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  1. dtg50

    Price Please

    Hi Phil, Could you give me a total price for the following parts for a 2001 E39 M5 please. VIN: BJ11981 4 x Hex Nut Screw ST6,3X16-C-Z2 - Part No: 07119916966 Kind Regards Dean
  2. dtg50

    Price Please

    Thanks Phil. Payment sent by PayPal this afternoon Cheers, Dean.
  3. dtg50

    Price Please

    Hi Phil, Could you give me a price for the following parts for a 2001 E39 M5 & list each separately please. VIN: BJ11981 1 x Left Traction Strut without rubber - Part No: 31121092609 1 x Right Traction Strut without rubber - Part No: 31121092610 1 x Set rubber mounting front traction strut - Part No: 31120006482 2 x Hex Bolt M14x1.5x150 8.8 - Part No: 31121092105 2 x Self Locking Collar Nut M14x1.5-10ZNS3 - Part No: 33306760349 4 x Washer ZNS3 - Part No: 31106779382 4 x Self Locking Hex Nut - Part No: 31106769443 Cheers, Dean
  4. dtg50

    Passenger Airbag

    Hi Everyone, Do you have to code in a newly fitted passenger airbag. My mechanic said he has fitted the new one but it is still coming up as faulty airbag on passenger side?? Cheers, Dean.
  5. dtg50

    Passenger Airbag

    Code showed Stage 1 low resistance even after new airbag was fitted??
  6. dtg50

    Thinking of a divorce!!

    Definitely worth looking at I have had the estate version for the last 12 months & got to say I am really impressed with the overall package. Plenty of power when you need it but happy to tootle along otherwise, very ordinary looking but a wolf in sheep's clothing as they say. Agree that it probably isn't the most comfortable of cars being race focused & it has it's fair share of hard plastics in the cabin but for value for money say against a 440i estate it is a winner for me. Go test drive one, you might like it... Cheers, Dean.
  7. dtg50

    Price Please

    Hi Phil, Could you give me a price for a passenger side front window glass for 2001 E39 M5 - VIN: BJ11981 Cheers, Dean.
  8. dtg50

    Breakdown cover

    I have just renewed with Autoaid for the 3rd year. Not had to use them yet so not sure how good they actually are but cheap at £43 a year. Cheers, Dean
  9. dtg50

    Price Please

    Hi, could you give me a price for the following parts for a 2001 E39 M5 & list each separately please. VIN: BJ11981 Left Front Passenger side Airbag - Part No: 72128268331 Front Brake Pad wear sensor - Part No: 34352229018 Inner Hex Bolt - Part No: 34111123072 Cheers, Dean
  10. dtg50

    E39 M5 Brake Discs

    Hello,Can you quote me for a pair of front brake discs for my e39 M5 (2001)Thanks in advanceDean
  11. dtg50

    E39 M5 Brake Discs

    Hi, Can you confirm if previous quoted price is still valid? Thanks in advance...
  12. dtg50


    Hi Faj, I personally would put it back to standard, but that's just me Each to their own though Cheers, Dean
  13. dtg50

    Price please

    Hi, could you please give me a price for the following parts for a 2001 E39 M5 VIN: BJ11981 Chain Tensioner - Part No: 11311406261 Gasket Ring - Part No: 07119963355 Inlet CPS - Part No: 12147539173 Outlet CPS - Part No: 13627796054 CPS O ring - Part No: 12141748398 ISA Screw - Part No: 07129904700 Cheers Dean
  14. dtg50

    Price please

    Thank you for the prices Could you price them seperately please Cheers, Dean
  15. dtg50

    E39 M5 potential restoration

    Hi, would be interested to know where you got your LED interior bulbs from & what the codes were. Looking to do mine in the near future. Cheers, Dean
  16. Sorry but thought I should add that these wheels are now SOLD. Should have updated sooner so apologies for that. Cheers, Dean
  17. I have for sale 4 x genuine BMW style 37 18" parallel alloy wheels complete with new tyres previously fitted to an E38 BMW. This is a full staggered set which have had the centre bored out so they will fit onto an E39 hub. They have recently been refurbished & have a polished centre with diamond cut rim. Dimensions are as follows, Front - 8J x 18 IS13 Part No: 36112229730 Rear - 9,1/2" x 18 IS25 Part No: 36112229731 Fitted with Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres all with approx 5mm of thread remaining Looking for £750 ono with collection from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, or alternatively delivery could be arranged. All have been balanced & are ready to fit onto your car. Due to a different offset if you are putting these onto an E39 you will need to use spacers & longer bolts. Cheers Dean
  18. Previously there were on my e39 M5 & they were absolutely fine, never rubbed at all.
  19. Thanks d_a_n1979 you are right. I ran 15mm spacers on the rears when I had them on my m5.
  20. dtg50

    New brake pipes fitted

    Did you go copper or copper nickel on yours?? I need to do mine but sounds like an expensive job if you are going to drop the rear diff & do it properly. Can you tell me what sort of cost I can expect to pay. Cheers, Dean.
  21. dtg50

    Price Please

    Hi Phil, Could you kindly provide prices for the following to fit 2001 E39 M5 Facelift, 1 x Left Outer Cover panel - 51718176757 1 x Right Outer Cover panel - 51718158060 Cheers, Dean.
  22. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Kumho tyres, other that them being a sponsor of a BMW racing series I have not heard of them before. They appear to be a mid market tyre & are Korean made. I am currently running Eagle F1s all round on my M5 but the rears are looking a bit low & will need to be changed within a few hundred miles. I have done some research & there seems to be quite a a lot of good things said for Kumho tyres in general & they also appear to be a lot cheaper than the Goodyear's. Cheaper does not always mean they are not as good which is why I am asking if any experience has any first hand of them. Cheers Dean.
  23. Thanks mastacrx, will have a little read of this...
  24. dtg50

    Prices Please

    Thanks Phil,