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  1. Thanks for this reply Dennis you have, as always, provided some excellent and well rounded information. Especially the info regarding the eq curve and the door baffles. I did not see any for £20 on ebay. You must have keener eyes then me. The info about the metal tweeters is very useful. I would rather go with focal but the issue is that as I can not use focal's crossovers (which give me the ability to tune the tweeter correctly) they may prove more problematic. That coupled with the fact that I am keeping the oem HU I will opt for soft dome tweeter. I will have a look at the four network and your DLS speakers. Thanks
  2. Have been researching upgrading cabin speakers and have narrowed it down to three Focal 130ac, alpine spR 50c and rainbow el-c5 . Going to pop along to a local audio shop to listen to them. Anyone had any experience of these models. I have read online that the focals sound great but because they have aluminium tweeters it makes for a harsh sound. The alpine should give decent bass while the rainbow should work better with my bm54 radio.
  3. Thanks that is great info. Not to bad a price as well.
  4. If your near london I can read the codes for you.
  5. I agree best thing to do is to get the codes read. I would recommend you head over to cable-shack.co.uk. And purchase the software and diagnostic cable from there. I can not recommend it enough. Then just install on a windows laptop. Much cheaper and easier then a reader. Post the codes when you have them.
  6. Good luck with this. I have not got a wheel but I am thinking of getting mine retrimmed . Is it expensive? Royal steering wheels don't give prices on website.
  7. Hi Dennis, thanks as always for your excellent answer, some much need food for thought. I take your view on the sub verses the oem standard cabin speakers so might as well upgrade these items as well. I have the stage 2 amp uprage in my bm54 unit from carphonics so that will provide sufficient output for new speakers. I understand the size is 5.25". I have read at length about the oem speaker enclouses in the front being an issue. So will create the aftermarket mdf versions. I thought about buying a set of speakers from bav sound but they don't do a set for my basic stereo set up. I don't have rear tweeters or the mid ranges in the front. So it didnt seem worth it. Unless you can tell me that all i have in my car is the mid base and tweeter. Any suggestions on speaker replacements? I will take you advise and purchase the jl audio amp and the jl sub bass, from what you are suggesting the 8" seems to work better so I will look at that one, but If I can squeeze the 10" in then I am happy to get that. Thanks for the suggestion of just cutting a whole and filling that. Good idea.
  8. also this vibe amp http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/amplifiers/mono-amps/vibe-slick-bass-1-mono-amp-v2
  9. Hi Dennis, thanks for your reply. Yes I saw the one on ebay, i was almost tempted to purchase it but the price is on the high side. Shame I can't use the dimension of the oem box but I suspected your answer. In terms of the driver and diameter I was thinking of getting a 10" jl audio driver as it has a very shallow depth. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/subwoofers/10-inch-subs-25cm/jl-audio-10wx-v2 or kenwood http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/subwoofers/10-inch-subs-25cm/kenwood-kfc-ps2516w-12-subwoofer-1300w-max-power amp wise I am considering a choice of two http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/amplifiers/mono-amps/jbl-gx-a3001 http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/amplifiers/mono-amps/jl-audio-jx250-1 I am going for an RMS output of the amp for around 200 to 300 be interested in hearing your thoughts I have purchased a second hand trim cover and intend to cut a whole out of it to let the sound through and cover with acoustic cloth
  10. Hi guys just after a little help. I have the wide screen nav with bm54 radio and have decided to install an aftermarket subwoofer in my E39 touring. I would like the sub box to fit where the dsp sub fits over the battery. I am building my own enclosure but I am struggling with getting the dimensions right. So I thought if some one could give me the dimensions of the Nokia dsp sub that would be a great help. I have the tray on top of my battery which i am going to remove but I wonder for those that have the dsp sub is there anything that is placed on top of the battery i.e. underneath the sub?
  11. You have PM.
  12. Interested to see this but you might have a better response if you put an ad in the for sale section.
  13. Nice rangy. I had a p38 for a few years loved that car. 4.5 v8 vogue. With amazing sound system. It lives with my dad now so I still get to drive it now and again.
  14. So jealous!
  15. Amazing find for £100. Good work. I too have been after grey sport contours for a while. I am beginning to think The best move will be to purchase a while car to get a set.