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  1. vcator

    Software issue

    There was a time when I could play tracks from my mobile via bluetooth, but now my Software is stuck! When I try and play tracks from my mobile, the screen shows an Unknown Track and Unknown Album "Please wait . . . ". I've waited 2 hours but it never finds a track and I can't can't change the search ie its stuck. I have the latest version of software, . . . . . and I've re-loaded, ensuring the original is overwritten just in case the software was corrupted I have tried 2 different phones, and its the same with both phones I have deleted and re-connected the phones from Bluetooth And I have made sure there is a Unknown Track in an Unknown Album on the phones. . . . but I can't get the systems out of searching But When I select tracks from a USB memory stick, no problem, it plays OK. Everything works. The phones do work fine using Bluetooth. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very grateful to hear them
  2. vcator


    I don't think TPMS works on tyre pressure, I think it works on the ABS - a low pressure tyre turning at a different speed to a 'normal' pressure tyre. The TPMS system alerts when there is a difference between the two sides. Clever stuff
  3. vcator

    F11 suspension - intermittent 'hissing'

    A quick/easy check worth doing is squirting the bag with water with some washing up liquid in - bubbles would identify any obvious holes in the suspension bag. I replaced the compressor on my previous car. It took numerous attempts, and jointing compound, to get the joints to re-seal without leaking. Hope that helps
  4. At 70-80mph my F11 touring has quite a bit of road noise. Until they wear out I'm still using run flats, so a bit of road noise is to be expected Going around a long right hander the noise reduces; going around a lefthander and the noise increases. . . and the difference between a right and left hand bend is very noticeable. The noise is definitely coming from the nearside, and I think is from the front, but difficult to be 100% sure. Below 70-80 the differences are less noticeable, but there none the less. I've had a reputable tyre company check out the tyres, then swap them round, with no change. When the wheels were off they checked the hub for any sign of slack, but reported none. Could it be a wheel bearing? Or could there be another cause? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. vcator

    Breaking a F10

    Have you tried www.247spares.co.uk ? I've used them several times in the past, and got very prompt replies. Good service.
  6. vcator

    Strange power problem

    I had something similar with a previous BM. I bought an OBD2 connector with bluetooth from ebay and loaded the paid-for version of Torque on my smartphone. The codes gave the impression of being insufficient fuel in the mix, but when I linked through to the various websites they suggested rather than being too much fuel, it was actually too much air . . which is why the EMS was saying too little fuel for the amount of air it was sucking in. The cause turned out to be a very small tear in the underside of a rubber hose, heat from the manifold making the rubber go hard. The tear itself was almost impossible to identify with the hose in place, but what gave it away was a portion of the rubber that was a slightly different colour where it had perished due to the heat from the manifold. The replacement hose cost £12. It was a bit of a fiddle to fit, but the whole job cost less than £30. . . and I still have the ODB2 connector and Torque app. Happy days. Good luck
  7. vcator

    F11 Music

    I'm interest in any answer too, because whereas I could see tracks on my phone thru bluetooth, now all I get is Unknown Artist/Unknown Track. I did have a couple of tracks on the phone listed as Unknown, but those have now been deleted, but the system won't get past Unknown/Unknown, and seems to be searching and stuck in a loop I've tried re-setting bluetooth, which seemed a sensible thing to do before going a Factory re-set, but as expected, it didn't fix things. On a positive note I've not had any problems with tracks on the USB stick There's a lot I like about the F11, but the entertainment system isn't one of them.
  8. vcator

    Unknown Unknown Audio

    When it hangs, how do you break out of that ? I can't seem to get past the point where it says Unknown Album, Unknown File. I've deleted all the files on the phone that I thought could be causing the problem.
  9. When I try to play music files on my phone BMW gets stuck on Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, and I can't access any of the tracks on my phone. The advance track/previous track and search buttons are lit, but are not doing anything. To be fair I did have some music files that were Unknown Album, Unknown Artist, but I've now removed those from the phone. . . . but BMW still gets stuck The phone function has always works fine, and previously I was able access the tracks, including those from the Unknown Album, and everything was good. I unconnected the 'paired' phone, then re-paired, and that made no difference. It thinks the software is up-to-date - MX -003-005-004 - TX 003-005-008 I'd welcome any thoughts about getting out of Unknown, Unknown
  10. vcator

    Gutter and window trims pitted

    Nearside rear airbag is a known problem. I noticed a slight dip at the rear - thought I was going mad until I measured it. It was OK for a few weeks - I guess it was a very small leak. And then I collected friends from the airport, with all their luggage, and had a VERY uncomfortable ride home. Luckily it was only 5 miles. The receptionist at one BMW specialist garage let slip that they buy the much cheaper part on ebay, which didn't fill me with confidence, so I went to another BMW specialist garage who told me they only use BMW airbags because they are guaranteed quality. It probably cost me £100 more, but I wouldn't want the same thing to happen many miles from home, late on a dark night.
  11. vcator

    Can I see your F11 boot please ?

