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  1. oberlointment

    price for clips and

    hi can you please quote me for the following: 4 x 51718176503 12 x 07119901299 12 x 07129904217 4 x 51718218852 4 x 11121726089 my car vin is GL81919 Any chance that these can be delivered for Friday morning? thanks Matt
  2. oberlointment

    BMW E38 Contour Seats To Fit E39

    I take it these sold?
  3. oberlointment

    E39 pre facelift parcel shelf speaker fault

    Excellent news. Congrats.
  4. oberlointment

    E39 pre facelift parcel shelf speaker fault

    Yes exactly right the radio/amplifier module is tucked in behind the cd changer in the boot.
  5. oberlointment

    E39 pre facelift parcel shelf speaker fault

    Have you got the bmw radio still fitted or is there an aftermarket HU in the dash? If you still have the bmw original radio it’s most likely the radio module on the boot. The solder joints get dry and Cause the speakers to drop out. Can easily be repaired by carphonics.
  6. oberlointment

    A.C / Fan issue. 2002 e39 525d

    I do believe that you can test the aux fan using inpa.
  7. oberlointment

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Bought and fitted missing tools in toolbox it’s now complete Realised I was missing 5 items! As only had the screwdriver, 2 x spanner’s and adjustable spanner.
  8. oberlointment

    missing pixels

    Second for Baris at carphonics. He is a top bloke. As for abs module I would send that to bba reman.
  9. oberlointment

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    nice car would be keen to view. Send me a PM
  10. oberlointment

    Injector coil

    Thanks. Can you please confirm. What the part number is. Best Matt
  11. oberlointment

    Injector coil

    Can I have a price for 6 new injector coils please http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=DS62-EUR-02-2003-E39-BMW-530i&mg=12&sg=05&diagId=12_2304&q=12138616153 I think I need the Delphi one. Last seven digits of vin GL81919 thanks.
  12. oberlointment

    Smg steering wheel

    Thanks Dennis I will send you a PM
  13. oberlointment

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Looks amazing Dennis. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  14. oberlointment

    Cable shack diagnostic sofrware

    Also looks like you are using winkfp. Use inpa like konzo suggested.
  15. oberlointment

    Cable shack diagnostic sofrware

    The software from cable shack works on windows 7 only. If your putting it on windows 10 email jimmy at cable shack and ask for the updated vmplayer neeed for proper installation. Otherwise it will not work properly. If you did this already they post up some screen shots of your desktop and apps. When installed properly you should have a cable shack icon on the desktop click that and it will show all the bmw tools. Inpa, dis etc.