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  1. Background info I don't drive my car very often and took my car in for an MOT to a trusted garage in Sheffield and I am based in Halifax. The MOT tester advised that the N/S Handbrake was sometimes sticking but free'ed itself when pressing the brakes, which he found weird, but he advised that it is due to rust buildup due to infrequent driving, and that at some point I should take the disc off and clean inside the drum unit. It then made sense to me why my traction control light kept coming on and why the rear N/S wheel would judder, as I presume it was due to the resistance from the stuck on handbrake. On my way home I decided to drive through country lanes and then all of a sudden yellow brake warning light came on, when I got home the N/S rear wheel was really hot, but I found it strange that handbrake being stuck on would cause a warning light, as I believe the brake warning light is associated to brake pad wear sensors, which I believe is on the rear O/S wheel and NOT the rear N/S wheel. Anyways yesterday I took my car to a local classic car garage, as everyone else was advising that I would need new pads and disks, whereas the existing pads, shoes and disks had plenty of meat left on them, bar the rust, which would soon gather on new disks and shoes too. The mechanic cleaned off all the rust on the rear N/S brake components. However, the braking warning light still comes on, I have tried all the reset procedures online but I believe the only way is to replace the brake wear sensor, as these are analogue sensors that can only come on if the brake wear sensor breaks, as this would leave the circuit open? Other than the handbrake being stuck on the brakes on my car have always felt good, no travel in brake pedal, dragging/squealing sounds or judder. Very responsive. Question * Is there a specific part number for brake pad wear sensors on my car or are all the e46 wear sensors the same? * Where are the two sensors located? Front N/S and Rear O/S? If it is rear O/S makes even less sense why the light came on * Is it just a coincidence that my brake warning light came on at the same time as my handbrake being severely stuck on? * Is the yellow brake pad warning light a dumb analogue signal or is more intelligent? Thanks to all for viewing.
  2. when I had none run flats I would still follow the pressures on the label. However, I think the ideal pressures for me was 34 at the front and 36/38 at the back.
  3. *** No Offence *** Who is it that is giving BMW drivers a bad name? Is it people that have Sporty looking BMWs but with smaller,less powerful engines that feel the need to drive bad/hard and overtake everyone to give off the illusion that there car is really capable? Because I have find people with powerful and capable BMWs (not just BMW btw) on public roads tend to drive sensibly and stick to the rules of the road. Personally I enjoy knowing that my car has the extra power needed for overtaking and sharp handling when required, and if there a quite stretch on the motorway or a nice country road I can make it come alive. But on streets and the city I stick to the limit as there is too much going on, and you can't trust the driving of other people around you, or you never know when a pedestrian, bike and cycle will just appear on the road. I find because of this stigma or stereotype that exists for BMW drivers, drivers of other cars tend to be less forgiving such as giving way on to a road or lane, but were not all bad people or drivers!
  4. it would be better if they rolled down into the chimney and climbed back out.
  5. what car were you driving @Ram Rod?
  6. Nothing wrong with OCD in my opinion. Wish I didn't care as much than life would seem so much better.
  7. This is not helpful - but It frustrates me how difficult it is to get the right people with the right skill set, passion and pride. In recent years, particularity for someone like me who pays great attention to detail, I find it has become the norm for people to not deliver a service/product they promised. Why should you have to have a brand new Sofa repaired? It is principles for me, its not like you made an qualms with payment. The meaning of "a mans word or mans pride" is not living up to its expectations.
  8. Most Garages that take CC advise that there will be a 2% charge, which puts me off, I hate giving money away. What do you guys do?
  9. Finally something constructive. In addition I would have expected it to cost you less, as you say you didn't need a new sump. The bill when they add VAT and don't tell you about it in the quote annoys me too. Don't go all guns blazing, just ask if the bill is correct, as you would have expected it to be a lot less due to not needing a new sump, and then see where that takes you.
  10. in addition to pidgeonpost I would verify with the garage what coolant they used. As green coolant I believe is usually water less, and suppose to be lifetime, most will argue against this. Therefore, would make sense topping up with the same fluid.
  11. On my e60 I had a genuine windscreen fitted by Autoglass and new wiper arms, but it was still noisy. I then fitted genuine wipers which made little difference, so not sure cleaning alone will help. It was mainly loud after heavy rain pour and when the wipers reached the top of the screen. on my e46 I had a similar problem as I could see it wasn't sitting flush with the screen but instead of bending the wiper arms (which is really tough). I tried to undo the wiper arm and move it up slightly, but after removing the bolt, I could not move the arm. I then bent the rubber wiper blade itself and that sorted it.
  12. yeah agree with 535i. You will usually feel copper washer crush, that's when you know you are done.
  13. The intermittent wipe option from as far as I can tell is that it only takes effect when the car is stationary, this is when you two different speed settings. When in motion the best option is to switch to auto wipers, which will then automatically adjust the wiper speed dependent on sensitivity settings (scrolling toggle) and travel speed. The faster you travel the more rain will hit your windscreen, thus the faster your wipers will go, vice verse for the slower your drive the slower the wiper speed, unless there is a heavy downpour. If you find that the wipers aren't that effect during low mist, you could have a dirty windscreen preventing the RLS from working properly, gel pad not fitted properly between RLS and windscreen or need of calibration. My comments are in reference to the OPs comments about intermitten wiper mode were the wipers are working constantly. Not why they aren't returning to the park position.
  14. Isn't that how's it's suppose to work. So what am I wrong about?
  15. Could you be more specific as to what I am wrong about and the statement few drops it wipes? Every e60 has auto wipers.