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    Bmw e39 528i sport auto
  1. Bnm528

    Smoke under bonnet and exhaust

    I inspected a bit more can't see any dampness and it's not smoking anymore but there's oil residue on the air con unit (one with the belt) weird ..
  2. Bnm528

    Smoke under bonnet and exhaust

    I don't know mate can't really tell ? It's a damp day outside !!! Bought the car few days ago everything is fine on it but it's just this problem and I need it solved before I drive back
  3. Hey all I noticed today when I stopped at the petrol station what seemed to be whitish smoke coming from the kidney grills, so I lift the bonnet to inspect and it seems to be coming from the rear of the engine. Also there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust on standstill I'm not sure if it's just condensation but I'm smelling burnt oil in the cabin too, by my reckoning it's the rocker cover gasket what do you guys think ? I need to get it replaced tomorrow as well I'm in essex the now and I have a long drive back to Glasgow will it be safe to drive back? Or should I get it fixed while I'm down here guys ?
  4. Bnm528

    newbie from glasgow

    Yeah it's green metallic
  5. Bnm528

    newbie from glasgow

    Thanks guys
  6. Bnm528

    newbie from glasgow

    hey all. have had my bmw 528i sport for a good few months now thought i would jump on the forum to meet likeminded people interested in the e39. Im not new to bmw i have owned several e36s and i own a e46 m3 also. Cant keep away from e39 bulletproof cars, heres a couple of pics. thanks