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  1. j525i

    Used Fuel Pump - Free!

    Hi Andrew I'll have it and pay the postage if still available Jay
  2. j525i

    ABS/DSC module HELP

    I had my ABS unit refurbed by Actronics few years ago and not had any problems Jay
  3. j525i

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

    Hello Mate Is the tablet still forsale and if so what sort of offers you looking at? Kind egards Jay
  4. j525i

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hello Gore Do you still have the valve cover Jay
  5. j525i

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Just stunning, well done Jay
  6. j525i

    OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide for CCC

    Thanks Lee that helps a lot Jay
  7. j525i

    Silly idea or too good an opportunity to miss?

    sorry I mis read I thought the M52 528i underpowered compaired to M54 530i Jay
  8. j525i

    Silly idea or too good an opportunity to miss?

    As Dan says the M52 528i is a little under powered compared to M54 530i and if buying now I would wait out for a facelift m54 530i I think the facelifts started 2001 Goodluck Jay
  9. j525i

    E60 cold start problems.

    carparts4less Product Code: 431110560 can be had for £179.31each with April12 code but wait till better codes are available and should be able to get around £165 each Jay
  10. j525i

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    so have you had codes read ? As the misfire is not constant then it wont be DME Keep us informed with your findings so we can have another possible problem to add Jay
  11. j525i

    E60 cold start problems.

    Lee we owners of N53s feel your pain but its not all bad news, why dont you purchase 3 index11 injectors from carparts4less for bank one and see how you get on. I would started with Forte cleaner first to see if it makes a diffrence then change 3 injectors in bank1 Jay
  12. j525i

    Lamba test in inpa

    Before buying the lamda sensors I would try and look for air leak or vacuum leak to rule out cheaper option I would take the car aout for a good run to burn carbon of the cats and sensors double check vacuum leaks then look at Lambda sensors as I doubt if both sensors would go down at same time http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DT42-EUR-06-2001-E39-BMW-525i&diagId=11_7620 Check the two caps No. 15 and 17 in above diagram at back of inlet manifold, you can do this by running your hand at back of manifold near bulkhead and feel if caps are perished or not. goodluck Jay
  13. j525i

    Lamba test in inpa

    you could take the car for a good drive on motorway to see if it cleans the cats and lambda Also worth seeing if theres unmetered air coming in from rubber boots or other tubing, but suspect that misfire could continue when warm if there was a leak but worth checking Jay
  14. j525i

    Lamba test in inpa

    yeah those figures look well out I would think its probably due to the misfires does the misfire go away once warmed up? Jay
  15. j525i

    E60 cold start problems.

    Try and get Forte if possible and is only available at specialist garages or online