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  1. My thoughts aren't why target children, my thoughts are why target any innocent person no matter what age, everyone's lives matter. My thoughts are with everyone effected by the horrible attack. I really like what Nomis said, there is no bright side for the ones that lost a close one. People should be able to enjoy life without constant fear or the terrorist will win.
  2. The thing I don't get, aren't keyless cars engine's suppose to turn off when it detects the key is no longer near the car. I remember something like this on the old TG when Richard was in a mustang, or something similar. Also I bet the driver was praying that he didn't stall. or else he would be stranded. I suppose its still better than having your house broke into for the car keys or car jacking.
  3. Also I think the 520d have the notorious timing chain issues. Believe that to be the n47 engine.
  4. I would personally say 530i but between your two choice I would go for the 525d would be a much quicker car and likely to hold its value more compared to a 520d.
  5. Seems I need to visit chip shops near you @535iAR, and I don't even want chips
  6. I would suggest putting it on AutoTrader, I think some buyers are cautious of ebay. Maybe also remove the point of you are selling for your brother, as buyers usually like to met the owner. Just have your brother around on the day of the viewing, which I suspect he will be as it's his car. Good Luck
  7. That is horrible news. Its because of stories like this people don't sell privately anymore and just trade in and don't get the money they deserve it. My thoughts are with the couple, I hope they find the thieves.
  8. Is this a trick or study where it will determine how old the people are using this forum
  9. Does anyone else think that driving examiners don't always fail or pass people for the right reason. I personally don't trust driving examiners, I think they pass people depending on how many people they would like to pass on any given day (targets), and it means more money for the business if they fail people as they have to come back to do there test again (good business). The test centers are always fully booked! After all they are human and could be biased or motivated for the wrong reasons. This is the reason why a re-test would put me off. This is also the answer to my question of "how the hell did they pass or didn't pass", When I was booking my test, friends/family advised me to pick a morning slot or lunch time slot, as I am more likely to pass. For instance my first test was in the afternoon and I failed on a serious with no minors because I was apparently not aware of kids playing football on a road and continued driving albeit slowly, the test lasted for around 40mins, and I had to do all the maneuvers in the world. My second test which I booked just before lunch lasted 20mins and included only one or two maneuvers, and I passed. I think the instructors and examiners need to be regulated more and then maybe we would have better drives. I also question the ability/teaching skills of some instructors, and their level of enthusiasm and motivation. There are good instructors and there certainly were good instructors, but these days I have met instructors who purposelessly will hold back on getting their drivers ready for the exam so they can get more lessons out of them, or worse they are just creeps. On the road I have also witnessed how instructors drive without any pupils and some of the mistakes they let their pupils get away with. I think show me tell me is a load of bull, and is just a waste of time, as people only learn the answers for car they will be driving on the day of the test, and then they never actually check the car they are driving. I think the root cause needs to be looked at first, instead of more re-tests Sorry if I have offended any examiners or instructors, this is just how i feel from my life experiences.
  10. denzel washington (training day), Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and Sylvester Stallone always cool (Rocky - My Fav)
  11. Well said.
  12. How did a thread about power steering fluid turn into a thread about screen wash?
  13. Thanks Jerome, I do have INPA but was being lazy and just used a generic code reader. Wouldn a faulty injector or coil not cause rough running all the time? I can't say for 100% sure that I don't have any other exhaust leaks, but the only one I am aware is after the 02 sensors, which is the rear mid box. I'll keep you posted, once again thanks for your input.
  14. I should also add a new fuel filter had also been fitted.
  15. Lets start by saying I was on a very very long private road, where I reached speeds of up to 115mph. Shortly after the CEL came up, and the car was down by 50% power and was vibrating. I initial thought I had blown a coil, and was down a cylinder or two. Shortly after I came to a stop at a set of traffic lights on a public road, which is when the CEL went off and the car resumed to normal power. Werid I checked the codes immediately after and have codes P0161 and P0158, which both point towards bank 2 02 sensors. I previously had more codes, but found that I had an intake and fuel filter vacuum leak, which I have sorted, along with cleaning the ICV and TB. There is a possibility I still may have a vacuum leak from VCG, but can't confirm, I also have a exhaust leak from the mid box just before the rear tail pipes. Most of the time, my car does seem quick, especially at the bottom end, but that's not to say that it couldn't be even quicker. I currently get 25mpg, so I am not sure if this is normal or if it is over fueling. Mileage of my car is currently 148K with no prior evidence of the 02 sensors ever being changed. Now my question is... Do I actually have a single/pair of faulty 02 sensors? or is my problem elsewhere, which is leading the ECU to report a fault with the 02 sensors? Thanks for viewing my post and any comments that may come my way.