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  1. Sold the best car I've had a couple of weeks back, just found the original spider alloys in the loft. In need of refurb but no cracks. PM if interested, cheers.
  2. Hi Asharb123, I've sent you PM. Cheers
  3. Thoughts are with his family and friends. R I P. Simon
  4. Signed
  5. Looks good h8kky. Where did you get the deflectors? Were they easy to fit?
  6. I've got Goodyear F1's on front and Pirelli PZero's on rear.
  7. Cheers Vinchenzo Totally standard with no spacers mate. Here's the spec from the website Specification Front - 19x9 ET15 Rear - 19x10 ET25 Think next time I'll put a 285 tyre on the rear, but there's just enough rim protection for now.
  8. I'll send you a PM mate Maybe I'll go 20's next time, only needed 2 rear tyres as front ones were good. Only really bought these so I can send the spiders to get properly dipped and refurbed. Here they are anyway with new Pirelli PZero's on rear. When I got home these had been posted, so there on now to match other badges.
  9. Yeah from Chris, one of the sponsors on here. Really great customer service, highly recommended them to anyone on here.
  10. 19's P3tchy, hope I don't regret it! I've got 3 kids to go in back plus a full boot at times so didn't want to compromise the ride.
  11. Looking good mate. It's on my to do list, thinking of going lighter shade tint at the front. These are going on the 5 tomorrow hopefully!!
  12. Get a picture up mate. What % did you go with?
  13. I agree with knuckle if you're looking at petrol go with 530+. Before getting my 530i, I tested a couple of 525s but they felt a lot slower.
  14. Cheers to you both for those suggestions. Think I'm gonna play it safe and go for the easier m359's to look after. Hopefully get them next week.