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  1. Mr_530i

    M54 fuel trim plausible range exceeded (lean)

    I found changing the fuel cap on my car helped solved my problem for while. Could have been a source for a vacuum leak.
  2. Mr_530i

    How to pick a good boiler

    I want a new combi-boiler.
  3. What do I need to look for in picking a good decent reliable boiler for a good price? I've got a few plumbers coming around to give me a quote for a having a new boiler installed and the existing plumbing moving to an external pantry. Our house is a 2 bed semi with 7 radiators. All the plumbers have asked me if I have any type of boiler in mind and I don't have a clue. I want to make sure I don't get ripped off. I did tell one of the guys that I might like a Worcester boiler, to which he replied that they are S**t.
  4. Mr_530i

    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I do agree with the capacitor over battery, but I only realized this after purchasing mine. However, mine has been absolutely fine during this heat wave and hasn't blown up yet. I didn't even know that a fakespot website existed reviewing amazon reviews, which is good to know . However, I am not sure how creditable fakespot is, as most of the reviews on amazon seem genuine to me, as they are all verified purchases, and people have posted pictures of their dash cam and video footage in their reviews too , all of them in UK and in different cars. Seems like a lot of effort to go to for fake reviews. Personally I am more than happy with this Dash Cam especially for the money. The review I have posted on here is also mine from amazon along with the pictures, so that is one genuine review at least. I would have liked to have upload videos too, but the max allowed size is 40Mb.
  5. Mr_530i

    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I've got this one.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crosstour-Dashboard-Aperture-Detection-G-sensor/dp/B07B2FPKW7/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1530266434&sr=8-3&keywords=cr500+dash+cam I can't recommend this enough, quality recording in both day and night. Good Microphone to record sound too. Bought for myself, uncle, Mrs and Dad. The recorded footage quality is much more clearer than the picture above, as this was taken on my iphone 6 and the video was playing on TV, so not a true representation. I don't bother backing it up as it loop records, so just wipes itself when its full. I would only be interested in the footage if an incident occurred.
  6. Mr_530i

    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    Cheers. I hope you keep us posted if you manage to find a vacuum leak. Unless that youtube video is yours, then I guess the leak is from the rubber intake boot.
  7. Mr_530i

    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    I really like this. Where would the second point be on on a M54 or N53? Can you open the throttle by using INPA?
  8. Mr_530i


    I really like this one! Also I don't get people who extra badges on M Sports Cars too. The whole point of an M car or M sport car is that they are supposed to be sleepers and discreet.
  9. I've spotted this car a few times on my daily morning commute, don't expect to see such a nice as a daily especially around Firvale, where its almost lawless.
  10. Mr_530i

    BMW Electrical Recall

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44050686 Who on here has been personally effected by this? and how has the service been from BMW?
  11. I respect what you are saying about starting a "police bash topic", I just followed suit and saw as a good opportunity to rant. My experience of the police has been useless, and I have tried taking further up the chain, but I will pm you with I have done, as I don't want to give to much away.
  12. As some of you may know that my mrs was hit by an uninsured driver. We found the car and it was parked on a public road uninsured. I reported this to the police to have the vehicle taken of the road, the police didn't do anything. So I took this matter further to a sergeant, who said its against their policy to take uninsured cars off the road that are parked on a public road, they can only do this if the car is being driven uninsured, when I asked isn't still again the law to have a uninsured car parked on the road? The sergeant replied...Yes, but its not in their policy. Anyways, a month on from the uninsured hit and run incident, the car is still being driven around uninsured, with several sightings from different people (even people from this forum), yet despite the police saying the number plate is registered on the APR system, the car hasn't even been stopped once. Police also haven't bothered to look into any CCTV evidence. So IMO forgot the police, they are useless. Do what you can yourself! Also what is the point in making the law to be insured? if its not even enforced.
  13. I think driving older cars makes a better driver out of you, as you actually have to think about what you are doing, as they are less forgiving if you don't. Newer drives these days think they are a born driving gods, which leads to false illusions and careless mistakes, which in turn start to become more serious mistakes, as they underestimate there actually ability. Hence the reason why its must for everyone to have a dash cam these days. +1 for older cars from 90s and lates 80s - real cars for real people !
  14. Mr_530i

    Sports seats are killing my back.

    I had the exact same experience as you with the E60 sport seats. Could never get them bang on or remove the tilt to just make the seat feel level. I might have even post a thread about it. I love the e46 sports seats though.
  15. Mr_530i

    Dash Cam - 2018 - What have you got...

    The reason I am not sure if I should pay more, is because I think the ones on amazon and ebay are properly all made in china and most like have the same internal parts but just re-branded.