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  1. Mashmanu

    Rear door wiring

    You won’t have to remove the door but you will have to remove the door panel and vapour barrier to access it just to find the faulty wire. I’d start with the local switch wire to the window motor. If it works from the driver then it’s a local problem.
  2. Mashmanu

    Rear door wiring

    I’m not being funny but obvious first question is is it both rear windows or just one side? If both check the childproof switch. And then check bulb in the puddle light.
  3. Mashmanu

    540i PAS & smoking issue

    These issues are unrelated. So for the PAS, I'd start by checking the basics. Fluid first and then the belt for the pump. The fluid reservoir is prone to leaking from the screw cap and also from the hoses connected underneath so overtime you will need to top it up. The cap on the reservoir says what type of fluid to use, either ATF or CHF (Use Dexron II fluid for ATF). The screw cap incorporates the dip stick so to speak. If its lower than the first mark up from the bottom it needs refilling. If fluid level is OK then either air is getting in somewhere or the pump is stopping for some reason. To clear any air in the system, with the engine off fill the fluid reservoir upto the top with the correct fluid. Turn the engine on and whilst running, turn the steering wheel slowly from lock to lock twice to purge out any trapped air. If the fluid level has dropped, repeat the procedure until the level stops dropping. If that doesn't solve the problem check the belt to the pump and then the fluid lines for leaks. As for the white smoke, I'm not familiar with the V8s but I'd start by searching threads on here for white engine smoke to see what's been said on that subject.
  4. Mashmanu

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    You can’t turn the car over off a charger!! You didn’t say you wanted to do that!! You need 100 amp supply to do that. I regularly turn to position 2 off my charger whilst running INPA diagnostics but I wouldn’t try and turn the engine over. Charge the battery for 24 hours and go from there.
  5. Mashmanu

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    Just connect your battery charger up to it while you’re working on it. That’s what I do.
  6. Mashmanu

    Service Advice

    Fuel filter! Dealers rarely change them as they are out of site and only accessible if you jack the car up and remove the splash covers and as the car gets older the fixings perish so they don’t want to charge you for replacing them! Regards suspension anything rubber will be perished or perishing. Amazed how nothing has been replaced in 16 years. Even low mileage there is likely to be perishing on the ball joints
  7. Mashmanu

    Missus cooked my 525i!

    I’d scrap or break it. Losing 1L of coolant with no visible signs, knocking and blue smoke (even if temporary it’s not going get any better). You could sell loads on eBay to cover the costs so far. And then buy another one
  8. Mashmanu

    this is exactly why i hate germans

    Yep generally I’d agree but the PDC sensors are definitely the worst job after the suspension and the sump gasket and the front indicator bulbs and the rear number plate bulbs. Other than that it’s all quite easy!
  9. Mashmanu

    this is exactly why i hate germans

    the joys of working on a luxury car!! Just remove the bumper from the mounts!
  10. Possibly the vanos solenoid. Try disconnecting it and see if it stops.
  11. Sounds like pressure being released. Can you tell if it’s coming from near the dipstick or near the radiator?
  12. I’ve listened again, do you mean that popping noise every 3 or 4 seconds?
  13. Cam followers or Vanos rattle depending where it’s loudest. What oil did you use?
  14. Mashmanu

    1378138 wire is what for?

    Hifi amp but should be on the other side of the boot.
  15. I had issues with my battery that were caused by the head unit not properly shutting down. Nothing worked but if you listened carefully you could hear a hiss from the speakers. I would pull all the related fuses in the boot and glovebox to reset the stereo and all would be well for a few more weeks. In the end I replaced the stereo with an a Chinese android device and no more issues. If you suspect rain is the trigger, check front and rear offside footwells for moisture. There are fuses under the drivers seat which could be creating a short. Next thing to try is to check the battery current draw about 20 minutes after the ignition is switched off. PDC as per above but the shunt may have trapped or damaged the wiring that when its wet completes the circuit. I found a damaged wire for the front nearside sensor that looked like it was caused by some form of abrasion, but it wasn't a shunt that caused it (I've owned the car from new with no accidents) so it could just be a design feature.