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  1. Thanks Jerome, I do have INPA but was being lazy and just used a generic code reader. Wouldn a faulty injector or coil not cause rough running all the time? I can't say for 100% sure that I don't have any other exhaust leaks, but the only one I am aware is after the 02 sensors, which is the rear mid box. I'll keep you posted, once again thanks for your input.
  2. I should also add a new fuel filter had also been fitted.
  3. Lets start by saying I was on a very very long private road, where I reached speeds of up to 115mph. Shortly after the CEL came up, and the car was down by 50% power and was vibrating. I initial thought I had blown a coil, and was down a cylinder or two. Shortly after I came to a stop at a set of traffic lights on a public road, which is when the CEL went off and the car resumed to normal power. Werid I checked the codes immediately after and have codes P0161 and P0158, which both point towards bank 2 02 sensors. I previously had more codes, but found that I had an intake and fuel filter vacuum leak, which I have sorted, along with cleaning the ICV and TB. There is a possibility I still may have a vacuum leak from VCG, but can't confirm, I also have a exhaust leak from the mid box just before the rear tail pipes. Most of the time, my car does seem quick, especially at the bottom end, but that's not to say that it couldn't be even quicker. I currently get 25mpg, so I am not sure if this is normal or if it is over fueling. Mileage of my car is currently 148K with no prior evidence of the 02 sensors ever being changed. Now my question is... Do I actually have a single/pair of faulty 02 sensors? or is my problem elsewhere, which is leading the ECU to report a fault with the 02 sensors? Thanks for viewing my post and any comments that may come my way.
  4. This could also be down to low car battery charge. I remember when I first got my e60, I kept unlocking and locking the car to see the welcome lights come, as I found it fascinating. After a few attempts they would stop coming on, until the car was started. This is the IBS reversing battery power. Also when my car battery was on its way out, the welcome lights would not come on at all, until I took the car for long drive, as this gave the battery a good charge.
  5. I had free tickets to go to Top Gears live show last Sunday, but chose not to after watching the first episode last Saturday. Then I watched the second episode of the Top Gear this Monday and really enjoyed. Not sure if I made a mistake not going. I am a Chris Harris Fan, and enjoyed watching him driving/drifting the Alfa, as it was awesome. If they keep making shows like epsiode 2, they may well be able to compete with GT, which sometimes I don't like, because of the old man pervey jokes and when they use cars as toys for playing battle ship etc.
  6. From Mr Rawlings himself
  7. Is it leaking from your valve cover? this could explain the rough start, due to it also being a vacuum leak.
  8. GAS Monkey had a build off against them too. Has Aaron really left? I like and watch both shows. I like Fast n Loud more.
  9. If your interested I could sell my e46 330i touring. I bought it because I thought I would be buying a house soon and could do with the boot space, while still being a nice car to drive daily. But doesn't seem I will be buying a house anytime soon. If your interested please PM me.
  10. Agree. Watched the latest crime watch episode and three incidents of hit and runs were all done by BMW drivers. Also Mercs interior do look and feel next Gen, compared to newer BMWs.
  11. Yeah. I manage my father in laws ebay shop. He sold a ford 2.0L double cam valve cover in perfect condition. The buyer then left positive feedback about how impressed he was with the service etc. The two days later without any notice he opens an ebay case asking for a full refund saying the item is damaged. When I said to the buyer can you send me pictures, which he did but they weren't great, I then ask him to send the part back so that we can inspect the part we sent, the buyer refused and said I was questioning his honesty etc. Long story short contacted ebay, and the buyer always win, we had no choice but to refund him. From now on all items sold are engraved/marked.
  12. OK. I am assuming this will turn into debating topics. I think I am over thinking this but if in doubt ask? right? Background info I don't drive my car very often, and when I do its usually on a 30 Mile plus Journey. Did a detailed clean of my cars interior on Friday for around 2 hours. Took my car to work on Monday 5mins down the road, and then after work my car wouldn't crank over, I knew the battery wasn't completely flat as all electrics were still working, I didn't have anyone available to give me a jump start, so I pushed the car myself and bump started it. I then drove the car around for 15mins but didn't want to drive to far due to traffic, so I let the car idle for around another 15mins on my drive. Then went to start my car yesterday evening and again it wouldn't start. I don't think my battery is duff, just think it needs more charge, as all electrics are still working, but just not enough juice to turn over the engine. But there's only one real way to find to out and that is to get a battery test done. Now the Question... Just out of pure lazyness and probably not having long enough jump leads to reach from my partners car battery location to my car bonnet terminals or boot terminals, if I were to bump/push start my car again, how much harm would it do to it, if any? In regards to jump starting the car, I know its best to connect the leads directly to boot, is this the procedure: 1. Connect the positive leads first and then the negative leads 2. Turn the engine on the donor car and let it idle for a bit 3. trying turning over the car with the flat battery and let both cars idle for a bit before disconnecting. No.3 Is were I have a concern, I was told by someone that leaving both cars running could potentially cause damage to either cars ECU. Is this just a load of BS? If not would I be safe to leave the donor car running for longer and then turn it off and then try to start the car with the flat battery? Or should I just skip the Jump start and do an bump start? Thanks
  13. give it go. Like d_a_n_1979 says your covered by paypal. I think even if your old one is repaired the rust would properly come back. Its hard to find proper body panel beaters these days that would do a proper fabrication job to make sure rust wouldn't come back on your existing wing.
  14. Father in law nearly got scammed by this guy on ebay: Username: jayfreestyler Hello there, Came across your listing and I am interested in buying, I wonder if it's still up for sales, if yes what price are we looking at? And can you please reply me through my email as I don't normally come on Ebay as such., I can quickly get a reply and be able to respond on time through mails..Thank you! He then went onto ask my father in law for his paypal ID so that he could pay him and send a courier round to pickup the bike. I was cautious of this, as I alway think when something seems to good to be true, it properly is. Researching his email address, I found he was a scammer. The scam is for him to make you payment, send someone round to collect the vehicle, then put a claim into paypal saying that he never received the vehicle, and paypal refund them the full amount and he has your vehicle.
  15. I can't comment on Heniz Beans, but the title made me laugh