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  1. brake wear sensor

    Just a quick update for everyone. Problem now sorted. BMW said that they changed the rear wear sensor and this fixed the problem. I am a Little dubious. I think more than likely they didn't wanna own up to their fault.
  2. Bmw disa valve

    isn't the disa valve the same as the M54 whereby it is required for Vanos to kick in. With that said I think you would need it. Just glad it hasn't broken into your engine.
  3. brake wear sensor

    Its doesn't say which Axle on the iDrive. Please see attached.
  4. brake wear sensor

    Cheers that was my exact thought. I have advised my brother to make them change the front sensor first. BMW will never admit to fault instead they will just give you BS how your at fault, but sometimes they get caught out by a real car guy.
  5. brake wear sensor

    As some of you may know that I have sold my E60 530i to my brother. Today he got his Front Brake Discs and Pads changed at BMW Synter in Sheffield. He now has an error on his iDrive control center Stating "Brake Pad Wear Indicator!". BMW are saying this is because of the Rear Sensor not being OE and being a Bosch part. The Rear brakes were changed by me two years ago, with a new Bosch Pad Sensor. For the last three years we have never seen this problem, nor has any scans with INPA or by other BMW specialist ever picked this up. IMO this can't just be coincidence, and is more than likely a problem with the Front Brake Pad Wear sensor? The iDrive is able to provide a reading for the discs and pads on both axles. Which is even more confusing? How can this work if a brake wear sensor is bad? Anyways.... What should the following readings be when reset: * Front Brake Pads (currently iDrive states 25K)? I would have thought it would be more? * Rear Brake Pads? currently iDrive states 37K) seems right to me. BMW are saying that the rear brake pad sensor has two stages, and its now on the second stage where it is failing? They have offered to replace the rear sensor today at 2pm. But haven't advised if this will be chargeable. I am also concerned the rear sensor brake pad wear will no longer be accurate due to it being changed. If anyone could answer before 2:00pm today it would be much appreciated.
  6. Good bye?

    Wish all Car sellers were like you. Some just pretend to car enthusiast.
  7. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    I am not watching it. No Ed - No Wheeler Dealers.
  8. Career advice, get an e-mail address

    probably a true story
  9. BMW Recalls

    @535i Andrew it would be great if you could find the link to check recalls online. It could then be pined to the homepage.
  10. Absolute poet. Don't think you have missed anything.
  11. Aftermarkets Parts Buying Advice

    Cheers all wasn't expecting such prompt replies.
  12. Aftermarkets Parts Buying Advice

    Also does anyone recommend changing the top mounts too and do I need to buy dust covers and top mount? is a bump stop the same as dust covers? Thanks
  13. Hello I am after advice on how I go about buying the right aftermarket rear shock absorbers for my car, that will match the OE Spec and Standards (not after an upgrade). I have already going down the OE Road via Cotsworld but its still to expensive (£124.93 - Each). With my car being an e46 330i Sports Touring, I would assume that it was built with M Sport Suspension setup and possibly also designed to carry extra load compared to the Saloon or Coupe version. I know I could just go on ECP or GSF and enter my reg number and they would recommend some shocks and then all I would have to do is choose from a range of brands and prices, but from past experience this does not always guarantee perfect OE replacement and fitting. Particularly with my car being a sports model, I would like to replace them with sport equivalent shocks and not accidentally buy SE. Therefore, I would very much appreciate if someone could teach me the method of identifying the direct replacement aftermarket for OE fitment? as I am sure this won't be the last time I find myself in this situation, even with a different car. I would still appreciate it if someone brainy just send me the links to what I need, as it would save me time on this occasion? but I would still like to learn the method. On ECP I am tempted to go with this https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_3+Series_3.0_2002/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/shock-absorber/?635110010&1&ae0359dfa1ab9aa71a1ba60ff10d1e6b87049ef5&000925 Thanks to All.
  14. 5 SP M Sport Gear Knob

    Hi, I have a wooden 5 Speed M Sport Gear Knob on my E46. Would love a nice leather one, must be M Sport and 5 Speed. Thanks
  15. Misfit Garage e39

    Thanks mate. I didn't even know they were back on Air. Not sure how it will be without Jordan? I didn't like when they axed the other Junior Jordan too.