to discount some boxes that the sellers say will fit when in fact they do not. 5HP19-zf.pdf As for your 1st question can't help you there but would be interested in a DIY myself.:)
  6. F/S 1996 e38 735i in blue 12 months MOT (Ipswich)

    Sounds really nice post up some poccies.
  7. E39 sport front bumper

    am interested if woofer declines.
  8. in need of a replacement auto box e39 m54

    Sadly my autobox is in need of a rebuild. I am not that interested in paying the £1300 + price for a recon unit so I am after a good second hand one. Hopefully one you guys can help me out. bmw part number is 24001423933 model number A5s 325z-tu my car is a facelift 2003.
  9. Timers? Or Some Other Dark Art

    Second for ignition switch. One test is to turn on the ignition and flp down the drivers side sun visor and slowly open the door to the mirror if odd things happen (lights flashing, radio turning off etc) then its your ignition switch.
  10. hose clamp

    Hi, Can you please order the following hose clamp. 07129952137 Hose clamp L95-102 Best Matt
  11. E39 Nav Home Screen Options

    pretty sure thats the full house
  12. Subwoofer E39 touring

    Thanks for this reply Dennis you have, as always, provided some excellent and well rounded information. Especially the info regarding the eq curve and the door baffles. I did not see any for £20 on ebay. You must have keener eyes then me. The info about the metal tweeters is very useful. I would rather go with focal but the issue is that as I can not use focal's crossovers (which give me the ability to tune the tweeter correctly) they may prove more problematic. That coupled with the fact that I am keeping the oem HU I will opt for soft dome tweeter. I will have a look at the four network and your DLS speakers. Thanks
  13. Subwoofer E39 touring

    Have been researching upgrading cabin speakers and have narrowed it down to three Focal 130ac, alpine spR 50c and rainbow el-c5 . Going to pop along to a local audio shop to listen to them. Anyone had any experience of these models. I have read online that the focals sound great but because they have aluminium tweeters it makes for a harsh sound. The alpine should give decent bass while the rainbow should work better with my bm54 radio.
  14. 2002 E39 steering wheel

    Thanks that is great info. Not to bad a price as well.