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  1. Market Research

    Please state who the client is? The owners that you would like to contact you might be interested to know what the motivation behind this is It could be an East European outfit based out of lockup in London that specialises in sourcing & exporting Hi-end cars in shipping containers to foreign parts?
  2. Tyre pressure warning

    The cheap system relies on relative wheel rotation speeds not tyre pressure You are not checking your tyres pressure regularly enough like as in bi-weekly One of the ABS sensors could be on the way out
  3. Wow, that was a good investment.

    PS the last two cars I sold for way above above book price and more importantly significantly above my original purchase price were both MG ZT V8s I had owned them consecutively for 5 years each and used them a lot including on the wrong side of the road in Europe. Driving your cars is what it should be about and if you get back a fair return then all the better.
  4. Wow, that was a good investment.

    Some cars will always be exceptions but it is all about managing expectations. I would not sit on one for years hoping for a good return though, the market can be very fluid and with high value cars they are really just a valuable & trade-able asset and not seen as cars to the people that buy them. Fortunately I have bought enjoyed( as in driven) and later sold several cars for a good, albeit unexpected profit, typically 100% over the original purchase price and for a couple by considerably more. I do wish I had kept my immaculate E30 cabriolet a bit longer though, they are becoming modern classics and good ones are typically achieving about 4-600% on what they traded at 10 years ago. Old Landrovers can do surprisingly well if they have well researched providence i have seen 400% returns on a couple of those and one was frankly on its last legs! Beating or judging when the market is just right helps. Donkeys years ago when Maggie Thatcher was selling off most of the countries asset into private ownership I bought and sold a brace of interesting cars (I won't shame BMW by saying what they were) just at the right time, Maggie's Yuppies couldn't get enough of them. Paid off a fair chunk of my Mortgage iirc! Anyway a few years later their prices had nosed dived again.
  5. Voice command problems

    The system is a total waste of time 'Display screen off' and 'stop guidance' are about the only ones I have ever managed to get to work consistently. You can have fun with it Asking it to do the laundry or make some toast etc have some interesting results.
  6. That's it for petrol....

    Define quickly? the P100 has a 100KW battery and a range greater than my last V8 circa 350 miles That one probably had the optional ludicrous mode as well so 0-60 in 2.7 (ish) seconds which is faster than my 1200cc Motorbike. It's all a bit embarrassing really, long gone are the days when the only EVs on the road had Express Dairies on the door. The only positive thing is they cost silly money so in the real world lets stick to nasp or forced V8s for a bit longer.
  7. What I did WITH my E39 today

    Amazing! We get rain here too, so what did you do with your E39 then?
  8. You are lucky you can choose! I have CIC with an inferior GPRS sim so BMW choose to punish me for buying one of their older cars by over charging me I have no choice other than to pay max price for the slowest crappiest product I have ever experienced. I only use it for RTTI the rest is just too painfully slow to bother with.
  9. Birds Quaife LSD to F10530d

    I had a Dana LSD on my MG v8 as standard When getting the car MOT'd a notification was provided by the online Vosa system that it might not be compatible with the rolling road brake testing kit The Tester always took it for a run with a G meter on the floor to check the brakes and loved every minute of it Check if the Quaife if compatible with standard MOT rolling roads if not ask what the consequences are. You may notice higher tyre wear and scrubbing often leads to squeaking when slow cornering. I doubt there is any increase in straight line acceleration unless the final ratio is also different. Also prepare for a shock - ask your insurer how much your premium will increase by after fitting this modification.
  10. F10 roof rust / contamination

    If you have never done that before then don't! Take it to a grown up to sort out they will check the depth of the existing finish first.
  11. F11 Eco mode judder

    DPF in regen
  12. Drive Train Error Message

    It is telling you that you have made a mistake and should instead be driving a train today. Simples HTH
  13. Stick on go faster stripes

    Of course there are and many many will be on this Forum I even saw these stuck on an i3 at LeMans An i3 for goodness sakes!
  14. will E60 wheels fit on my F10

    The ones I bought were not OEM and they came with little plastic rings that took up the slack. So even though the tapered bolts probably centre the wheel just fine it is never a good idea not to use an adaptor when required because if the bolts were to come loose the wheel would quickly go off centre and the vibration (before it fell off) would not be nice.
  15. will E60 wheels fit on my F10

    Original thread here minus the pictures courtesy of those pillocks at Photobucket