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  1. Mr_530i

    Hit n Run

    I would recommend going through insurance. As its not worth the head ache for £250. Can't see you it doing for much less than by you doing it yourself, also the paint will not 100% match, as realistically the entire side of the car might require respraying to match new paint and you could have it done by BMW, at the expense of the insurer. You should be able to get a courtesy car while yours is repaired and it may not effect your premiums that much, as you are not fault and its technically vandalism. Does the owner of the other car have any visible damage, as it still might be worth informing your insurance about who you suspect it might be, as they may have been caught it on CCTV somewhere or they might be able to match the damage on your car to theirs.
  2. Mr_530i

    Bloody women drivers!

    Why does the cars ECU need recoding?
  3. I really admire your honest, wish everyone that sold a car mentions things like the thermostat being lazy, as this can easily be missed on a short test drive.
  4. Mr_530i

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Possibly the answer the OP was looking for
  5. Mr_530i

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Funnily enough I've just left three. I found their service had slowly been degrading over the 7 years I had been with them. I found it so frustrating that I couldn't get good signal anywhere (you know the feeling - like wanting to smash your phone), and always had to use wi-fi calling when at home and work. Personally I think its since they introduced 4G, as I had noticed a slow degrade in this service since then, which I think is because they hadn't bothered upgrading their core network, instead they QoS and rate limit traffic , so you can never go over a certain threshold. Whereas, on 3G back in 2013 I could get speeds of up to 20Mb and now in the same place on 4G I barley got 5Mbp. This was backed up by the fact when they introduced 4G they could no longer offer me unlimited data allowance unless I was willing to pay a ridiculous, as they said their network couldn't support that sort of internet usage from everyone. Don't know if anyone else re-calls receiving this letter a few years back. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/phones/2016/01/three-customers-furious-over-steep-bills-hike Anyways I am now with Vodafone, and I have already used up 2GB of my data allowance in about a week, with three I wouldn't be able to use that much data in a month, due to how slow 4G/3G was. My experience with three was in Sheffield and Halifax, can't comment on what their coverage is like over the rest of the regions.
  6. Mr_530i

    More 1:43 models - mostly BMWs this time!

    Where you buy all your Bmw models from? Especially in the colour you want. i am trying to find a sliver e46 touring and black/blue 530i E60 m sport.
  7. Mr_530i

    Track Rod End

    Here’s a video of the play in the tie rod. He also unfortuantley managed to get a nail stuck in his tyre that morning. 38B7BD6A-2407-42B3-87FA-2A9026367370.MP4
  8. Mr_530i

    Track Rod End

    My brothers E60 (my old car) needs new track road ends. BMW have quoted £500 which seems mad! I've had a look at a couple of DIYs and seems like a pretty straight forward job, and something I am tempted to do with my brother. Question is should we replace both the outer and Inner track rod ends? I want to make it as painless as possible and its only the outer that BMW have said has play, but I don't want to not do the inner, if this something that might go soon too. TBH not even sure how to check if the inner has failed.
  9. Mr_530i

    M54 fuel trim plausible range exceeded (lean)

    I found changing the fuel cap on my car helped solved my problem for while. Could have been a source for a vacuum leak.
  10. Mr_530i

    How to pick a good boiler

    I want a new combi-boiler.
  11. What do I need to look for in picking a good decent reliable boiler for a good price? I've got a few plumbers coming around to give me a quote for a having a new boiler installed and the existing plumbing moving to an external pantry. Our house is a 2 bed semi with 7 radiators. All the plumbers have asked me if I have any type of boiler in mind and I don't have a clue. I want to make sure I don't get ripped off. I did tell one of the guys that I might like a Worcester boiler, to which he replied that they are S**t.
  12. Mr_530i

    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I do agree with the capacitor over battery, but I only realized this after purchasing mine. However, mine has been absolutely fine during this heat wave and hasn't blown up yet. I didn't even know that a fakespot website existed reviewing amazon reviews, which is good to know . However, I am not sure how creditable fakespot is, as most of the reviews on amazon seem genuine to me, as they are all verified purchases, and people have posted pictures of their dash cam and video footage in their reviews too , all of them in UK and in different cars. Seems like a lot of effort to go to for fake reviews. Personally I am more than happy with this Dash Cam especially for the money. The review I have posted on here is also mine from amazon along with the pictures, so that is one genuine review at least. I would have liked to have upload videos too, but the max allowed size is 40Mb.
  13. Mr_530i

    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I've got this one.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crosstour-Dashboard-Aperture-Detection-G-sensor/dp/B07B2FPKW7/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1530266434&sr=8-3&keywords=cr500+dash+cam I can't recommend this enough, quality recording in both day and night. Good Microphone to record sound too. Bought for myself, uncle, Mrs and Dad. The recorded footage quality is much more clearer than the picture above, as this was taken on my iphone 6 and the video was playing on TV, so not a true representation. I don't bother backing it up as it loop records, so just wipes itself when its full. I would only be interested in the footage if an incident occurred.
  14. Mr_530i

    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    Cheers. I hope you keep us posted if you manage to find a vacuum leak. Unless that youtube video is yours, then I guess the leak is from the rubber intake boot.
  15. Mr_530i

    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    I really like this. Where would the second point be on on a M54 or N53? Can you open the throttle by using INPA?