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  1. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    Well now can't stop looking at the number plate haha! Bodywork first then BJ later
  2. Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Thanks Loadmaster, will give them a call as well, need a good bodyshop for the Imola!
  3. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    Hey all, Still here, the black touring became a bit of a project and ended up having the flappy paddle swap, E38 contours, Anthracite Birch Trim etc. Unfortunately it was hit up the back and was deemed Cat C, and with the rust creeping in I parted it out on , Have just been breaking the odd E39 to pass the time, until another touring appeared that I had to have, albeit it has rust issues and a high mileage at 260k... but as you can see an Imola red manual 530D touring, I feel it is worth saving and turning into a rather nice daily for myself! Needs bodywork sorting, although the 32s look good, I am thinking a set of Paras wouldn't go far wrong!
  4. E39 530i Sport touring manual 96k miles

    I was going to say I have seen this locally, I am just down the road in Aldershot, looks a really nice car, do like a good petrol manual!
  5. White E28 on the road coming out of Selsey

    I didn't notice reg plate, it did look a bit more sporty with a kit on I think, was a good looking car. Really like that shape as well
  6. White E28 on the road coming out of Selsey

    As per title, not sure of the road name but nice white E28 coming opposite way to me going away from Selsey.
  7. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    So have been reading about fitting the electric seats, I am quite taken with the Contour seats I think. Currently watching a E38 728i on Ebay with Grey ones, cheaper to buy the car then just the interior! Currently e39 is having its thermostats done, should be a good increase in MPG, although at the moment is costing me roughly the same as my Old 61 Plate astra to run so happy days all round!
  8. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    The Manual conversion is tempting, but I have actually got the whole E39 plan sorted, in a better financial situation and have my E39 backup fund now, Just putting a few little bits and pieces right on it. Removed the Sub woofer from the back, needs new thermostats which are being done on Thursday and going into to have the jacking plate corrosion done. But just trying to get it perfect, already prefer driving it to the Astra I had, it has even swayed my wife who dislikes BMW's with a passion,she is a massive fan of the torch and first aid kit and strangely enough the wood trim!
  9. 51 plate E39 M5 - SOLD

    Ah that is a good reason to put some money back into the account, did that couple of years ago and only now just starting to get back into having money in the bank!
  10. 51 plate E39 M5 - SOLD

    I think you should keep it, a cracking looking car in black, keep it for the one sunny day that we get in England
  11. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    Lol, it seemed silly to start a new thread when I had one, seems to be a few people local to me so will keep an eye out for e39s, not sure whether to wave or not!
  12. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    Interesting story about the silver one, I had it for a week or so and it had gearbox failure. I have had a astra j for the last year in between bmws and I still wanted another touring, this black one came up and took the plunge sold the Astra and bought the black one
  13. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    and again, here is my second try at E39 ownership... Again absolutely love the car, and fantastic fuel economy, one tank from Aberdeen to Aldershot.
  14. Velvet Blue E39 M5 Guildford

    Ah he was having a bit of a mooch then, I saw him at one way system near Farnham Road Car park. Will have to keep an eye out for your B10 as well.
  15. Hey All, so new haven't even bought a BMW yet!

    So Flights booked and pick this lovely looking example up from Aberdeen on Saturday morning... Will definately put some more pics up on the drive home