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  1. The intermittent wipe option from as far as I can tell is that it only takes effect when the car is stationary, this is when you two different speed settings. When in motion the best option is to switch to auto wipers, which will then automatically adjust the wiper speed dependent on sensitivity settings (scrolling toggle) and travel speed. The faster you travel the more rain will hit your windscreen, thus the faster your wipers will go, vice verse for the slower your drive the slower the wiper speed, unless there is a heavy downpour. If you find that the wipers aren't that effect during low mist, you could have a dirty windscreen preventing the RLS from working properly, gel pad not fitted properly between RLS and windscreen or need of calibration. My comments are in reference to the OPs comments about intermitten wiper mode were the wipers are working constantly. Not why they aren't returning to the park position.
  2. Isn't that how's it's suppose to work. So what am I wrong about?
  3. Could you be more specific as to what I am wrong about and the statement few drops it wipes? Every e60 has auto wipers.
  4. Hi guys I believe there is no intermittent wipe option on the e60. When on manual mode the speed of the wiper depends on how fast you are driving. Therefore auto wipers is the best option and the scrolling toggle is too adjust the sensitivity. If you have an aftermarket windscreen it maybe worth checking that your rain light sensor were fitted properly without any bubbles and after being re-fitted they require re-calibration, which can be done using INPA
  5. As this thread is about advice. I also need advice. Just been looking on eBay at e60 for sale as you do I noticed a guy was sellling a 530d with a 535d badge on it. Why would anyone do that? ps. Applolgies for high jacking didn't want to start a new thread just for the above question.
  6. Any Legal Judges here?
  7. Just putting this out there put I wouldn't be surprised if this was an ISIS tactic of divide and concur. Maybe he was an inside man, especially when he was working at his Muslim neighbors house a couple of days ago. I can't believe what I am saying as I normally hate conspiracy theories and normal like to only comment on facts, but who really known's these days!
  8. I have no idea as a bystander if paying an unjustified parking ticket is right or not. But this could be a bloody good scam to make people pay out of fear, even if its just £1, as £1 additional charge from a 100 customer is a £100 in their pocket which they have not earned. Also at the same time living with the fear of just £1 by Law could accumulate to e.g. £1000, it may be easier to just pay £1. Morally this is wrong at so many levels. Hope you don't have to pay Yoko
  9. +1. I am not sure how much smaller I can make my browser
  10. Mr @Mashed Potatoes what a great idea this page is. I tried your simply recipe yesterday and it was awesome. Keep 'em coming. Wheres the emoji for thumps up???
  11. out of interest what car did you buy? unless I have missed this somewhere
  12. personally i'd return it. From stories you have shared it does not sound like a reliable or looked cared for car.
  13. Out of interest how much did the insurance value your m3 at? Did they bare in mind that it was an appreciating classic?
  14. really pleased for you mate. Its nice when a car makes you happy, especially after the time you've been through its nice that there is light at the end of tunnel (or diesel in your case). Also I think because yours is pre-face lift you don't have the DPF to worry about, not sure about swirl flaps though.
  15. issue or issues? - maybe it is issue, if it was issues than you would have more than one issue with people. My bad!