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  1. arcticfox

    Arctic's 530d

    Looks good mate, Wanted some 19's but decided on staying with these and getting referbed black, Got the guy coming back tomorrow and touching up a little area and spraying my calipers red
  2. Morning Mr AF,


    I'm looking to remove the swirl flaps in my 2006, e60, 520d, and I hope they are the smaller set.


    Do you still have yours for sale?



  3. arcticfox

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Looks sweet mate, Now sell me your others HAHAHAH
  4. arcticfox

    Auto Gear box Specialist needed.

    As above, List your problems and might get some help on here, As a lot of transmission problems can be from something so stupid.
  5. arcticfox

    E61 535d backbox

    Just do a straight pipe with end pipe
  6. arcticfox

    Seems cheap but why LOL

  7. arcticfox

    Oil service counter reset

    Spot on, Yes the oil goes black almost as soon as the engine circulates the oil.
  8. arcticfox

    Running out of things to wrap (interior)

    Does tris stuff look ok as im lookin at eh 4d stuff http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2D-3D-4D-5D-6D-Black-Carbon-Fibre-Vinyl-Wrap-Film-Sticker-Bubble-Air-Free-Multi-/381117191869?var=&hash=item58bc5ad6bd:m:mKFeosNCQWKecUybQl1acFg
  9. arcticfox

    Running out of things to wrap (interior)

    Anyone got a link for best place for wrap materials
  10. arcticfox

    Running out of things to wrap (interior)

    I really like that, Now come do mine
  11. Mines been done and sounds better on throttle and higher revs but normal when ticking along, I payed £100 from a local and was 3" section and TBH i was not impress after a few months as a little bit of corrosion on chrome tip has started to show its ugly head. Prob replace at some point
  12. No worries, There just sat in my boot not doing out. There not the cheap ones either, CNCed with Orings
  13. arcticfox

    Running out of things to wrap (interior)

  14. arcticfox

    Vac pipes... Do them.

    Need to get mine bloody done but keep foprgetting
  15. Well there selling at mo for 30 + postage so how's £20 and I'll cover postage also ??