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  1. Mr_530i

    Minicab fare con?

    I took a cab from Manchester Train station to Manchester Science Museum. The fair like yours @nealpina increased when he stopped and press a button on a meter. I asked the cabby a few times before getting out why it had increased, but it seemed like he was playing deaf, so I raised my voice and kept asking until he answered. He then told me it was a barrier charge to come through the station and that they split the cost down the middle with the passenger. How true that is I don't know. I've also noticed that when I lived in Halifax I could do a 10 mile trip in black cab on fairly flat surface and it would cost the same if I did 3 mile trip on a hilly surface. I am sure there gas pedal is rigged to their meters.
  2. Mr_530i

    Petrol Engine thermostats.

    Wow never noticed that before. What a cool feature, can't wait to tell my brother and to see it in action on his car
  3. Mr_530i

    Petrol Engine thermostats.

    what is this redline? I found my E60 heater system (n53) to have worked really well, as good as my e46. Recently had the radiator changed and its seems the system wasn't fully bleed because on idle the heater would occasionally blow cold air, which i think was an air trap, because if I revved the engine the cold spot would go away. Took it back to the garage today and had them re-bleed the system, the heater seems much better now, but more driving required to be 100% certain.
  4. This is why driveless cars will take over
  5. I am no longer just concerned about the loss of manual cars, I am now more concerned about not being able to drive one at all. I think this article writer is a bit biased personally https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45786690
  6. Personally I am more bothered about new BMW manual car availability for me rather then the next generation....
  7. I've had conference calls with certain companies where their consultants have had to join into calls and have meetings whilst driving, all arranged and booked in by the pre-sales teams. Personally I can't have a serious conversation with someone that's driving and on the phone, as I was just waiting/imagining for the consultant to swear at another driver or say something like oh Sh*i*.... and then the phone would go dead, because they had come off the road because of the lack of concentration.
  8. Hypothetically I just don't want to end up in a situation that because I choose to drive a BMW auto as my daily I forget how to drive a manual. Also driving an auto means you can afford to have a more relaxed driving approach such as allowing your car to creep forward or backwards or just constantly drive with one hand, whereas in a manual you have to be more aware, as its less forgiving, such as if your not concentrating you could be in the wrong gear or stall. I also like to be able to coast, when parallel parking, for instance reserving up a hill but dipping the clutch in to go forward whilst still being in reverse, you can't do this in auto. But I do like Duncan-uk would prefer to be in auto when in traffic.
  9. http://www.thedrive.com/news/23967/bmw-waves-goodbye-to-the-3-series-manual-transmission I can only see one pro to this: I think this will only push the value of old BMWs up. Drivers that can't use a manual properly will probably be able to drive faster Cons: New generation of drivers will not know how to control a real car over the coming years, just like most people these days can't double clutch ( +1) but back in the days this use to be the norm Feel less in control of the car and so much more............ TBH I think BMW have lots their touch in new cars, more about the looks then the drive and quality of the build.
  10. Mr_530i

    Bmw 2001 e39 525i topaz blue sport £400

    pics please might be interested
  11. Mr_530i

    Hit n Run

    I would recommend going through insurance. As its not worth the head ache for £250. Can't see you it doing for much less than by you doing it yourself, also the paint will not 100% match, as realistically the entire side of the car might require respraying to match new paint and you could have it done by BMW, at the expense of the insurer. You should be able to get a courtesy car while yours is repaired and it may not effect your premiums that much, as you are not fault and its technically vandalism. Does the owner of the other car have any visible damage, as it still might be worth informing your insurance about who you suspect it might be, as they may have been caught it on CCTV somewhere or they might be able to match the damage on your car to theirs.
  12. Mr_530i

    Bloody women drivers!

    Why does the cars ECU need recoding?
  13. I really admire your honest, wish everyone that sold a car mentions things like the thermostat being lazy, as this can easily be missed on a short test drive.
  14. Mr_530i

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Possibly the answer the OP was looking for
  15. Mr_530i

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Funnily enough I've just left three. I found their service had slowly been degrading over the 7 years I had been with them. I found it so frustrating that I couldn't get good signal anywhere (you know the feeling - like wanting to smash your phone), and always had to use wi-fi calling when at home and work. Personally I think its since they introduced 4G, as I had noticed a slow degrade in this service since then, which I think is because they hadn't bothered upgrading their core network, instead they QoS and rate limit traffic , so you can never go over a certain threshold. Whereas, on 3G back in 2013 I could get speeds of up to 20Mb and now in the same place on 4G I barley got 5Mbp. This was backed up by the fact when they introduced 4G they could no longer offer me unlimited data allowance unless I was willing to pay a ridiculous, as they said their network couldn't support that sort of internet usage from everyone. Don't know if anyone else re-calls receiving this letter a few years back. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/phones/2016/01/three-customers-furious-over-steep-bills-hike Anyways I am now with Vodafone, and I have already used up 2GB of my data allowance in about a week, with three I wouldn't be able to use that much data in a month, due to how slow 4G/3G was. My experience with three was in Sheffield and Halifax, can't comment on what their coverage is like over the rest of the regions.