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  1. The ones I bought were not OEM and they came with little plastic rings that took up the slack. So even though the tapered bolts probably centre the wheel just fine it is never a good idea not to use an adaptor when required because if the bolts were to come loose the wheel would quickly go off centre and the vibration (before it fell off) would not be nice.
  2. Original thread here minus the pictures courtesy of those pillocks at Photobucket
  3. Here are the ET20 offset E60 winter wheels I bought from Ebay on the back of my car to check fitment I decided they could have touched the inner arch on full suspension compression and the front stuck out even more They also required a spigot adaptor as well because the centre hole was a mm or so larger iirc. I sold them on in the classified section here and bought some new 17" ones from Mr Winter wheels instead iirc.
  4. Cripes!!! Well done, you must be really strong!
  5. She needs a new Accountant! Especially if said Accountant has not suggested she makes full use of any Sipp contribution first which are free of CT before blowing funds on an expense! The Bik on a car purchased by a company is a high fixed tax cost for the duration the company owns the vehicle on an ever depreciating asset. Even worse on a 2nd hand one. Even worse being a Weasel! For one man bands its usually a really bad idea except in exceptional circumstances Buying privately even via a directors loan and then claiming 45p per mile plus the vat back on a proportion of the fuel is usually more cost effective. Buying an EV and still being able to claim 45p per mile is super cost effective
  6. Its the beginning there will be lots more. I posted elsewhere on here a while ago there are some serious Eco nuts on the fringes of the EV forums I frequent. I will not be surprised if we begin to see increasing arson attacks on ICE vehicles especially those on hit lists and deemed the most polluting in the next few years if not already happening now. The media will fuel it with fake stories like Diesels are killing more and more people etc.
  7. Firstly I doubt this is anything to do with water ingress that typically manifests itself in all sorts of weird issues. Secondly be careful at any dealers they love these sorts of problem as they see it as an excuse to change countless parts at your expense til they get it right or you give up. My gut feeling is this is fuelling or emissions related and could be a soft or hard fault. My car has done 106k and did this a couple of times not long after I bought it, a cycle of the ignition has cleared it on each occasion. It has not done it for ages though I did run a bottle of millers through it over several fill ups snake oil perhaps but who knows. If my fault re occurs my first action will be to ask BMW to ensure the engine ECU firmware is at the latest level ditto for the other ECUs might as well get them all done at the same time then wait and see, that should eliminate it being a soft fault Then the diagnosis begins My next step would be to clean the EGR valve mine has never been done and these can get stupidly cruddy and cause all sort of odd issues if the valve fails to close properly or air flow gets badly restricted. After that it might became a proper diags exercise and code readers can send you up the garden path, an enet cable and a pirate of Rheingold would be more useful.
  8. @Stressed You do not need to quote an entire post full of pictures to add a one line question! @sshooie If it is bad why did you buy it and how do you know it is a boy?
  9. "520d - 100k. What to look out for?" If serviced to schedule the absolutely nothing HTH Ok I lied maybe the gaiters and bump stops on the rear shocks might have perished (£20 each) and there might be a wee bit of wear on the drivers seat but that really is being picky.
  10. Nope they will stick out beyond the arches and nasty things will happen especially when steering I mistakenly bought some lovely ex E60 wheels with winter tyres before realising they would not fit! and sold them on here soon after.
  11. Does the local police have a service similar to this where you live.
  12. does it qualify as a classic Car? If yes then NCB should not be a concern. Most CC policies do not use NCB. Peter Best used to be very good I had my supercharged MG V8 with them and the policy was less than my grand Scenic. I had my nasp V8 with Lancaster originally but they weren't to keen on the model car Also 5000 is high for a classic try lower mileage
  13. Stick it on flea bay and then wait for all the normal questions from the Nova brigade like "Ow much du u wont for it m8." Or "will you ship to Ireland" Which is normally followed a few days later with an "item not as described" dispute but only after they have had it just long enough to run in a few drifting events and destroy the clutch!
  14. A good service history would become pretty irrelevant after a conversion and the car would be a pig to sell. The only way this could be done is with a donor car and then by using a coding expert to tie all the disparate part together. It would probably be cheaper and easier to convert it to full electric I did this in reverse once many moons ago converted a Triumph 2.5pi from Auto to Manual with OD things were so much easier then.
  15. There is a Barn down the road from here with Several Montegos in it. The last time I was at Oulton Park there was a Banana yellow Montego estate racing fairly competitively ........ Well until it went bang it was anyway. Nice to see OP had some closure to this episode
  16. Performance air filter Hmm technically there is no such thing! If you work on the assumption no air filter = max throughput then any form of filter = a restriction. In the real world of forced induction engines it all becomes a bit irrelevant. Providing the induction tract is not significantly obstructed I ran 400BHP at the wheels via a 9 psi blower through a stock air filter fed by what looked pretty much like a piece of gutter down pipe, still stock though, The restriction on power for that particular car was not induction capacity or boost but the max torque the gearbox could take without tearing itself to bits! Some years earlier I had wanted to make my M47 powered Rover 75 go a bit better. I was truly shocked how restricted the air intake ahead of the filter was. It had a tiny little slot with all sorts of junk in front of it including the bonnet cables Opening up the intake made a significant difference and aided other mods like larger inter cooler and remaps for a higher fuel flow rate. It always cracks me up when numpty boy racers spend silly money and actually cause the engine to produce less power by adding aluminium and pretty silicon hoses under the bonnet - typically badly thought out amateur bling. If I had done that on my V8 the alloy heat soak in the induction tract would have heated the incoming air significantly ruining the point of the inter-cooler and we all know hot air is less dense so can carry lower fuel air charge hence less power. Sometimes the stock plastic abomination is far more efficient! especially when combined with a better inter-cooler but people like their visible bling.............
