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  1. A friend of mine was recently at an auction of classic cars. he told me about an E39 M5 which went through without even a nibble at £6,500!!!!! If I was there I would have 2 now , he did say it was a tidy car so i will find out which auction and try to get the car details up here.
  2. Lovely looking car.
  3. That saves some pennies thanks
  4. I will get a new spoiler but on the plus side the display is working again. my auto electrician forgot to plug it back in after isolating the Traffic Master
  5. looks good think I will be ordering that tonight as mine are pretty bad.
  6. Hello Guys has anyone had their engine management light coming due to the SAI problem. Ideally I would like this mapping out, has anyone else done this. (Had a terraclean done and thought this had sorted it but unfortunately not)
  7. Hi all hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather. I am having serious problems trying to sell my car my heart just wont let me , so I have decided to do a few jobs and am looking for some advice. Recently the display on the head unit failed and I was wondering if there was a fix for this or anything I can try to get it turned on, funnily enough this coincided with removing the fuse for the Traffic Master as this was draining the battery (new Bosch unit fitted). Does anyone want to sell their Head Unit as I want to keep my car as original as possible. Rear View mirror glass needs replacing and being very sceptical of ebay I was wondering if anyone has dealt with any particular on line trader and replaced their rear view mirror glass. I would like to replace my wheel centres as the ones on my car are really battered has anyone got a good source for these or should I just buy BMW, only thing is I feel the quality of the modern ones is poor. The rear Boot lid could do with replacing and I am wondering if anyone again has a reputable source for a used one. Head light fogging - Autoglym do a kit but again I am wondering if anyone has used it or anything else to get rid of the oxidisation. I can see some videos and before and afters coming. Look forward to your advice guys.
  8. I am also in a B area SK9 but I swear people hear the area I live in and add ££££'s.
  9. I renewed through my broker using Ageas. They will let me take the car to a repairer of my choice, wasnt the cheapest but £500 is ok.
  10. I renewed through my broker using Ageas. They will let me take the car to a repairer of my choice, wasnt the cheapest but £500 is ok.
  11. I try them later
  12. That's a heck of a good price
  13. Blimey just got a couple of quotes Hastings Direct - £411.72 Direct Line - £500.50 voluntary excess £350, No NCB protection and no leal cover. I think the compulsory excess was £850. Must check to see if they have an agreed value as at the moment I am going through A plan for an Ageas Policy. I also tried Arriva but they wanted £972.00.
  14. I may well give them a try but my annual mileage is double your, thanks
  15. Hi guys has anyone had a good quote recently and by that I mean fully comp at around £500.00. No points and cough cough 50 this year, wife and younger brother on the policy. I currently get my insurance through A plan but not sure if the Policy would actually replace the value of the car if it was totalled.