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  1. Auto gearbox service..

    Did you get a price from mackies? Im looking to get mine done soon too.
  2. Hi how much roughly are you to retrim an lci e60 msport steering wheel? Thanks
  3. E60/E61 Peeling Steering Trim? - Fix

    Looks really good. Has anyone had experience removing the same type steering wheel only with the paddle gear shifts at the back of it?
  4. Show us your E60 with Wind Deflectors

    Heres a picture of mine with wind deflectors. Ive taken them off now as i prefer the look without. You can have mine for the price of postage.
  5. 530d gearbox service

    I take it the adaptions reset should be included with a service then? Gonna get it booked into mackies next week.
  6. E60 lci 530d gearbox sump kit

    Thanks i will get that ordered up later. How many litres of oil will i need?
  7. 530d gearbox service

    Thanks alot
  8. 530d gearbox service

    Thanks mate i will give them a call this morning. Is there a sortware update needed on these auto boxes after the service?
  9. 530d gearbox service

    Thanks thats the sort of price i had in mind. Thanks alot for the replies
  10. 530d gearbox service

    How much were you for full service of the box if you dont mind me asking? Grizzle_e60 i understand what your saying, i will be getting genuine parts for it. Thanks
  11. 530d gearbox service

    Im in glasgow so just a bit of a drive lol
  12. Hi looking for a price on the above kit. Reg is h8 kky. Also could you tell me what grade oil is used. Thanks
  13. 530d gearbox service

    Hi looking to do a service on my lci 530d autobox. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to get the correct items to have it serviced. Thanks
  14. New Car, with thanks

    Thanks for this. I have 2 tine bubbles starting on my bootlid also. Should i just contact my local bmw dealer?