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  1. What we need is someone with access to one in a breakers and dissect the bloody thing with lots of pictures
  2. That Petrol based compression ignition engine aka a Diesel running on petrol sounds very clever.
  3. Noise is relevant, there isn't any which was odd at first especially considering I had a rather loud blown V8 not so long ago as a weekend play thing. There is obviously the normal tyre noise but that leads to a different discussion, can pedestrians hear an EV coming Yes they can because at speed most of the noise from any car is the tyres At lower speed the car can catch peds out, but so can any car if said ped has a smartphone and earphones clamped to their bonce. Mine has a rather naff peds warning system that sounds like a scraping disk brake. Noise is perhaps more relevant to Electric motorbikes I am ok with the car being an EV the silent glide like ride is very nice but on my motorbike the noise it makes is part of my perimeter protection I don't think I would ever feel safe on an electric bike when filtering through traffic. Seriously go try an i3 the Rex version has a 600cc motorbike engine to keep the battery at 20% so no real range issues either and they are faster to about 40mph than an M thing apparently.
  4. You heathen @535i Andrew I am sitting typing this in my Soul EV plugged into a Rapid charger whilst doing a bit of surfing and having a coffee break. My Soul has soul it's just a very different driving experience to my other car. I strongly recommend taking an i3 for a test drive you may be quite surprised how relaxing driving an EV can be.
  5. @Matthew Ashton & @nashdm2 No white thingy in my car when I had a look. The top left entry is pretty big and the bottom entry got well prodded then I shoved a hose pipe up it to see where the water came out. It only emerged in the plenum so if there is a path to ground in there mine is well blocked.
  6. You’re only allowed to drive your car when its MOT has expired if you’ve booked an MOT and are driving to the test centre. If you’re stopped by the police on the way, you’ll have to be able to prove that you have an appointment. If your car fails its MOT, you can only drive it if the previous year’s MOT is still valid (i.e. the test took place on a date earlier than last year’s). If your vehicle is deemed ‘un-roadworthy’ the above doesn’t apply and you can’t drive it. An insured car without MOT is still insured - it could Sorned, Stolen Torched etc. Thinks I bet there are some sadistic underwriters that specifically even rule out driving without an MOT to a test! Always read the small print.
  7. Yes as @hippie dave said from a legal perspective you are insured if caught driving without an MOT assuming the policy itself is in force but the insurer may well decide to refuse any claim made whilst driving without an MOT unless going to or from a test. It is very definitely a case of read the small print
  8. @Matthew Ashton In that case maybe I have a bit missing
  9. A reminder about good forum etiquette for the newbies out there. Quoting an entire lengthy post especially if filled with pictures just to add a one or two liner is inappropriate. Doing so can make this entire thread a cumbersome mess for others to try and follow. In fact this thread is already a cumbersome mess and a precis by a Mod as a sticky would be useful imho It seems pretty obvious from the various pictures that we are seeing variations on the theme: I have a 2012 520d F11 I do not have the white pipe shown above at bottom right in fact I wonder if that a previous bit of DIY? I definitely do have two separate points of entry in to my 'catch tank', top left and bottom right. I have a grill in the nearside inner wing which I suspect will drain water if the plenum gets extremely full but it is higher than the plenum bottom so 99% of the time the water level will never reach that as it will have gone via the catch tank first. I can't see the grill or drain location in the offside area but I suspect it is below the brake fluid reservoir. The water from here seems to drain off the back of the wheel arch liner Drilling a ‘poke hole’ is a logical thing to do in the 'catch tank cover' it aids future inspection. I intend to add a rubber elbow to the spigot I installed and cut the downward facing end into a bird’s mouth so water can flow out but external water pressure will close it and hopefully will not be forced up and in. Re removing and discarding the cover entirely, personally I don't think it is a good idea. I will leave it in place, an engine bay is a hostile environment, the cover offers protection from heat oil dirt & water penetration (which can be at considerable force when travelling through fords and deep puddles etc. In fact I wonder if that is why it has the full seal! Maybe designer A designed it as a sealed cover and designer B in a totally different office and maybe even in a parallel universe then ran the nearside plenum drains into the same area....
  10. From above is dead easy the screws are big so easy to hold whilst undoing the last few turns. If you are worried about dropping them then put a folded crumpled towel underneath to dampen any bounce, the screws will sit in the folds of the towel I also always have my pet magnet on a string handy as a backup anyway. I would urge everyone to remove and clean theirs probably each winter after the majority of leaves have finished falling. Its pure common sense to do this type of preventative maintenance and is the very thing by the nature of it being a design flaw that ought to be included in a proper service but we all know that won't happen. I should imagine BMW have made many many £££ out of gullible owners as a result of this design flaw.
  11. I have had a couple of issues with my car recently. Firstly several weeks ago a rodent had made a nest under the bonnet. Secondly three times over the last week the car alarm has gone off in the middle of the night. I decided to remove all the under bonnet plastic trim and air filter to check for wiring damage I also decided to have this stupid cover off and have a pog. As expected loads of wet trapped debris and a tide mark but afaik I don't have any water in the car. I have to say this a monumental design fail the foam seal is clearly capable of sealing the entire area and it is only the relief in the plastic cover that is letting the water out, it's weird. I decided to look at the route the water takes. There are actually two drains that enter this "catch tank" the first enters top left fed primarily from the centre of the screen via the drain in the centre right of the plenum cover, The second is the right hand plenum drain itself this enters the "catch tank" at the bottom right. Both drains are capable of suppling a large quantity of water to the "catch tank" far more than it can drain via whatever gap there is at the bottom so every car is impacted by this design balls up.. There is a third drain for the left hand side of the plenum this exits via a plastic channel under the drivers feet position. I drilled a 20mm hole in my cover and fitted one of these, a 22mm polyplumb insert Reassembly as mentioned elsewhere is a bit of a pita because of the slot in the rubbers around the heater pipework. I then tested and with a moderate flow of water from a hose on the screen, it absolutely poured out of my new insert. So job done Oh: No obvious wiring damage from the long dead rodent and I found a dirty great moth in the tailgate and that hopefully was setting off the alarm
  12. I think you will find the cars are fine, however what has clearly been drummed into what sadly is the vast majority of drivers is simply that if they operate the stalk their arm will intermediately the people you see now that aren't indicating can't because they either only have one arm or are Sh** scared of losing one. Plus how can they then text and drive with only one arm....... HTH
  13. Consider the unknown - are they insured -are they crazed axe murderers etc. 99% out of their cars are semi normal but you still need to make a judgement call I would slow down to the limit - well actually I wouldn't have been over it in the first place because then you are making yourself fair game, their mindset is you are already speeding so can go faster! If faced with being rear ended I would rather be going at a slower speed its simply safer However prepare for the inevitable reaction from them. As soon as they can they will overtake, anyway, then what? Some will react by carving you up or brake testing you or as you said turn off a zillisecond afterwards. That is life in multicultural UK, driving standards are deteriorating rapidly watered down by shall we say the lower standard elsewhere that now pollute our roads
  14. I very nearly did buy an i3 in April but the lack of wind down rear windows and high boot floor ruled it out as our car 'number one' but as my own commuter mobile it would be ideal
  15. As per thread title you did ask to be talked out of it Seriously though as long as HMG don't tax it out of existence I reckon I have a good 10 years in my F11 and I should have got my moneys worth out of it by then. If you want something quick(ish) how about an alternative go drive an I3 - faster than an M5 up to about 40 MPH apparently.