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  1. The rear airbags either go pop or the air slowly escapes through the perishing rubber. Have experienced both. Only remedy is a new pair of quality ones.
  2. GeeJayJoe

    B47 Temperature drops

    The only thing that I think is that the thermostat is stuck open.
  3. GeeJayJoe

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    At the beginning of this year I had one of the airbags go pop so I bought a pair of eBay for £95. Bargain. No. Both sides started deflating over night a while ago so I thought it must be the solenoid valve and replaced that. No difference. I bought a bag of eBay again, only £30, bargain. No. Put it on and it was flat again the next morning. i disconnected all the connections and sealed with sealant to make sure the air wasn’t leaking at the joints. No difference. So my question is, how much do I have to pay for bags that will stay inflated?
  4. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Same thing happened to my buttons. The moisture on my fingers seemed to react with the paint and dissolve it . I replaced the damaged ones from another panel and then I regularly smear some polish on them and it hasn`t happened again.
  5. GeeJayJoe

    F11 rear suspension airbag repkacement

    I bought 2 of these of ebay for £90 and they are working fine.
  6. I had the same situation with you having dipped beams on with auto switch. I have tried many times to get carly to code for angel eyes only but it says that it cant do it. Did you do anything special to get it to work?
  7. GeeJayJoe


    Is this limited to the 2lt or does the 3lt have the same problem?
  8. GeeJayJoe

    Couple of noob questions

    The rear passenger centre vent does blow warm air when switched on. Not outstanding but warm. There should be a button on the leftish of the centre console that says ALL. YOU THEN ONLY HAVE O MOVE THE DRIVERS SIDE KNOB. sorry caps.
  9. Could be a leek in the air pipe near the egr allowing the air exhaust mixture to escape and find its way to the cabin air inlet. Had this with a bmw engine before, the smell was worse when stationary. The egr valve may be due for a good clean.
  10. It all depends on how many miles the engine has done. It sounds like the inlet airways are a bit clogged up...... or it could be something else
  11. GeeJayJoe

    DPF Regeneration 530d GT

    The yellow triangle is next to the "Efficiancy Dinamics" blue writing and this lit up too. There was no sign from driving that anything was happening at all. I don't think that there is anything to worry about as the car seems to have it all under control. And yes I did mean the oil temperature....
  12. GeeJayJoe

    DPF Regeneration 530d GT

    Yes, I do mean the coolant temp as the water temp is not visible. It takes about 10 miles to get up to 100 so an urgent regen will heat the engine quicker and the regen then can start sooner for a car that does mainly short journeys. I rarely see the triangle as it is not that noticeable when driving. The Carly App is one way to keep an eye on what your exhaust system is up to.
  13. GeeJayJoe

    DPF Regeneration 530d GT

    I drive my 525D around town only, for weeks at a time. Usualy just short jouneys. It does a regen about every 1000 miles, depending on jouneys, eyc. The only thing that I notice during a regen is that the temp gauge is on 100 and a little yellow triangle lights up on the dash. I watched it do a regen with Carly plugged in once. From cold in winter, At mile 3 the regen started and by mile 8 it was finished. So nothing much to worry about...
  14. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I have just discovered a feature on my f11 that is totally new to me. If you hold the unlock button on the key fob for several seconds, it will open all the windows at once. Maybe you all knew this before but not me. Now I have to think of a reason for actually using this.
  15. If both sides go down together, then it would seem to suggest that the pump or valve is leeking.