  17. Band wagon, Jump on they do Inevitable really
  18. Instagram and Facebook are not personal use. The DP is perfectly entitled to limit who takes photos on his premises maybe you weren't wearing an appropriate Anorak Just accept it and go elsewhere.
  19. Did the original mapper not make a backup of the stock map? Also did they tamper with the ecu to apply the unnecessary map? The original mapper ought to be your first port of call. If not then rather than ask for speculation on this forum why not simply phone your local BMW dealer and get a price, once they stop laughing and have digested what the work entails it may only cost an hours labour. Very dependant on if the ecu has been 'got at' though obviously I have done remaps on e46 dde ecus they took about 30 minutes end to end iirc but they did not need holes drilling in them etc.
  20. When I ran a KB blower on my MG ZT V8 the installer specifically said it was mapped for standard unleaded The Ford V8 did not have a knock sensor so could not use the higher octane from super unleaded fuels It went pretty well on the cheap stuff imho.
  21. My 2012 car did not have the service info on the Idrive by default I had to code it in I like many others also make good use of my John Bull printing set to update the various paper copies with official looking smudges just like any reputable back street trader does
  22. Prior to the F11 my previous cars were the Zt V8 a Grand Scenic and a Citroen Picasso all had nice chunky digital displays for speed etc. My othe car a KIA Soul EV has this which is dead easy to read As soon as I bought the BMW I realised the clocks and obc were going to be an issue for me an probably are for many short sighted drivers.
  23. I find reading the speedo at night a bit hard unless I have the brightness turned right up I am short sighted but have to wear glasses for distance these are not bifocals so I find the instrument quite blurred I was looking at larger display options, my previous car was a Grand Scenic which has a huge Digital Speedo. The easiest option was one of the many speedo or Navigation apps for my Iphone but that means mounting it on a holder, not ideal when I have it out of sight in the Media Snapin adapter in the armrest Then I came across the plethora of head up devices on Ebay most are generic and require pluging in to the OBD port so may or may not work fully on the F11 I am also aware of BMWs own after market kit Which looks like a good choice, however at £300+ not something I want to buy without being certain it will do the job. So as a compromise I bought a Garmin Hud+ second hand on Ebay (£40) the hardware is similar in design to the BMW unit but obviously does not offer the full features of the BMW version which I believe is also linked to Garmin. It does however give me the chance to gauge if the display is readable or not and thankfully yes it is. It is driven (in fact has to be driven) by an Iphone or Android app which being a navigation app does offer an alternative to the built in Nav system. I have used it a few times with or without guidance (when it just shows speed and direction North North East etc). The guidance is pretty good, the direction are transmitted via bluetooth through the car speakers and the visual direction via the hud. The count down in metres to junctions are accurate and it includes a current speed plus speed limit display Which on a couple of occasions has been more accurate than the built in camera based system fitted to my car. I often find that completely misses some speed changes and I am not 100% convinced it is actually reading the road signs at all sometimes but is instead relying on out of date nav map data! Anyway the Garmin device is proving interesting and if I like it I will consider buying the BMW version not specifically for the extra features but because it seem to be designed to fit in that recess above the cluster. The Garmin Hud+ with the little screen clipped on is too tall to be located centrally above the binnacle. An added bonus the Garmin Nav App includes an optional RTTI for £17 a year so far less than £240 to BMW to get RTTI back now my 3 years have expired via connected drive but that would mean mounting the Phone in a holder in order to see the screen I guess. One other interesting feature the Garmin app has in the setting menu are two Hud hardware options the Garmin Hud+ or the BMW Head up screen meaning the BMW unit is not tied solely to the built in nav system and BMW version of the App Edit the BMW HUD does not display factory NAV info at all only vehicle data from the can bus. Does anyone here have the BMW system fitted? If so have you tried both the BMW and the Garmin Apps with it? One quirk with the Garmin app which may get annoying every time any navigation instruction (or speed camera warning) are being given the bordmonitor switches to the incoming telephone screen, I guess because it is seeing the message as an incoming phone call
  24. Stick wrong end I can see the hud fine it the relative close proximity of the speedo in the binnacle that is hard to read. My glasses make it blurred but without them Road signs etc are not clear. I had no idea how bad my eyesight had become over the years until I bought my glasses Road signs are now fully legible again.
  25. I am not sure if I am imagining this but since updating to the 2017-2 maps I am convinced the entire system is losing the plot. I have just spent a week in Cornwall. Typically with fast route selected I was being directed down green lanes..... a lot. and an F11 does not fit down narrow lanes particularity well Roundabouts have become squares! the square turn left etc....... Roads that flow to the left or the right get prepare to turn left or right which makes you think you are approaching a junction Guidance messages are too early or too late or just plain wrong. RTTI went totally nuts recalculating the route every time there was even a slightest hiccup. So thinking it was a Cornish thing because there were signs everywhere saying ignore Sat Navs, I decided to wait until back home before letting it entertain me again with its antics I have just taken my son back to his Uni digs in Manchester and the stupid thing was behaving in the same way. It is as if if I have some how turned on an alternate personality in the guidance system and it has become a bloody Sadist