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  1. imran_akn

    S62b50 E39 M5 Engine

    Hey guys bit of a longshot but i am looking for a e39 m5 engine if anyone has one for sale or knows of where i could source one. Has to be in good running order. Can travel if need be. Cheers guys
  2. imran_akn

    My M5 Rebuild wont start :(

    Hey gents, thanks for your responses, i have dropped phil a email i may just pop in and visit him over the weekend. Anyone able to pm me his rough costs for vanos timing or hourly rate.. just so i know what im in for. Cheers
  3. imran_akn

    My M5 Rebuild wont start :(

    Sound promising, if anyone could please pass on the contact details or comoany name that would be much appreciated
  4. imran_akn

    My M5 Rebuild wont start :(

    Hey guys, my m5 has been off the road for over a year now and i really need some help from the communityI will tell the full story as it may help you understand whats going on a bit better.so my clutch was slipping, the car went off the road for 1 month whilst i collected a new clutch/flywheel/short shifter.Collected the parts and went to drop the car off to my local friend/mechanic who was confident he could do the job. he is an old school mechanic, very knowledgeable but not a specialist in mcars by any means.i have a decent knowledge of engines and rebuilds so i knew what i was getting into with the clutch flywheel..the day i was due to drop the car off i started it up to hear a loud knocky noise from the bottom of the motor.. my heart sank (160k mileage) but it was expected deep down as i knew what i was getting into with the E39 M5. so as i had a recovery truck booked the car went to the workshop. The gearbox was removed and the bottom end bearings were plasti gauged and replaced. During the process the timing chain tensioners had failed and so these were also replaced. the engine was reassembled and the mechanic tried to fire it. it did not start. he tried many times to resolve it with no luck. eventualy the car became part of the furniture, i was in the process of moving home/losing my business and a full year went by with the car parked up in the workshop. in this time i did some reading and found that he may have installed the flywheel incorrectly (dowel pin) he stripped the car and confirmed it was in correctly. by this time he had lost interest in the car but i couldn't move it to another garage due to funds etc. i asked the mechanic to remove the engine on a stand, and i went to the workshop with a friend of mine whose also and e39 m5 owner on this forum and we began to try and diagnose the issue. Diagnoseswe found that the motor would no longer do a full rotation. my heart sank as i thought incorrect timing had caused the motor to fail. we removed the head of the motor and i for one was totally surprised by the results. the cylinders were full of carbon which would not allow the high compression pistons to go past TDC and do a full rotation. with the motor out of the car everything was cleaned and reassembled with the help of the mechanic. unfortunately he did not realize that when he stripped the cams, that the camshaft shells are specific to the intake and exhaust cams and should not be mixed up, so he tightened the cams down to torques and the cams would not rotate. when we removed the shells we noticed the dowels had become bent and it became apparent that they would need replacing. £300 odd pounds later i ordered a new set of dowel pins from germany and installed the cams happily, they rotated smoothly and the rest of the motor was reassembled (With the help of this forum and users). i have never installed vanos myself but having read online we began to understand how it worked and managed to get the timing to line up on both cams and the crank alignment pin with the vanos in its initial position. the engine was turned by hand and it all rotated happy.Continues...So by now it took another few months for the engine to go back in as the mechanic had lost interest and i was busy trying to make ends meet. It got to the point where i would go on evenings and weekends to try and get some work done on the car to get it moving forward. Keeping in mind i had not taken the motor apart i was assembling it very much with the help of the mechanics memory and this forum. Eventually, it was all in and ready to start. we turned the key and the car would not start. i had to order a new battery as mine was diagnosed as dead. during this period the mechanic than told me that during the initial build he had thought the crank sensor was damaged (it has a small mark on it and he knew they are sensitive) so he got his parts guy to locate one cheap (not from the main dealer!) the item they received was installed and not checked for length for one reason or another. the motor turned and the sensor was chopped up by the flywheel as it was the wrong sensor and was too long.I knew this would cause a electrical issue, i began to look into this and found that there is a fuse in the ecu compartment, which holds fuses but looks like a relay. i checked these fuses and to my joy one of the 30a fuses was blown! i was so happy i thought it would start.. turned the key.. not quite starting.. almost but not quite.. checked the plugs.. soaking wet.. update.. so this week i purchased a new battery and tried to connect inpa/dis to the car however i get an error which is as pictured. i turned the key andthe car started but ran horribly for about 15 seconds, misfiring etc. it than flooded the plugs. Tbh i really need help with this as its been over a year and i really just want the car working.. i am located in west london, near heathrow.. if anyone is local and willing to spare me some time or advice i would be happy to pay for your knowledge advice if you can help me get it running. i dont really have funds to give it to another workshop who will need to tear it apart to double check everything. but im sure i can answer any questions etc.. my thinking was if i could get the codes read i could maybe work out any issues but evan that is proving to be hopeless... the error the carbon.. After