    You are very welcome to see my boot F11 with towbar and scratch plate. Gap with the tailgate is at least 3mm If you are loading things in and out on a regular basis, the scratch plate is essential Hope this helps
  12. vcator

    F10 windscreen washer not working

    My E39 had an identical problem and essentially the problem is that the plastic tubing goes hard and brittle. The first time it happened to me it was a crack in the piping, hence the water not getting to the external nozzle. Here's the bit you are not going to believe - a BMW main dealer charged me £80 to replace just one bit of the plastic piping!!! I have not gone back to that dealer since. The second time it happened one piece of original plastic tubing simply popped off a connection because the plastic had gone hard and was no longer holding it in place. I guess when plastic goes hard, it goes hard throughout the entire washer network. I went to MDC, bought yards of tubing for less than a £fiver, and replaced as much as the old plastic tubing as I could get to easily. It did leave me with one section of original tubing that was going to be a fight to replace, so I simply used a small nylon tie to put around the connection to hold the old (hard) plastic tubing in place. I never had a problem thereafter. I hope this works for you.
  13. vcator

    Warranty repair

    I don't know whether this helps, but my E39 started to misfire on cold start-up. It got worse and worse, and if at any time I left the car for more than 4 or 5 days without starting it, I got to the point of almost running the battery flat when trying to start the car. Yet once the engine was warm, it seemingly ran like a dream. The garage were keen to diagnose the fault, and no doubt run up a large bill, but didn't give me a whole load of confidence that they knew exactly what the problem was. So I bought a ODB connector (Bluetooth) for about £10, plus an App for £1.99. It couldn't have been easier to set up. The fault codes indicated there wasn't enough fuel going through, so I had visions of having to replace the fuel filter :-/ But through the pages linked through from the App, and a bit more investigation, I discovered a (small) website dedicated to the problem - its seemingly a very common problem. A rubber hose that sits above the exhaust manifold is liable to perish, presumably from the heat from the manifold. From above the hose looked perfect; on the part that faces the manifold there was a slight sign of perishing - not much, but poke the rubber and it easily gave way. So in a sense the fault codes were correct - there wasn't enough fuel going through given the increased volume of air going through - a small hole in the rubber hose allowing more air than is ideal. This was an issue on cold-start - the only change in warm running had been a deterioration in fuel consumption. I think the replacement hose cost £12, and about 20 minutes of my time replacing it, and the problem went away. I've since replaced the E39 with an F11, but one of the first things I did was to register the F11 on the App. At least then I might have a clue as to what an issue might be before it goes into the garage. Hope that helps ps - I also had a problem with the E39 suspension dropping. Unknown to me water had collected in the wheel well and got sucked into the air pump. Whether this was water ingress or condensation, I don't know, but again its not an uncommon fault with the E39. The F11 is different obviously, but the point I would make is that having replaced the air pump, it is quite difficult to get a perfect seal.
  14. My E39 wasn't performing well. The garage gave me a list of things it could be, with a price guestimate of £750 Instead I bought an ODB2 connector for £12, connected via bluetooth to an app (Torque) costing £1.99. The app reported a host of errors, many of which were 'not enough fuel'. The app had a link which took me to a site someone had set up - whilst the car was reporting not enough fuel, the fault was actually too much air . . . a rubber hose on the fuel/air inlet side that sits just above the exhaust manifold had perished and had a small hole in. £12 for a new hose, a few scraped knuckles fitting it, and car ran perfectly Morel of the story:- for £13.99 you can find out a lot about what the fault actually is, before spending £40/hour for someone else to do the same thing. Hope that helps
  15. vcator

    Oil & Filter Service Cost

    For an oil service on an F11 m-sport I paid £156.96 including vat, to a specialist BMW garage, which was about £50 cheaper than the BMW main dealer. To replace the rear brake pads it was an additional £123.90 inc vat for the parts and labour 2 weeks later the diagnosed an electrical fault [the fuse diagram that came with the car was wrong - he was able to pull up the diagram on his direct link to BMW and if you've ever replaced a fuse in the front fuse box, you know its in the most ridiculously awkward place]. He found the correct diagram, replaced the fuse, and to my amazement, not only didn't charge for what was at least 15 minutes of his time plus the fuse, but he wouldn't even take a tip. Burch Motor Works - nice chap. I can recommend him.