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  1. Anybody able to do coding in Harrow area?

    Bump! NW London ?
  2. How often do you change engine air filter?

    Change mine every year along with big service Jay
  3. M54 valve cover

    Hello All Need a valve cover for a M54 let me know if anyone has a good one without cracks Jay
  4. 01 525i no heat in cabin?

    check the hoses on the heater valve in engine bay make sure cabin temp is set to 24 degrees or higher and temp aguge in middle, then feel the hoses on heater valve and make sure both are hot to touch. if not the heater valve is stuck and a good tap with a hammer may loosen
  5. new Injector or secondhand

    Yes so those M54 were bulletproof and a dream to work on I still have my old E39 with M54 Jay
  6. new Injector or secondhand

    yes the index11are said to be more reliable due to diffrent spray pattern maybe the mosfet was the problem with misfire but injectors were on their way out due to poor idel and random misfire when cold cant beleave these N53s, not reached 60,000 miles and third set of injectors and a DME repair only one set of injecors by me thank god
  7. new Injector or secondhand

    so the update on the nightmare withe the n53 530i I replaced the 3 injectors bought from carparts4less costing £525 with 3 coupling elements from dealers, the injectors came in bmw boxes with bmw parts logo and were index11. all installed in bank1 and coded to car together with codes cleared started car and still running badly with teriblle misfire. read codes and its showing error 30AB as DME fault. checked online and MSD80 DME is known to fail due to bad mosfets. Took DME out and tested the mosfets and injector one was blown so ordered a pack of 10 and got local TV repair shop to change them over for £20 and reinstalled DME in car and started it again, it ran fine but still a slight misfire when cold so checked codes and no errors but checking in inpa the 3 injectors on bank2 werent running to good so bought 3 secondhand index11 injectors at £75 each from ebay together with 3 O rings and coupling elements from dealers. to install the new O rings you need special tools which I didnt buy I cut the old O ring with a stanley blade then I used a nozzel from a silicon cartridge to strech the O ring, installed in injector and pushed the metal cap that came with the new injector the reshrink the O ring. The car with 6 index11 injectors and a repaired DME is running better then when I bought it 2 years ago DME mosfet test
  8. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Changed the fuel pump this afternoon Jay
  9. Autobox erratic when cold

    Nice one jay
  10. new Injector or secondhand

    ordered the injectors from Carparts4less 3 injectors for £500 plus 3 coupling elements from dealer so around £525 but wont receive injectors till 2nd Jan Hope they are index 11 otherwise its from the dealers at £210 each Jay
  11. Autobox erratic when cold

    Yes the gearbox will remain sluggish(stay in higher gear) till warmed up to avoid damage If problem still remains after warmed up then check gearbox temp under inpa and might be worth an oil and filter change on the auto box Jay
  12. new Injector or secondhand

    I've ordered 3 new injectors for bank Will post results and findings once done Jay
  13. new Injector or secondhand

    I will get index 11 injectors for bank 1 and see how it goes Thanks Jay
  14. new Injector or secondhand

    The car is coming to 60,000 miles I think index 11 can be per bank I had misfire on cylinder 2 and 3 so took out spark plugs on bank 1, cleaned them and swapped coil packs with bank 2 and started car and cylinder 3 was showing over rich fuel on inpa and smell of petrol i.e. unburnt fuel I took spark plugs out and cylinder 3 plug was wet with petrol so looks like weeping injector Jay
  15. new Injector or secondhand

    Cylinder one has index 01 and all others are index 09 I assume all injectors were changed to index 09 under recall and previous owner changed one injector Jay